Which antenna to buy for a TV: indoor or outdoor?

Television antennas today help significantly improve the quality of the displayed channels, and sometimes increase their range. The number of options and the quality level directly depend on which antenna you choose. Read on what antenna to buy for the TV and how to choose it correctly.


  1. Selection options
  2. Types of antennas
  3. Selection tips
  4. Review of the best models
  5. Video Tips for Choosing TV Antennas

Selection options

There are several different criteria, based on which you can choose just such a model, which will be better for you. The highlights here are:

  1. Broadcast frequency. The main criterion that this indicator affects is the number of channels. Among the main frequencies, the following 3 can be distinguished:
  • from 3 to 30 MHz (HF);
  • 30 to 300 MHz (MV (VHF));
  • from 300 to 900 (UHF).
  1. In parentheses are the names of these frequencies, which are usually used instead of numerical designations. It works like this: the larger the channel, the higher the frequency. Accordingly, it is better for a consumer with large requests to buy a more powerful model.
  2. Signal amplification capability. According to this criterion, devices can be divided into active and passive.
  3. Estimated Location. The antenna can be indoor, outdoor or hybrid. Accordingly, the indoor antenna is most conveniently located in the house, the outdoor - in the outer space, the location of the hybrid can vary.
  4. By range. As for which antennas are here, they are broadband and narrowband. The first of them are more preferable, since they can “catch” virtually all broadcast channels. With narrowband, it will be easier for you to work if the frequency of the desired channels is known in advance.

Types of antennas

The most common classification by which you can divide the antenna for the TV is the one that divides the devices into outdoor and indoor. The main choice rises here, so consider the advantages and disadvantages:

  • Indoor antenna. As for the technical characteristics, such antennas are much worse than outdoor ones. They usually catch fewer channels, and the quality of those caught often leaves much to be desired. Of course, modern models offer more opportunities, but still inferior in many respects to street ones.

Of the advantages, it is easy to connect. Whatever indoor antenna you choose, you can always connect it yourself by just plugging the plug into a suitable TV socket.

An ideal place for installation is a window opening, which allows the antenna to work at maximum capacity.

  • Outdoor antenna. If you are still deciding which antenna to buy for your TV, then you can be sure that this is the best option. The fact is that the higher the antenna is located, the more and better its functions and capabilities, the more channels of high quality it will catch.

It is important to remember that not all street models are installed on the roof (remember, for example, “dishes” of satellite TV). You can install some of them yourself, but in general, it is best to use the help of professionals.

Roof antennas are best not installed on their own.

Selection tips

For those who decide which antenna to buy for the TV, the following recommendations will come in handy. Based on them, you can choose the model that is ideally suited for you at a reasonable cost:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to determine the requirements for television. If you want a good, high-quality TV with many channels, then it is definitely best to put a street model. To view standard channels, home is suitable.
  2. If you want to install satellite TV, then the only option for you is a dish antenna. No other will capture the signal sufficiently.

For cable television, outdoor antennas are most often used.

  1. Frequency range. As mentioned earlier, the higher the frequency, the wider the range of channels.
  2. Active or passive antenna? In almost all situations, an active antenna is suitable for the home, with which you will always have the opportunity to adjust its capabilities.
  3. Price range. Like many other elements of home appliances, TV antennas have different manufacturers, in the lines of which you will find a wide range of prices. Different in cost, but similar in characteristics, the models will not differ much. Whatever your situation, but even the cheapest antenna will always be better than a home-made version, which can turn out to be not only ineffective, but even dangerous.


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Review of the best models

The following brief overview will help you decide which antenna to choose for your TV, as well as figure out which models are best for a given case.

Ramo Logo-R-6m-A-DX

Ramo Logo-R-6m-A-DX

A budget option for a street antenna, the price of which ranges from 1000 rubles. The compact model can capture up to 69 channels in good quality.



A room model of a sufficiently powerful antenna with support for HD television. Ideal for working with digital television. Cost within 1600 rubles.

Ramo Sail 5v

Ramo Sail 5v

Another version of the street model with an amplifier for watching digital TV in good quality. If you have a limited budget and you don’t know which television antenna to purchase, then this option will come in handy: the price of this antenna varies between 600 rubles.



Stylish, compact, active model for the home, which is better suited for a small number of channels, but in good quality. The approximate cost of such a model is only 1000 rubles.

Video Tips for Choosing TV Antennas

In the next video, the specialist will tell you in detail which antenna to purchase, and also will share ways to configure it:

In order to choose an antenna, it is important to determine for yourself the most important parameters and, in accordance with them, choose the appropriate model. The choice is wide enough, and you can always find something that suits your requirements.

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