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compact table lamps and pendant lamps are often used for local lighting. However, only limited them is not necessary. Try reading a standard lamp in the evening - and you do not want to go back to previous versions.

Floor lamp

What is a lamp?

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  • What is a lamp?
  • Key features
  • species
    • Material
    • dimensions
  • modern solutions
  • How to choose

Floor lamp - a floor lamp, a classic version of which consists of a base, a column and a lampshade. In modern interpretations base and feet function is sometimes performed by one and the same element, and the cover, in general, may be missing.

Floor lamp

Key features

Key differences from other lighting devices: installation method and the presence of the scattering light shade. The eyes do not get tired of it. This property is valued by book lovers: they put the lamps next to the sofas and chairs, which usually spend their free time.

Also with the help of such a lamp is easily zoned premises, on the topic can find a lot of photos. He lights mark the work area and a place to rest. Some use a pair of floor lamps to highlight the exit from the room, but it is not the right approach. High outdoor lighting source for such an operation is not stable enough.

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IMPORTANT. It is believed that the lamp has to be high. Now this myth is fading away diligently. On a par with the classic 1.5-meter produced 60-70-centimeter devices. And they are not always set on the floor. Sometimes it is placed on the table.

Additional function lamps - decorative. He can become the main decoration in the room, a bright spot due to the unusual columns, ornate and stylized lampshade.


Floor lamps are separated according to the following principles:

  • Floor lampMaterial lamp, a base and columns;
  • Dimensions (height, massiveness);
  • installation method (floor or horizontal surface);
  • presence of additional items (e.g., shelving);
  • a method of controlling (the presence and location of the inclusion of buttons, remote activation and configuration);
  • possibility of adjusting the power of the light flux (this allows drimmer);
  • legs shape (straight, curved, flexible, hinge, tripod);
  • presence and amount of lampshades;
  • type of lighting (accentual, background, main).

There are also models with a directional, reflected and diffused light. The classic version of floor lamps - the source of the scattered rays. If you turn and tilt the lamp can be changed, then we are talking about the direction of the type. When the reflected form of obligatory inclusion of walls, ceilings, floors or other interior items: trail through their rays are refracted and reflected.

Produced devices that are characterized by just 2 or 3 lighting ways. Typically, such a possibility is opened with additional diffusers: the central sends a scattered or reflected rays of the side - direction. This design is often shaky, but it is convenient to read and do needlework.


Floor lampThe material is closely associated with the style. For classical direction characterized by the use of tissue and paper in the manufacture of lampshades, for country - wood and metals, Provence - textile (usually rich embroidered or decorated ribbons), for high-tech - metal glass. Glass and crystal mosaic ceiling often hint at Tiffany's, and started from twigs and branches refer to EKOSTIL and Eastern traditions. Japanese and Chinese style of the visible in terms of decor. For these currents characteristic minimalism. The base is often made of wood (classic, eastward Ecostyle, country), stone, metal (high-tech, art deco), clay. Columns made from clay, wicker, metal, glass, plastic, rattan.


Useful comments on size:

  • Floor lamphigh floor lamp is not suitable for a small room with a low ceiling (he starts to perform the function of a central lighting, but the room is flooded with light is not as evenly as from chandeliers);
  • Low floor lamp lost among the massive furniture;
  • in spacious rooms with high ceilings really lamps installed height of more than 1.5 m;
  • polutorametrovy and slightly lower suitable for the zone next to the chair, a table, a bed;
  • small models - about one meter or less in height - are decorative function (for working or reading, they are not suitable in these cases need to use additional light sources).

Also, caution should be approached to buy a high floor lamp, which is very flexible and thin column ends with 1 large shade or multiple smaller ones. This design is too shaky, it changes over time the direction of the leg will start to keep worse ceiling (will bend under their weight).

modern solutions

Floor lampIt is interesting to look devices in which light sources are hidden. Until you turn on the lamp so it will be like a sculpture or a monument. Worthy of attention and stylized lighting. According to him immediately clear to what exactly they are stylistic direction. Due to the presence of such products on the market it is difficult to make a mistake and buy inconsonant with model situation. Another merit of contemporary designers: their departure from the classical rules solved the problem of precariousness. Now you can find a very stable floor lamp is not on one thin leg, and thick or just a few. In contrast to such reliable and safe options are implemented and fire. These should include a model in which the elongated glass column is the light source. The first fall of such a lamp will break, and is likely to become a source of ignition.

IMPORTANT. The lamp shade is not easy beautiful detail, typical of floor lamps. If it is made of unbreakable material - leather, fabric, plastic or metal - can be regarded as an additional protection for the bulb.

How to choose

To get started is to identify where and how a floor lamp will be used. Building on this point is easy to find out:

  • desired level of protection against moisture and dust (designation: IP);
  • power;
  • weight and size.

The child resistant suitable conventional type construction, made of water resistant materials (IP must be higher than 20). To buy kitchen light fixture with IP54 protection, bath level - floor lamp with index IP65. For an ordinary living room look after the lighting device with IP20.

IMPORTANT. These values ​​are relevant only for dry apartments and private houses. If the room is damp, moisture seeping from the roof or basement, you should choose a lamp with enhanced moisture protection system.

Floor lampPermissible limits of weight and size also can be calculated by considering the manner and place of exploitation. If the instrument is not acquired for a particular room and not a specific place in it, which means that it will carry and rearrange. Consequently, it does not weigh much and be too high (it will affect the stability). Unusual proportions are also able to affect the stability - it is difficult to balance the lamp, in which column is bent, it has a slope or in addition to a center light there is another, disposed laterally. In the latter case, the second shade would outweigh unless the manufacturer can not figure out how to balance the construction. Because of this, the lamp will often fall, which, in turn, is fraught with fire. Even more threats are lights in the construction of which, in general, there is no shade. Place for them is chosen taking into account the high risk of fire. They are just not worth it to use in areas with large flow of people, in children, in the living room, kitchen, hallway and restrooms. But they are well fit into the interior of dwelling bachelor, home office and room for needlework - anywhere adult man is in seclusion and away from moisture sources as well as in places where there is no access to animals and children.

It can be based on the following observations in terms of power:

  • analog for a lamp of 50 W is enough;
  • Background and muffled lighting create using standard lamps 100 W;
  • beside the chair set with a 150 watt device;
  • lamps, a lamp which can be set to 200 W, replace central lighting;
  • 500 W - this is an option for industrial premises or for the spacious room in the mansion.

Ignore the manufacturer's instructions with respect to power light bulbs in any case impossible. This can cause damage to the lamp and cause a fire.

Floor lamp
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