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Rococo art is determined by the strict rejection of the Baroque sense, but what that means in terms of the sofa? In this article we will see how the Rococo appears in

At present, the market of building materials, its vast choice of interesting offers, the customer enters into a light stupor. Beginning to make repairs, the buyer seems to clearly see the final result

Loft style is becoming increasingly popular. And among the owners of premises of different sizes. Previously, the style was relevant for building large-sized now, all

Application of wallpaper - a simple form of finishing works, does not require special education, skills and craftsmanship. But that's still this kind of painting and decorating

We live in an age of advanced technology, they literally burst into all aspects of our lives. We are using a variety of new features in the home, at work, in public

Selecting a new countertop - not an easy task: she must not only be combined with the other elements of the interior, but also be practical and comfortable working area.

Open kitchen-living room, ideal for modern life. Dynamic design, free space, opportunities for communication. But the main task - this is the correct zoning, which allows distributed

When choosing upholstered furniture in the first place, we estimate its upholstery. Certainly not the last role played by the aesthetic side of the issue, but the most important - the quality of

With each passing day the demand for increasing angular sofas. They long ago began to be popular, and today the range of angular sofas in furniture stores

What is the thermos, when he appeared, what it consists of, device types thermoses

What is the thermos, when he appeared, what it consists of, device types thermosesMiscellaneous

The article is written, all you need to know about the thermos. If you're wondering how to make his own cap, its structure and mode of operation, as well as other interesting details - then this a...

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All of the design, decoration, renovation and furnitureMiscellaneous

Today, half-timbered houses are quite popular. This term originated in the distant 15th century. The original design was composed of beams which are connected at different angles. gaps To date, th...

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Physical concepts and devicesMiscellaneous

In everyday life, the need often arises for adjusting the power of various electrical appliances: gas stoves, a kettle, a soldering iron, a boiler, various heating elements, etc. The car may need ...

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