All of the food processor. How to use, which is better and so on.

Food processor and vegetablesThe first kitchen machines appeared at the beginning of the XIX century, and after a half-century have been actively to appear in domestic and commercial kitchens.

This device is a large-sized machine is quite noisy instrument.

Harvester could only work with the highest quality meat without cartilage and oil streaks, and the degree of grinding is not regulated.

Modern devices can easily cope with any meat products, fruits and vegetables, have several high-speed modes. In the manufacture of machine manufacturers use safe for human health materials.

What's the best meat grinder or food processor

The main task as a grinder or food processor is a food chopping. Modern devices are versatile, can perform several functions.

Food processor handles multiple tasks: it can grind the meat, chop, to serve as the blender and juicer.

Meat grinder, in turn, are able to work with any kind of meat or fish, rub vegetables, mash any product, to make home-made sausages. So what then is the difference of these devices?

The main differences

Meat grinderThe main differences are in the device principle product processing and operation of the apparatus as a whole.

Meat grinder consists of a special hopper into which the piece of meat. Through product sharpened valve mechanism enters the knives unit, where it is full of crushing.

Thereafter, it is passed through a sieve. The operating principle of the food processor is different from the previous one in that grinding takes place in a special bowl using various replacement blades.

How to use the food processor

Before using the food processor is necessary to cut the necessary products into small piecesBecause it is too large can cause damage to the motor unit.

Next, place the product in a special bowl and tightly close the lid until it clicks. After the apparatus can include ingredients to obtain the desired consistency.


Depending on the model, they may have from one power button, up to several dozens of different buttons for selecting the type of work.

There are models that are free to determine the density of the loaded product, and on this basis, choose the desired mode.

It's important to know! The more complex the device the food processor, the more it is exposed to the negative effects of stress during races.

Advantages and disadvantages of a food processor

Food processorThe main advantage of the food processor - its versatility.

This machine can replace most of kitchen accessories.

Also, the acquisition of one of the device is much more economical in financial terms, than buying a blender, grinder and juicer separately. But it follows from this and the lack of device: many housewives do not use nozzles and a half from the device configuration.

But also after using the combine at any time you need to wash the whole apparatus, which is not always convenient for a small amount of shredder products.

What it is in a food processor

The main element of the food processor is its motor, which is controlled by special keys. The motor power efficiency of treatment depends ingredients.

The buttons on the panel unit is set the desired mode. Also, basic details are as follows:

  • Various tips for shredding and knives for meat, shredding;
  • bowl for processed food products and downloads;
  • Depending on the model, the assembly can be expanded.

What features does the food processors

Functional abilities device depend on the type and structure. There are mini-combines, which are limited to the possibility of grinding of soft products.

Multifunction devices can easily operate with solid food, ice until grinding. The basic set of features, which is present in any model leads:

  • grinding food to puree state;
  • kneading the dough;
  • versatile juicer;
  • slicing, grater, shredder of solid food;

In addition, processors can serve as a shaker and a mixer, grinder, screw grinder, ice cream.

What can be ground in a food processor

Food Processor can work with products such as:

  • meat and fish;
  • vegetables;
  • fruits;
  • cheese;
  • nuts;
  • eggs;
  • greenery;
  • ice.

housewives Council, which combine better to choose

Disassembled food processorTo select the desired model, you need to define the purpose of such acquisition.

For occasional use, as well as people who are not particularly busy cooking questions suitable low-end models, with a power of 300-700 watts. Their functionality is the grinding of the product

For a more extensive use of suitable multifunctional models, the power of which varies in the range of 1-2 thousand. W and functionality extended to cutting, shredding, or the possibility of preparing a cocktail sauce.

If the consumer is often prepares, trying new culinary ideas, should be chosen to combine the maximum number of functions. Such devices kneaded the dough, have set a variety of attachments for whisking, chopping and mixing ingredients.

How to manage a food processor

Managed by the food processor using the control panel buttons. In different models of their number may vary from one power button, to several dozen different keys with a choice of additional functions for the processing of the product.


Modern kitchen appliances market offers many models of food processor with a different design, size and functionality.

Before purchasing such a device, it is important to familiarize yourself with all its features, warranty. After you get an assistant in the kitchen for many years.

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