Connecting the oven after installation with your own hands: instructions, recommendations and video

When new kitchen furniture is mounted, all the built-in appliances are installed by the furniture makers themselves. But what to do if you want to install the oven in a long-installed set. Is it possible to master such work independently? Let's clarify the situation, how to properly mount and then connect the oven, taking into account all the problems and nuances of these processes.


  1. Installation instructions for built-in oven
  2. How to connect an oven?
  3. Recommendations for connecting the oven
  4. Video oven installation

Installation instructions for built-in oven

Any oven is installed extremely simply - when the necessary dimensions of the niche in the cabinet are meticulously observed during the manufacture of furniture, the process will not last longer than half an hour from a specialist. But a person who has never before been engaged in such activities will have to work a little longer.

Built-in oven installation diagram

We will analyze the situation in detail. All actions are performed in stages:

  1. The oven is inserted into the niche of the cabinet;
  2. To exclude its movement inside, the cabinet is fixed with 4 furniture screws;
  3. It is connected to a gas system or an intra-house electrical network.

If the oven is mounted in a cabinet on top of which a hob is mounted, all ventilation of the device is through the back of the headset.

How to connect an oven?

The independent device of the gas installation scares many away because of the need to connect to the gas pipeline. However, you should be aware that all devices located behind the shut-off valve do not belong to the gas services, so connecting new devices is allowed independently.

To properly connect, you must adhere to the following instructions:

  1. Disconnect the plate from the shut-off valve and screw a quality tee directly onto the nozzle. Do not forget to use tow in this process, which should be greased with paint. Tighten the new tee tightly, but without too much zeal.
  2. Equip the resulting tee branches with separate taps with yellow handles.
  3. Check the tightness of all joints after installing the listed elements. To do this, open the central tap, and then grease all the joints with water, diluting soap in it first. If there is a gas leak, bubbles will be noticeable - then you will have to redo everything again.
  4. Connect a new oven if bubbles do not form. The device with the appropriate tap must be connected with a flexible connection. Insert a gasket into the nut of the hose, lubricating it with solid oil, and screw it onto the valve fitting.

When the hose is connected, it is checked for leaks with soapy water, you can mount the oven in a niche, and then check how it works. Do not forget that most devices need to be connected to electricity, since they have a backlight, gas leakage monitoring sensors and other functions.

Important! Immediately after the oven, it is undesirable to mount the outlet - take it out to the nearby cabinet.

Recommendations for connecting the oven

When installing an electric oven, there are no gas hoses, but you should not relax very much, since no one has canceled the safety rules. Improper connection can cause many problems to the owners, the most significant of which will be a circuit that can cause a fire. Of course, everything must be done correctly - steadily abide by such ingenuous recommendations:

  1. The oven is a powerful consumer of current; for it it will be necessary to lay a separate line of wire having a cross section of 2.5 mm2. There is no doubt that the wire should not have twists, no matter how they are welded qualitatively.
  2. The electric branch to the oven must be equipped with its own circuit breaker, and its power must be determined taking into account the current consumed by the unit. Usually 16 amperes is enough, but when the hob is adjacent to the line at the same time, a more powerful machine should be installed.
  3. An indispensable condition is the availability of grounding. Only it ensures the safe operation of connected equipment. For a private building, this is not difficult, but it can be more difficult for residents of apartments to act - old buildings are not equipped with grounding at all. Have to organize it yourself. It is necessary to draw an additional cable core to the shield common to the entrance and fasten it there to the metal element of the housing.

After organizing the wiring, the further steps will not differ from those that we described for the installation of a gas oven. The only thing that will have to be additionally done is to equip the wire of the purchased oven with a high-quality plug. The unit cable has three wires inside. Find among them one that has a greenish-yellow color - this is grounding. It must be connected in a plug to the grounding central terminal. But the remaining wires can be screwed arbitrarily to other terminals of the plug. It is necessary to crimp the contacts strongly, otherwise the insulation will heat up - so do not wait for a short circuit for long.

The finishing point of any installation is the final check of the operability of the mounted oven.

Mounted oven

It is enough to turn it on according to the instructions, make sure that the display is functioning, check the heating, and then turn it on at full power. Set the thermometer to 150 °, in which all factory grease inside the oven will be burned. It is likely that in this process the presence of smoke - this should not scare you. After the grease burns out, the oven can begin to be used fully.

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Video oven installation

To make sure that installing the oven yourself is simple, it's worth watching a video. The expert demonstrates in detail how to install an electric oven in the kitchen.

The only thing that needs to be added to the conclusion is that if there is no full confidence in one's own strengths, it is better not to start installation. Although everything seems pretty simple, it’s easy to make a mistake, which will result in a reinstall.

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