Tea: What can replace the thermostat, check the heating element than what to do if there is no water supply

What can replace the thermostat in a coffee machine

ThermostatThermostat is required to control the power supply needed to properly working heating element. If there are problems it causes problems. Before deciding to replace the thermostat is recommended to inspect:

  1. The coffee machine should be disabled and removed from the tank the excess liquid. After you need to unscrew the fastener. This may require a certain attachment to the screwdriver.
  2. To check the thermostat, use a tester. At each end position the sensor probes.
  3. When a fault is recommended to replace the thermostat on the same.

Important! If you want to pin assignment, it is recommended not to try to repair his own, and contact the service center for replacement parts.

What to do when the machine gives no water

Scale in the coffee machineOne of the frequent breakdowns coffee makers is the lack of water supply. There are many reasons for the occurrence of such problems. Even the improper operation of the unit can lead to such consequences.

In most cases, the absence of water supply due to pollution of the filter, as well as the breakdown of the sensor-float. If you cut off the supply of hot water, it is recommended to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis to detect all the details of the problem. Sensor-float could pour water or littered building particles. Due supplying too hot water maker can also detect and deliver liquid.

If, after adding water, you find that the device does not respond, it is recommended to check the serviceability of the gauge-float:

  1. Fill the reservoir with water;
  2. wait until the float will arise on the surface;
  3. if you like this happens, it is recommended to clean the area where the float.

Cases that require serious repairs of this detail, are rare. Usually the problem is eliminated by replacing the float. When the decision to carry out the work yourself it is important to choose the right item correctly. In addition, you can refer to the master, who hold a professional coffee machine repair.

No water could be due to contamination of the filter. Choose must be based on the type of coffee maker. Continuous steam may damage the plastic parts. To determine the exact cause of the problem should be diagnosed.

How to check the heater coffeemakers

Check PETNTubular heater (heater) is required for heating water used in the devices of similar purpose. Sometimes you need to check the tubular electric heater:

  1. We need to find out what has resistance heater. First, find out power, information on which is listed on the coffee machine housing, as well as in the attached data sheet.
  2. After you need to calculate the current that flows through the heating element using the identified power indicator for stress. of resistance data is obtained at a ratio of voltage to current.
  3. Check PETN held a special tester. First, the device is disconnected from the network, then the wires are disconnected from the connectors.
  4. Set on the multimeter measurement mode. When operating correctly and there are no problems of PETN, device indicator will reflect the resistance close to your calculations. If the tester is listed zero, it indicates an internal fault and TENu need replacing. If the unit appears necessary also to replace the electric heater, because there was his break.

It is recommended to check for the breakdown in the body. you need to put the device in continuity "Buzzer" mode. One probe should be connected to the output area of ​​PETN, the other to the body of the electric heater. If the sample is not a buzzer starts to beep. Otherwise, there is a breakdown in the body.

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