What is Blender? What function does? All of the blender

blenderWe've learned that the kitchen is definitely stove, microwave, refrigerator, toaster, etc. multivarka

List for all individual. In addition to specific devices for specific purposes, periodically appears that somewhere. So it was with steamer - then the same function appeared in multivarka. Representative of the "mediation" can be called a blender.

Blender - a device for shredding and mixing products of simple substances. They can cut the product of any hardness, up to ice. In fact, blender - a hybrid mixer and food processor in a compact form.

In contrast, it is not equipped with a mixer beaters and from the combine - not so voluminous. It looks like a long handle with pushbutton at the top, which must be kept for work and sharp knives, hidden under the metal "hood" nozzle - at the bottom. Options - handle with wire attachment and bowl for grinding. Another type of device consists of a cup on a stand with a control mechanism.

The material used for manufacture - plastic nozzle - stainless steel. Bowls made of metal produce elite producers, they are much higher. Nozzles may be plastic, but it significantly reduces the cost and duration of appliance service.


disassembled blenderBlender appreciated housewife with small kitchens. Performing a combine function, it takes up little space. He can perform a task and a mixer, but the fact remains indisputable advantage - you can whisk beaters, and knives - only grind.

In addition to compactness, the blender is relatively inexpensive. The price variation depends on the model and manufacturer.


As already mentioned, the lack of a blender - weak ability to shake up the liquid. The device is a low-power, therefore, is not suited for long-term use of one-time - he needs a break.

Purpose and Functions

A compact device is designed for the purpose of grinding solid products. over time, the knives are dull, and need sharpening, but it is only when the frequent and prolonged use. Overall, durable device.


stationary blenderRegular blender cup is different capacities on a stand with a control mechanism.

It fit the products are covered with a lid and crushed. The bowl is removable, it is not easy to wash because of the knives at the bottom - they are difficult to clean without disassembling the device completely (in many models it is not possible). recommended soap for washing of the blender, as detergent is not completely washed out and can stay under the knife.

The immersion blender represents several separate elements - the handle mechanism, the nozzle (or beater blades), the cup for grinding. Not all models are equipped with an immersion blender cup, often it's just a pen with a wire.

What blender is better?

Undoubtedly, it is more convenient to use the manual option - it will sink in any capacity, gradually mix any amount and grind even solid products. But, as indicated in the name of the device - it will have to hold in their hands throughout the cooking process. This is not very convenient.

In general, each type of blender is good for certain conditions. If you want to grind the products for baby puree - better to take a hand blender. If you plan on crushing a kilogram of vegetables for spins - practical stationary version.

Operation Tips

Washing blenderLike any electrical appliance, blender requires a certain care. You can not leave unwashed knives. Wash immediately after use is recommended as carefully as possible. Handle mechanism should not fall into the water - it is best cleaned with a damp cloth after disconnection from the mains.


Choose the best blender from renowned equipment manufacturers. The difference in price is compensated by the quality and long-term use.

In the event of damage, as well as any other equipment can be taken for warranty or repair service center. And that, he served without interruption, should be thoroughly washed and dried, and the constituent elements of the device to protect against voltage surges during operation.

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