Instructions for working with free kitchen designers

To enter the constructor, you do not need to register or perform other actions. It is enough to find in the drop-down tab “Reader” located in the top menu of the site, the item “3D constructor"And click on it.

How to get started in the online kitchen designer?

What do the menu items allow?

In the program window, in its left part, there are seven menu items that allow you to view and model all the elements of the planned kitchen in detail.

Menu items

Point one - premises

In this menu, you can select and insert the main parameters of the kitchen room into the project:

  • Individual size.
  • Availability of structures: windows, doors, partitions, shafts. Given their size.
  • Communications: heating, sockets.
  • The color scheme of the walls.
  • Estimated flooring pattern.
Item room

Point Two - Kitchen Options

Here you can select several options:

  • The thickness of the countertops.
  • Base height.
  • The height of the apron.

In this case, you can add a cornice and cancel the presence of the cap.

Item kitchen options

Point Three - Modules

This option allows you to select all the basic elements of kitchen furniture and appliances, taking into account their size:

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  • Bedside tables: straight, end, corner, under the sink, including decorative elements.
  • Top modules, taking into account the decor.
  • Pencil cases.
  • Technique: hoods, cookers, refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, lighting elements.
  • Shelves.
  • Bar counters.
  • The interior is tables.
Item modules

Point Four - Materials

In this drop-down tab, you can select several options:

  • Facade material: MDF, plastic, particleboard, solid.
  • Facade color: PVC film, RAL Classic color scheme.
  • Body colors: EGGER, Lamarty.
  • Material and colors of countertops: Union, Grandex.
  • Basement Allows you to exclude this item from the elements of the kitchen or choose its appropriate color.
  • Apron. The option allows you to view the interior with this element in different colors, or exclude it.
Item Materials

Point Five - Hardware

Here you can choose the available accessories for kitchen furniture:

  • Pens. This option allows you to view the types and location of these elements based on their location: vertical or horizontal, top or center.
  • Hinges. There are two options: with a closer and its absence.
Item hardware

Point Six - Lighting

This menu item allows you to see the created project in two versions, taking into account the shadows: when the light is on and without it. In addition, the option makes it possible to correctly position the lighting elements of the kitchen.

Item lighting

Point Seven - Kitchens

Activation of this element allows you to view finished projects for kitchens in sizes of 9 and 16 square meters. m

Kitchen item

How to change the size of the room and elements?

The size of the designed room can be changed in the main menu of the first item by pressing the dimensions button. In the fields you can change: the height of the kitchen, the length of the walls. The size of all other elements: windows, doors, furniture, can be adjusted in two ways:

  • The first. The constructor has standard values ​​for the height and width of these elements that you can use.
    Resize rooms and items
  • Second. When you click on any element of the kitchen, an additional row of icons pops up. By clicking on the ruler, you can set individual sizes and see how harmoniously they fit into the selected interior.
    Resize a room using a ruler

How to change color?

A large color scheme allows you to choose favorable shades of walls, floors, furniture in a simulated project. To change the color of the walls and the floor pattern, you must use the main menu. Where, when you click on the appropriate buttons, windows with a different color palette for the walls and a pattern for the floor will appear. To change the color of the furniture facade, you can use two methods:

  • The first. Select the menu item “Color of facades” and click on the one you like.
    Change the color of facades
  • Second. Select an element of furniture and click on it with the left mouse button. In the icons that appear, activate the image of the roller for coloring. Then, from the proposed color scheme, choose the most suitable.
    Change the color of facades using the item menu

How to add objects?

When working with a designer, adding kitchen elements: furniture or appliances is very simple. The functionality of the program allows you to do this by simply dragging the selected object into any part of the kitchen. So you can place: windows, doors, appliances, kitchen modules.

Adding an Object

Cook delete project elements?

To remove any module, left-click on it and select the trash can icon in the menu that appears.

Delete object

What are the functions of the icons in the lower area?

At the bottom of the program there are a number of icons, thanks to them you can perform the following actions:

  • View the project in a vertical or horizontal plane.
  • Zoom in and out.
  • Move the program window up, down, left, right.
Icons at the bottom

What are the functions of the icons on the top of the window?

If you list from left to right, then the icons of the upper area of ​​the program will allow:

  • Create a new project.
  • Download the created project.
  • Save the project at any stage.
  • Print the developed version in PDF.
  • Make and save a screenshot of the project at any stage of its development.
  • Work with loop mode.
  • Design individual walls or the entire kitchen in 3D.
  • Use size mode: all, optional, and more.
  • View or hide comments.
  • Expand the project window to the full screen of the monitor.
  • Export project to obj.
  • Use manufacturers hints.
Icons at the top

In the lower right corner of the window you can see the icon with four dashes. When it is pressed, information about the materials used is displayed: facade, hull, table top, taking into account the category and name.

Four dash icon
Four dash icon

In addition to the above functions, the designer allows you to accurately calculate the cost of the designed kitchen. In this case, specialists will take into account all the details: the presence of built-in appliances, material costs and other nuances.

Calculate the cost of a designed kitchen

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