Ozonator - what is needed, its application and principle of operation

Why do I need Ozonator, its application and principle of operation

Why do I need Ozonator

ozonatorBefore discussing the ozonizers, we shall understand that ozone is and how it acts on the body. Ozone (from the Greek smell) - modification of oxygen, under normal circumstances as a gas looks blue color with a characteristic smell. Was opened in the XVIII century, the Dutchman van Marum, the term "ozone" offered chemist from Germany X. F. Christian Friedrich Schönbein in 1840 because of its smell.

OzoneOzone is a toxic substance because of its strong oxidizing power, so use ozone generators have to, observing safety precautions and instructions for use. At Ozone has a strong disinfectant properties - it kills bacteria and mold. Because of these properties, ozone is used for the purpose of clothing disinfection of premises, disinfection of water and air. The device that generates ozone, called ozonator.

How the device works. The principle of operation of the ozonator

Operation is based on one of three principles:

  • Passing an electric discharge through the air, preferably pure oxygen, resulting in ozone. Preparation of ozone in an electric discharge is divided into low, the barrier, the barrier volumetric, surface, arc and corona discharge. No sense elaborate process only emphasize that ozonizers by electric discharge are most common.
  • Synthesis of ozone by ultraviolet radiation although easy to implement, but less productive than the discharge transmittance. The principle of operation is as follows - the air or other oxygen-containing gas or pure oxygen is passed through a quartz reactor which is exposed to UV rays. When using low-pressure amalgam lamps obtain satisfactory performance results.
  • By chemical reaction, oxidizing pinene (turpentine contains a) oxygen from air. This method, although quite efficient, is expensive because of the cost of reagents, and household and industrial devices of wide application not received.

The use of ozone generators: where the product is used

devices show very effectively:

  • Disinfection of food - meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, cereals - all kinds of food.
  • To purify the air in the room from foreign odors, including tobacco.
  • For receiving ozonized baths, rejuvenation and heals the body.
  • To eliminate skin diseases, nails, mucous membranes, the early wound healing.
  • To clean water from the tap, as well as in aquariums.
  • To protect the food from the appearance of mold on them, thus effectively to prolong their shelf life.
  • Eliminating odors in the refrigerator.

This list is far from complete, application range is very wide.

Ozonator in the room

Why the need for air ozonator

It is used for the following purposes:

  • Elimination of odor in the room - is effective against odors of drugs, smell of animals, missing food, tobacco, alcohol, etc.
  • Disinfection of air in the autumn and winter.
  • saturation of air in the room and destroying oxygen contained in the air toxins.
  • Destruction of mold in the walls, as well as contained in the mattresses and pillows linen mites.
  • Disinfection of clothes and shoes that are in ozoniruemom room.
Medical ozonator

As air ozonizer operates depending on the type of device (industrial, domestic, medical)

The use of the ozonatorIndustrial Ozonator is not intended for use in residential areas, because it gives a very high concentration of ozone in the air, which entails injury. Medical ozone generators have similar household appliances options, the difference lies only in the fact that medical devices are designed for a longer period of continuous operation. Also differ in the principle of action - a large part of household and medical devices work on discharge principle transmission, whereas industrial often work due to UV radiation, and also electrolysis. There is a difference in price and dimensions - the biggest and most expensive are the industrial, medical and then, as the most compact and cheap to be appliances.

Important! It can not be used in the home healthcare and industrial ozone generators, in order to avoid harm to yourself and your family's health.

Why do I need an ozonizer in the house

To sum up - the task unit is improvement of environment and air disinfection, walls, clothing, interior items, bed linen, as well as the fight against infections of the skin and mucous membranes, heal wounds. The spectrum is wide use of the instrument, and with proper use of its compliance with safety and operating instructions, this unit in the building is very useful.

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