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Smoke when igniting fire may occur due to the reverse thrust, when the smoke flue is in place in the room. Also, there is rollover of thrust. There is likely to blame

Wallpapering - one of the important stages of repair in any room. many bought the service from the professionals, but doing everything with your hands, you can save

Carpets can safely be called universal flooring. High-quality material makes it possible to increase the heat and sound insulation in the house or another room, make the interior more

Acrylic enamels and paints became widespread in the market. At the same time, many consumers do not know what are the main differences between the materials and

Wooden buildings - houses, gazebos, terraces and porches, as well as other facilities that fall under the influence of natural factors that require careful protection from moisture, UV light and

In the process of building a house it is important to consider and provide all the nuances that can affect its reliability, durability and aesthetic appeal in the future. As known,

Before laying tiles sometimes want to divide into fragments that differ in size and shape. You can use various construction tools - in particular

Plat - a mandatory part of the door structure, allowing to hide from the eyes of the gap that appeared when you install the door, as well as unsightly traces of construction foam or other finishing

All of the design, decoration, renovation and furnitureMiscellaneous

Today, half-timbered houses are quite popular. This term originated in the distant 15th century. The original design was composed of beams which are connected at different angles. gaps To date, th...

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All of the design, decoration, renovation and furnitureMiscellaneous

In its interior, we pay attention very much. The first is the selection of furniture, decoration materials, textiles, décor, lighting, floor coverings. However, for all Now there are few who can b...

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Cold-applied bituminous mastic for waterproofing

Cold-applied bituminous mastic for waterproofingMiscellaneous

The name of this material is based on the Latin term bitumen – resin. It began to be used many thousands of years ago in the form of asphalt and other natural derivatives of oil. Methods of applyi...

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