What is the thermos, when he appeared, what it consists of, device types thermoses

thermosesThe article is written, all you need to know about the thermos. If you're wondering how to make his own cap, its structure and mode of operation, as well as other interesting details - then this article is for you!

What is the thermos

Thermos - a special kind of utensils intended for long preservation temperature of the liquid therein. This cookware is suitable for the preparation of special foods and cereals.

In which year appeared

Originally appeared as a Dewar flask in 1892. Already in 1903 he perfected godu Reynold Burger vessel, adding thereto the cover by making the metal housing and the cover. Therefore, the year of the invention is considered to be 1903. It was in this year Burger received a patent for a thermos, as with the first version of such utensils in it, many changes have been made.

How to check when buying a thermos

Initially should conduct a visual inspection - the surface must be free of roughness, scratches and other defects. Also, there should be no odor chemistry. Qualitative steel has no odor. Thermos need to shake to check on the noise, they should not be.

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What can be done from an old thermos

1108278-1Thermos - practical thing, which even can be used after he "served his". Firstly, it is possible to make an ashtray or candy.

Even in the smallest vessels can make a bucket for flowers or the like object. All items that can be obtained from an old thermos, may have a cylindrical shape. In it can be stored and water.

How thermos

The main element - a flask, which in the late 19th century was called the Dewar. Made of glass or stainless steel. And also, it has a metal housing. Between the housing and the bulb is exhausted of air and a vacuum is to reduce thermal conductivity. In addition to these elements, there is cork and cover-glass.

How it works and what it consists of

The thermos is practically not working processes of convection and conduction. Inside, it has a smooth surface, the radiation returned by the reflection mechanism.

Thermos flask consists of - the part where the food is stored. The bulb has a neck and a stopper, and the vessel is covered with a lid.

On top of the flask is a housing which is not adjacent to the flask surface, and is at a distance and has a larger volume than the bulb.

How does the cork with a wide neck

Stopper for a thermos with a wide lid characterized the increased size. Modern tube made of metal and resemble the shape of a flattened fungus.

Conventionally, it can be divided into two parts: one is inserted inside the bulb, and the second portion is wider at the top and prevents spilling and air flows.

types thermoses

One and the same thermos not suitable for transfer to it and coffee, soup, for example. Thermoses for drinks feature a narrow neck, but the wide neck is more common in food. Food thermoses allow you to store and soups, and side dishes.

There is also a universal, with additional narrow neck. Thermos cruets - used for food, is different in that it fits 2-3 separate container. Thermomug used for beverages, it is convenient to take hiking or just to use at home or at work.

From what we can plug

When the old tube wears out, a new one can be made of foam or wood.

Before using these plugs should be thoroughly disinfected.

How to make a plug for a thermos with their hands

The best option - to make a plug from a conventional foam. Styrofoam pieces you want to cut element the desired diameter and size.

Such material is not deformed, but if such a plug pushes tableware with hot air, it can be pierced by a syringe needle middle. The foam does not crumble, it must be wrapped with cling film.


Thermos - the most suitable dishes for long trips or hiking. They are able to maintain the temperature of food or drink, unless such purposes thermos is not applied, then it can do something useful for the home.

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