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clear visionThis article is a review, it will introduce you to the articles of our website, more detailed study of the subject has interested you can by clicking on the links. Category contact lenses tell about the purpose of contact lenses for vision correction in the presence of abnormalities.

They are comfortable to use and have a high level of convenience. Modern development of contact lens allows people with poor eyesight to do without surgery while to feel comfortable enough.

Contact lenses: pros and cons

The lenses have several advantages over glasses:

  • ease of use;
  • the possibility of exploitation by athletes;
  • a high level of quality.

A distinguishing feature of the product is the formation between the single eye lens and an optical system that leads to the absence of a corrective distance between pictures and pupil. Therefore, the effect of the correction in this case is significantly higher than when wearing glasses. Often, this fact influences the choice of consumers is in favor of the lens, as many long distance between the glasses and eyes badly affect the overall comfort and well-being.

There are a number of disadvantages, which are sometimes afraid of newcomers:

  • It requires constant care product;
  • self-installation of lenses;
  • presence of a foreign body on the cornea;
  • be sure to follow all the recommendations for wearing and caring for corrective product.

Given these facts, it can be noted that the lenses are absolutely safe when properly operated and constant care for them. You can learn more the pros and cons of contact lenses can be found here.

How to care for contact lenses

lens careWe should carefully follow the recommendations in the article. It requires a compatible solution. It can not be reused, so frequent replacement of tools is required - this will prevent the multiplication of bacteria. The range of treatments includes the following manipulations:

  • cleaning of accumulated bacteria;
  • mandatory disinfection;
  • specialized storage.

Today, one way can be purchased, which can perform all three manipulation - it facilitates the process of care and reduces the percentage of costs. still read how to care for contact lenses is possible here.

Interesting: There are options for lenses for extended wear, which do not require daily removal but prior to the acquisition of obligatory consultation with an ophthalmologist.

Is it possible to substitute the specialized solution

This is an urgent question from consumers. Means for care article is a saline solution which is prepared under specific conditions and proportions. But often there are times when there are no acquisition opportunities. In this case, for storing the distilled water can be used. It can be obtained by boiling the raw water and its condensation. With it, you can wash the product, but can not be thoroughly cleaned. It is therefore necessary to add a small amount of liquid salt.

The second option - it is hydrogen peroxide, it is Clean and disinfect the lenses. But before their operation must be thoroughly rinsed them from peroxide residues, her contact with the cornea fraught with consequences.

Important: In the preparation of any solution must be maintained complete sterility.

It is understood that substitutes can not be used for a long period of time, as an alternative embodiment for emergencies. Same about contact lens solution and the solution can be replaced can be found here.

Warning: article bears informational character, so make your own substitute, relying only on the text, it is impossible. Before using an alternative, you should consult with a specialist.

Proper storage products - the guarantee of health of your eyes

Proper storage of lensesCare should be carried out every day, but it takes more and to store contact lenses, to prevent spoilage.

Unopened embodiment can be stored at room temperature for a specified period. Once opened, it is desirable to consider the following recommendations:

  • Only use disinfectant;
  • the container application;
  • impossible to use plain water for rinsing special vessel;
  • reuse solution is unacceptable.

Taking into account these recommendations, you can not worry about the health of the eye. If the lens is dropped, it must be washed with a solution before use. When unpleasant feelings, such as cramps in the eyes, burning or discomfort, you want to take corrective product and clean.

Attach and remove the lens correctly

There are certain rules that should be observed without fail when putting on and removing the lens:

  • well before the procedure is required to wash their hands with soap, rinsed with clear water and wiped dry with a towel which has no pile;
  • required to check the correctness of their location, whether they turned out. To do this you need to put the lens on the tip of your finger to make sure that its edges smooth without deformation;
  • during a procedure required to keep the upper eyelid to prevent sudden blinking;
  • Next you need to pull the lower part of the century and put the lens with confidence;
  • the last step - it is desirable to slowly close your eyes for a while.

Attach and remove the lens correctlyWe do the whole process step by step and with the second eye, important to remain calm and confident during the procedure.

Removing the product, you need to follow the same rules of hygiene and sterility. For its removal using pinch method, you need to stand in front of a mirror and head bent forward to look up. Further corrective displace the product down and carefully pull it forward to remove.

Let's talk about the use and possible discomfort

Contact lenses should be used in accordance with the established rules, non-compliance with recommendations of possible side effects. Let us consider, how to put on and remove contact lenses.

How long can you wear contact lenses

How long can you wear contact lensesOphthalmologists argue that the best time to wear contact lenses - a daily period of time, if you want to use at night, thus it's desirable to consult a specialist. There are certain rules that you need to start using the product. Initially, you need to give your eyes time to get used to the foreign body. The first day allowed no more than four hours, followed by an increase of one hour. By the end of the week you can use the product for half a day.

There is a division of the models according to which the set time frame. Day contact lenses are suitable not more than 12 hours, and then replaced by new ones. Color devices, it is desirable to use no more than 8 hours. There are a number of models which are classified into weekly, bi-weekly, monthly - depending on the manufacturer. Silicone - gidrolevy option can be used up to 15 hours, even in the night time.

When there is a dry eye

When there is a dry eyeDuring operation, the contact lenses may occur dry eyesAs a foreign body in nature is infringing the normal operation of the lacrimal film, respectively, there is no proper hydration. In this case it is necessary to consult with an ophthalmologist to he prescribed special eye drops for corneal additional moistening.

Attention: If there is severe discomfort and pain in the eyes, it is desirable to remove the lenses immediately and consult a specialist.

The radius of curvature of the contact lens

The radius of curvature of the contact lensThe lens is worn on the cornea itself, which has a convex surface, so it is important to choose the correct radius of curvature "contacts"To during the operation did not experience discomfort. When using the product with a small radius, perhaps trapped by vessels, and with a large uncomfortable operation. At the time of purchase should pay attention to this value, it is indicated by the manufacturer on the packaging. To determine the required size, you need to seek help from an ophthalmologist.

Forms and types of contact lenses

Classification is carried out according to several criteria:

  • rigidity - are soft and solid, are grouped more by the degree of humidity of the product;
  • period of operation - is determined by the manufacturer, are possible embodiments of day and month;
  • shape - spherical, toric, multifocal, appointed on the basis of the varieties of diseases of the eye;
  • appointment - is a model correctional and decorative to give the color depth;
  • the degree of transparency.

Each model has its own characteristics, so the decision about the choice of variety of contact lenses It should be taken only with the ophthalmologist.

Varieties of products materials

In this incident contact lenses are classified into three types:

  • Soft products used in the production of a gelled polymer;
  • Hard embodiments is made of gas-permeable silicone;
  • lenses made of organic glass, at the moment NOT relevant option.

Silicone - hydrogel materials have been highly popular with lens manufacturers. They are well passed oxygen and has a lower percentage of dehydration. more details a material for contact lenses can be found here.

How to choose contact lenses

DiagnosticsThis is the last point of our review article, the right choice in many ways affect the preservation of eye health. To do this, based on the following recommendations:

  • originally required to undergo a full examination by an ophthalmologist;
  • further defined species and products manufacturer, one needs to rely on the advice of a doctor;
  • next point - the definition of the frequency and duration of use;
  • the last point - the appointment, the choice depends on the need for vision correction, or simply as a decorative element.

Detailed article about choosing a contact lens, read here.

Attention: independent choice of contact lens is excluded, is required prior consultation by an ophthalmologist and compliance with its recommendations.

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