What is an inhaler? The principle of operation and types of inhalers

Inhalation called special delivery procedure medications oral route. Their main advantages in minimizing the side effects of drugs by reducing their dosage. Moreover, in the respiratory tract mucosa substance absorbed faster and accordingly act promptly. Most often prescribed for the treatment inhalation ENT diseases.

General information about inhalers

Types of household inhalersThis procedure can not be carried out without the presence of an inhaler. In medical circles it is called a nebulizer, however, their difference in the algorithm works. For example, the nebulizer can spray minute particles of the drug, as in the upper and middle and the lower parts of the human respiratory tract.

The operating principle of the following inhalers:

  • medicament solution is injected into a special tank;
  • Further drug solution in the vapor state is gradually fed into the tube or mask (all depending on the design features of the product);
  • substances contained in the solution to fall respiratory mucosa.

The use of the inhaler several times faster patient recovery. In addition, the ease of use of the device, allows the treatment at home.

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Reference! With it carried the prevention and treatment of various types of respiratory infections, bronchitis, rhinitis, tonsillitis, tracheitis, light colds, and other ailments.

Types of household inhalers

Inhaler for the whole familySeparation of these types of apparatuses, due to their different purposes destination, the principle works, construction machines. All systems are divided into steam, compression, ultrasonic and mesh inhalers.

Steam inhaler: operating principle, advantages and disadvantages, the use of

steam type device affects substantially only the upper airways (nasopharynx, trachea, bronchi). Typically, as drugs taken herbal infusions. The steam generated during heating the solution up to +45 ° C, the sick person inhales through a special mask. Inhalation using this equipment is assigned to the flu, rhinitis, runny nose. The main advantage of the device is the ability to use not only grass, but also oil infusions. The only drawback - particle solutions fall only to the upper respiratory tract.

Compression inhaler: operating principle, advantages and disadvantages, the use of

compressor inhalerscompression-type exposure system consists of a reciprocating compressor, which by means of a powerful jet of air "transforms" drug in an aerosol. Such nebulizer able to spray minute particles of drugs on the mucous membrane of the upper and the middle and lower respiratory tract. With its help treat diseases such as SARS, tuberculosis, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia. The main advantage of the device in its universality. It can be used to spray virtually any medications. However, there is one drawback - the equipment emits a lot of noise during operation.

Ultrasonic Nebulizer: operating principle, advantages and disadvantages, the use of

ultrasonic nebulizerIn these devices, the disintegration of drugs on tiny particles occurs under the influence of ultrasound. They are used for prevention and treatment of cold and infectious diseases. The effect of using an ultrasonic nebulizer exceeds the efficiency of similar systems. It works quietly, however, due to possible decay of the individual substances by the action of ultrasound medicament, its use is limited.

MESH inhaler: operating principle, advantages and disadvantages, the use of

In such nebulizers for cleavage of drugs used tympanic membrane. They are used for prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases. Often, physicians prescribe inhaled like for people who are sick tracheitis and asthma.

Reference! MESH inhaler - a compact device that works without making any noise. It can be used in a horizontal position. The disadvantage of the device is its high cost.

Methods of drug delivery

Inhalation atAdditionally, inhalers are subdivided into types based on the medication delivery methods:

  • continuous feed during the whole session differs inefficient use of the drug;
  • in manually controlled systems there is a button with which the user himself determines how much of the solution it needs (inspiratory appliance is turned on, and as you exhale, on the contrary, is disabled);
  • machines with automatic feed medication is recommended for the inhalation in children.

Due inhalation substances contained in the medicinal preparations are pointwise and not absorbed in the lining of internal organs.

Important! In no case can not use inhalers for people with diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

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