Humidifiers: the harm and benefits of this household appliance

Nowadays, in many residential complexes, people use air humidifiers, because during the heating season, air humidity is critically low. Humidifiers should be used with caution in families with children and animals.


  1. The principle of operation of various types of humidifiers
  2. Are humidifiers useful?
  3. Damage to humidifiers
  4. The benefits and harms of moisturizers for children and pregnant women

The principle of operation of various types of humidifiers

Humidifiers are used to improve the living room microclimate (see – how to use a humidifier). They normalize air humidity through the release of moisture into the environment.

There is a particularly strong need for such an air humidifier in winter, because during this period the heating of the house starts, and it becomes uncomfortable to breathe dry warm air in the apartment. Among other things, in dry air, allergens and dust move freely around the room when they settle at normal humidity. Therefore, dry air subsequently contributes to the occurrence of allergic rhinitis, etc. similar diseases.


The range of air humidifiers is great. They are distinguished by the following kinds:

  • based on the allocation of steam (steam);
  • traditional (classic) air humidifiers;
  • ultrasonic humidifiers;
  • climate systems (air humidifiers with air purification function).

Climatic complexes useful in that the air masses pass through an individual cleaner. After this manipulation, they are moistened. Such air humidifiers make the air in the room the most suitable for inhalation: purified from allergens (house dust, particles epithelium of animals, harmful microorganisms), extraneous odors (tobacco smoke, burning from the stove, animal smell) and optimally hydrated.

The operation of such a humidifier is carried out due to the water that it absorbs in a volume of up to 6 liters per day. Use distilled water, not tap water, otherwise the filter will not be able to work properly.

Humidifiersbasedsteam release are also effective in maintaining moisture. They regulate humidity indicators, releasing steam, which heats up to 100 degrees Celsius. This is the danger of using this type of humidifier, as children and animals can get burned if they are near the release of hot steam.

The principle of operation of a steam humidifier is similar to that of an electric kettle. The difference from the kettle is that the humidifier has a sensor that allows the device to work continuously for a long time, maintaining moisture in the living room at the proper level.

Air humidifiersbasedultrasound They do their job due to ultrasonic waves that break down water into small particles and scatter them indoors. The fog emitted from the nozzle is cold, therefore it cannot be burned, which is a definite plus.


There is an opinion that ultrasound has a bad effect on humans and pets. But this theory has not been proven. Many families acquire ultrasonic humidifiers and do not feel any harm on themselves. In addition, animals also do not respond to the operation of an ultrasonic humidifier.

The only contraindication to the use of an ultrasonic humidifier is the presence of a pacemaker, since this type of air humidifier can affect devices and household appliances. That is why it is not recommended to install the humidifier close to a TV, computer, etc.

If you do not know which humidifier is better to choose: ultrasonic or steam, then we recommend that you read the following article:

Classic or traditional air humidifiers function like a fan. Water evaporates (as it happens in nature), and the fan drives moisture from the surface of the water into the room.

You can strengthen the device if you put it next to any heating device, for example, near a hot battery or heater.

How to choose a humidifier - read here.

The main task humidifier is:

  • maintaining the desired level of moisture in the living room;
  • removal of electric charges from the air;
  • cleaning air masses (by settling dust).

More details about these types of humidifiers, as well as their principle of operation, advantages and disadvantages are described in this video.

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the principle of operation of humidifiers.

Are humidifiers useful?

The benefits of using humidifiers for living rooms are that they normalize the humidity in the room, establish a microclimate, which is necessary for a person’s comfortable existence, and clean the air mass of dust, pollution and smoke.

An air humidifier can help preserve furniture made of wood, as the wood can crack, deform, and shrink under the influence of dryness. And indoor plants due to the humidifier will grow well and bloom.

An air humidifier normalizes the respiratory function of a person with a disease of the pulmonary system. The thing is that humid air does not allow phlegm to collect in the lungs, it does not thicken and does not dry out, which contributes to its expectoration. The disease is easier, recovery is faster, and the risk of complications is minimized.


Many experts claim that the use of air humidifiers will help reduce dry eyes, their redness and the occurrence of their itching in people who spend a lot of time at the computer.

Also, an air humidifier (in particular, the climate complex) is simply indispensable for people allergic to house dust, pollen and other allergens.

Humidifiers help maintain a healthy skin color, prevent its peeling and drying out.

After watching this video, you will learn about the benefits of air humidifiers in residential premises. In connection with what should they be used? What effect do they have on health and surrounding household items?

Damage to humidifiers

Air humidifiers can only be harmful if used improperly or when used excessively. It is necessary to monitor the humidity conditions in the room, because excess moisture negatively affects all living things and household items, as it leads to the multiplication of mold, rot and fungal diseases.

Maintaining humidity in the housing above 75% can lead to unpleasant consequences, so even if your humidifier is equipped with a built-in hygrometer, it is still recommended to purchase it separately and install away from the humidifier in order to adequately assess the air humidity in room. The fact is that many users believe that near the humidifier a hygrometer shows a large the percentage of humidity is precisely due to the fact that moisture drops fall near the device, but in the room itself it's dry. Without objectively assessing the situation, they turn on the humidifier even when the humidity in the room is actually high.

Do not spare 100 rubles and get the most ordinary hygrometer in the hardware store (in the department that sells outdoor thermometers).

Increased dampness causes moldy fungi, and this is very dangerous, as allergies or asthma can develop.

The danger of steam humidifiers is that they can cause burns if you get too close to the steam stream.

Untreated water should not be added to air humidifiers due to the content of salts and metals in it, because they are inhaled by humans and carry a danger to the body.

A clear sign that water is not suitable for use in humidifiers is a white coating on furniture.


It is recommended to fill in tap water that has passed through a filter or disciplined water, or purchased non-carbonated mineral water (with low salinity). You can take drinking water, which is intended for the preparation of infant formula.

It must be remembered that the timely change of the filter is simply necessary due to the fact that harmful substances, accumulating and then spraying, lead to the spread of harmful microbes.

The benefits and harms of moisturizers for children and pregnant women

To expectant mothers, like all other family members, air humidifiers are harmful if they are not used correctly. In the rest of the case, it is harmless and can not harm the future baby.

The harm lies in waterlogging of the air (optimal humidity - 50-70%, permissible - 45-75%).

Ultrasonic air humidifiers are also considered harmless, since sound signals do NOT negatively affect the fetus and uterine tone.

The use of air humidifiers will ensure the creation of an optimal microclimate for the expectant mother, and then for the baby. But you should immediately make sure that the humidifier is safe. Therefore, give preference to ultrasonic humidifiers or “air washes”.

Humidifier and kids

Many humidifier models are equipped with fragrances. The use of essential oils with sedative properties will calm the nervous system of a pregnant woman and her baby.

Also have ionization humidifiers, which not only make the air optimal in humidity, but also contribute to ionization of the air, as it happens in nature before rain, in the mountains or at sea. Such air supplies the body with oxygen, improves sleep.

Children will only benefit from fresh air, which is why children are encouraged to use humidifiers. Humidifiers adjust the health of the child. Allow it to grow healthy from the first days of life. Humidifiers are essential for the following children:

  1. Non-compliance with the temperature and humidity conditions creates conditions for the deterioration of nasal breathing, drying out of the mucous membranes, and the occurrence of diaper rash.
  2. Low humidity in the room during the cold season can lead to long-term illnesses of the respiratory system with aggravating consequences.
  3. Humidifiers normalize the respiratory system, provide good ventilation, which allows oxygen to enter the body and circulate in it, delivering O2 into organs and tissues.
  4. Air humidifiers do not allow microbes and allergens to freely enter the child's body.
  5. Humidifiers normalize sleep. Thanks to good humidity, children behave well and are not capricious.
  6. Good humidity prevents shortness of breath.
  7. Humidifiers reduce the risk of allergic reactions in a child.

Humidifiers are currently becoming very popular. The benefits of using humidifiers to the human body are enormous. They can only be harmful if used improperly.

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