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Topic mattresses talk in this article about memory foam mattresses, types of content and functions than is harmful or beneficial such a mattress, how to choose a mattress for a child or an adult. We will devote you in all the wisdom of working Antiacarian models and help them understand the specifics. You doubt useful or harmful air mattresses and whether used for a long period, then you should definitely familiarize yourself with our heading.

How to choose a mattress

Mattress sectionalHow important when choosing a mattress filler, which you need to know the stiffness of the product, or Springless spring mattress purchase. These and many other questions, our article will answer.

  • The properties of the mattress depends on its filling. The buyer needs to be based on the following criteria when selecting:
  • Dimensions (Single, Double, children)
  • Rigidity (soft, hard)
  • Filling (coir, latex, foam, cotton, and so on. D.)
  • Springless or spring unit
  • upholstery fabric

mattress Sizes

How to choose the dimensions of the product that it is comfortable and suitable for a particular bed? A little more detail about the size here.

Mattress width normally 190 cm and 200 cm. For adolescents mattress can have a length of 180 cm.

Models for single beds have a width of 70, 80, 90 cm. There may be intermediate values ​​65, 75, 85, 115 cm.

Semi mattresses may have a width of 120 cm, 140 cm, 150 cm, and the intermediate values ​​125 cm, 135 cm, 145 cm.

For a double bed mattress manufactured width of 160, 180 and 200 cm.

Differences orthopedic mattress on the anatomical and from the usual

Unlike mattressesAnatomic mattress are less rigid than orthopedic, it is not suitable for people who suffer from problems with posture. This product supports the back in the correct physiological position, but can not fix the problems with the spine. A pillowtop relieves pain in the joints and the different parts of the spine. It helps your back to relax completely during sleep. Anatomic mattress better help those people who have problems with the lumbar. When buying a mattress you need to understand what is purchased. Such products should be chosen for each person individually with the shop assistant. And the detailed information on this product can be found here.

Pillow Top Mattress benefits and harms

Orthopedic mattressBenefit:

  • It serves as prophylaxis for the treatment of diseases of the spine;
  • relieves chronic fatigue;
  • relaxation of muscles of the body;
  • bacteriological safety;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • help to relieve back pain and neck.


Latex mattresses are too soft, as well as models of the foam. If incorrectly calculate the weight, the spine can take during sleep irregular shape. In the long run it brings harm to the body. Details can be found here.

Composition, characteristics, properties of orthopedic mattress

Mattresses may have different compositions, or they combine several layers:

  • independent springs (springs shaped barrels);
  • "Bonnel" (spring in the form of a cone);
  • termopressovanny felt;
  • coconut coir (fibers of palm trees);
  • latex (sap vulcanized rubber trees);
  • polyurethane;
  • sheep's wool;
  • cotton wool;

More information about each of the types of fillers can be read here.

Healthy sleepMattresses can be hard (designed for people over 100 kg), medium and soft (less people to 90 kg). To give rigidity commonly used coconut coir, and the softest mattresses are made of latex.

The articles may be bilateral, e.g., one of the rigid sides and the second soft. Or with the effect of "summer - winter", for example, one side is covered with a cotton cloth, and the second covered merino wool.

Thermofelt in the mattress

Thermofelt in the mattressThis mixture of synthetic and cotton fibers. Their ratio is determined by the manufacturer. More information can be found by following the link. A material on both sides of the spring block products. It serves to isolate the springs from the upper layer of the article. He extends the durability of the mattress and does not allow it to deform. Material hypoallergenic, protects and insulates the other excipients in the product, separating them from the spring assembly. As well as giving the product hardness.

How to make the mattress harder

If the mattress was too soft, just enough to buy a mattress pad to give the product hardness. Fasten it with the elastic bands. Top pads Material: Coir, hollofayber and the upper cover of cotton or cotton jacquard. The greater the height of the mattress cover, the harder it becomes mattress. Best mattress covers made of coconut coir: it does not lose its shape, holding the weight of the sleeper to 150 kg, and has good ventilation, hypoallergenic and safe for the health.More information on the mattress pad can be read here.

Polyurethane foam in the mattress

Polyurethane foam in the mattressThis is the usual foam rubber, it is considered a short-lived and quickly destroyed, but it is not. Combining it with other fillings easy to make the mattress more elastic and durable. This material is well suited for articles with both the spring block, and without it. Useful or harmful polyurethane foam and its properties can be found in the following article.

What is independent springs in the mattress

Independent spring mattressThis block of metal springs, each enclosed in a separate bag from the fabric. Their number in the mattress may be different. It serves as a mattress up to 10 years. Blocks of independent springs do not fall through and recognizing a point load. While in the dependent spring block one pulls the other, it is inconvenient when two sleepers of different weight category.What are mattresses with independent springs, and what the optimal density of springs per m2 can be found here.

What is latex mattresses

Latex mattressLatex is artificial and natural. For more information on the manufacturing process and its properties can be found in this article. But even in the natural material in the manufacture of components are added to give it elasticity. It can cause allergic reactions. The synthetic analogue is obtained through polymerization. According to the properties it differs from its counterpart hypoallergenic. This material is much cheaper than natural. He removes moisture, does not smell, but more hard and brittle. To the touch it is rubbery, elastic, restores good shape. It does not infest dust mites, not moldy and durable.

What is the coconut coir mattress in

CoirCoir - a natural material with a fibrous structure, it removes moisture without absorbing it into itself. It is strong, but some time after the operation, it becomes brittle.

Types of coir:

  • Lateksirovanny coconut. This fiber impregnated with latex, which gives elasticity. Such elastic material easily withstand load and is not deformed. She does not crumble and not dusty, hypoallergenic.
  • Coir needle-punched. Such a material is pressed and impregnated with glue additionally coir stezhat cloth. Material hard, but brittle, crumble quickly and forms a dent. Dust from its destruction, is often the cause of allergies. In this coir due glue impregnation may be a chemical smell.
  • Bi-coconut. This coir mixed with synthetic fibers, e.g., struttofayber or hollofayber. This is the softest and coir has properties reminiscent of the spring unit. It is comfortable to sleep, does not rot, does not warp, is durable.

Coir gives the product stiffness, much depends on how the laid fiber: in one or several layers; cloth; harmonic.

More information about Koyré coconut and its mission in the mattress contained here.

What is a mattress topper

mattress TopperFor those who can not pampered orthopedic mattress you can buy mattress topper called. It will help to make rigid sleeper soft, smooth the surface of a berth. It can be an alternative to orthopedic mattresses, fulfilling its role, and to protect the sleeper from premature wear. Its height varies from 4 to 10 centimeters. Fillers: Coir; latex; agave fibers or algae; polyurethane; "Clever foam", and so on. D.

Topper can be rolled up or folded along the folds. Berth it is fastened by means of fasteners. Topper used for synthetic covers and coatings from natural fibers.

If you want the bed was hard need to buy a topper of coconut coir, and for softness should purchase it from polyurethane or latex.

View photos topper and nuances to select it, you can specify here here.

springless mattresses

Read more about springless mattresses: advantages and disadvantages


  • environmental friendliness;
  • long service life;
  • orthopedic effect;
  • It does not accumulate static electricity;
  • It does not collect a dust.


  • high price;
  • not suitable for children jumping;
  • more rigid than the mattress spring unit;
  • It can be used for prophylaxis, but not to cure the disease.

How to choose a children's mattress

How to choose a children's mattressWhat to look for when choosing a mattress beloved child? What is the priority: sustainability, quality and durability? Let's try to sort out this issue.

No need to save, filler products should be of high quality. For seed compliant child is better to use rigid models that provide good support for the spine. Doctors recommend choosing a filler of polyurethane foam, latex and coconut coir. Good fit and combined products made of latex and coir have an average hardness.

Do not take full cotton or foam mattress. They are too soft though and cheap. In addition, they quickly deform, losing the appearance and preyut. The mattress should be turned periodically every 3 months.

Dimensions of children's mattresses in the cribs

Children's mattressesHow to choose a mattress for the infant or preschooler that it is important in the selection process. These and other questions will be answered this article.

The thickness of the mattress for the cot about 100 mm. It should be 20-30 mm on each side is less than the bottom of the crib. If the gaps are too large, then the child in such a hole may fail arm or leg, resulting in further injury (bruise, sprain and the like. D.).

Too big mattress will Bouguereau. It harms the spine baby. Standard mattress size: width 60 cm, length 120 cm. European dimensions of children's mattresses are 5 cm longer. May occur mattress size of 140 * 70.

return mattress

ReturnWhen the product status. Returns are for the duration of the warranty. If the warranty is not registered or has already completed, then you can return the product within 24 months from the date of purchase. In this case, if the credit agreement has been concluded, it returns already paid in cash and the remainder. If the mattress has risen in price, the buyer can get the difference in cost. It is necessary to take the warranty card, a passport check. If a check has not survived to confirm the purchase, you can use the testimony of witnesses. If the store refuses to return the money, he must make an examination. If proof of the fact of damage mattress buyer, he shall reimburse the costs of warehousing and the cost of the examination conducted by the seller. The customer can conduct an independent examination of the product.

Return the product without marriage. To return the purchased product can be within 2 weeks of purchase if not approached parameters, size and so on. D. In this presentation of the product must be stored. Shop is obliged to exchange it for a mattress of the same price category, and if on the day of treatment they are not for sale, the buyer return the money.

When you purchase goods online store if the seller refuses to return, the buyer writes a claim. If a refund is not made on time, the buyer has the right to go to court.

For more information on the return of this product can be obtained here.

How to clean the mattress at home

  • How to clean a mattressdry cleaning;
  • cleaning dust powerful vacuum cleaner;
  • wet cleaning cloth or wet vacuum;
  • cleaning means of carpets, rugs and upholstered furniture;

For more information on this issue can be read the following article.

How to make a mattress

How to make a mattressShould I spend money on expensive models, it is difficult to do if the mattress itself?

Not at all, enough to arm a small filler inventory, just a working tool and a great desire. So, let's begin.

  • Take a thick layer of filler, is sheathed with a thick cloth and sew case - it is the most affordable way to make a mattress with his hands.
  • Rascherchivaem foams and felts of predetermined size was excised. Fold foam layer, the top batt laid spring base, cover layer of felt and foam paving again.
  • The space put foam insert, so that they form a solid box. Glue special glue or PVA, you can use liquid nails.
  • We put the workpiece in a press, or put it on the load, waiting for the complete drying.
  • Rascherchivaem batting and fabric, according to the specified dimensions, leaving allowances.
  • We sew the batting with the selected tissue to repeatedly treat the edges by trimming excess batting.
  • Sheathe decorative lace edge, sew the zipper.
  • We put the resulting cover our mattress.

Repair spring mattress with his hands

Repair mattressIs it possible to repair the complex construction of a spring mattress with his hands? For more detail, read here.

  • Inspect and clean the product from dust, dirt and debris. Cover with the remaining items of interior oilcloth, so they do not become dusty. We laid a mattress on the bench decorative trim down. So, it will be convenient to approach.
  • Removing the seal plating and coating and clean. Remove spring trim and carefully take out the cloves and all straps. Subsequently, the straps are removed, their place put the rack. Before they secure the wire marking.
  • Before removing the tape frame, outline the place where it was located. We are making the necessary size rack and under these grooves are cut. Nailed rails, put a spring into place.
  • After fixation of the springs within their need to fasten. Trying to drive cloves and bends in the form of hooks. Getting net binding laces with outer transverse row of springs. Then made binding on the diagonal, then all the cloves are bent.
  • Check the installation of all the elements. Sheathe the mattress using the furniture stapler.

How to choose anti-bedsore mattresses

Anti-bedsore mattresses with compressorWhat is anti-bedsore mattresses, which model to buy a static or dynamic? Answers to these questions should go here.

The criteria on which you should pay attention when choosing a mattress: how immobilized person to whom sold Mattress (completely immobile or can roll), whether decubitus prophylaxis is needed, how many people will be on the it.

  • Static and dynamic. If the patient himself flips and moves, it is better to buy a static product. Dynamic products usually come with a compressor.
  • Tanks or cells. Cellular mattress is better to take for patients weighing less than 120 kg, provided that they have no bedsores. For people with grade 3 and 4 defeats and weighing more than 120 kg is better to take a mattress on the cylinders.
  • We consider the patient's weight in the selection. Cells can not withstand more than 120 kg patient. This eliminates the effect of massage.
  • Noise. This factor must be taken into account when selecting the dynamic model.
  • The presence or absence of airflow. It is important for people with excessive sweating and heavy weight.
  • Coating. It is best to choose a product, PVC coated or rubberized material. They are easier to wash, they dry quickly.
  • Standalone or volatile. Stand-alone model is more expensive, but it depends on the network, which is convenient when there are interruptions in power supply.

How to use anti-bedsore mattresses

How to use anti-bedsore mattressesWhat is this device, as it is to choose and use you should read here.

  • compressor and power unit put out of battery and the water and is connected to the outlet;
  • berth to house its anti-bedsore mattresses stacked up air cavities, and the tube is placed around the patient's leg. If the mattress is more, the free air cavity itself buckled under the mattress;
  • mattress is connected to the compressor and conducting control so that the hoses for connection is not twisted;
  • check the operation of the compressor and the pressure change in the air cavity
  • sheltering mattress a sheet or a blanket;
  • We check the pressure of your fingers: put your fingers between the mattress in the area where the patient lay thigh. When inflated, tight fingers includes tight in low - on the contrary, the fingers are relaxed.

Dimensions anti-bedsore mattresses

Tubular mattresses:

  • Size mattresses for patient weights up to 120 kg of 180 length, 84 width, thickness 11 cm.
  • Size mattresses for patient weights up to 140 kg of 195 length, 90 width, thickness 6 cm.
  • Mattress size for patients to weight of 150 kg: length 205, width 95, a thickness of 10.5 cm.
  • Cellular mattresses can be used for patients 30 to 120 kg and a mattress size of 195 * 90 * 6 cm 3.

Read more here.

How to choose a cotton mattress

cotton mattressWhere better to use a mattress made of cotton, it is beneficial or harmful, that rely on when buying. Answers to these and other questions can be found here.

Before buying you need to determine the cost. Cotton mattresses expensive than synthetic fibers (waste from the sewing production). Cheap mattress quickly deteriorate and will come into disrepair.

Better acquire natural cotton mattresses, which do not contain a regenerated fiber, and composed entirely of wool. Case is made of teak, synthetic or cotton fabrics. Such products from time to time is inverted, so that they were drying, vacuuming or damp cloth.

Whether sleep is harmful on an inflatable mattress

BackacheBenefit or harm to the spine, try to find out by reading this article.

An inflatable mattress is not providing orthopedic effect. He did not relax the muscles, does not remove the load from the spine, so the use of it in the long run harmful to health.

How to choose an inflatable mattress

Inflatable mattressWhen we go to buy an inflatable mattress, is brewing a lot of questions, find answers, you will be able to read the following article.

  • mattress size must be chosen from a number of people who will be sleeping on the mattress and the place where the product will lie.
  • Covering it should be durable, and for a more comfortable sleep is recommended to buy a model with a thickness of not less than 25 centimeters. Better if on one side of the fabric material will be softer, so the sleeper will be warm and the sheets will not slide down.
  • The weight of the sleeper. Single model to withstand the weight of 120 kg, and double can withstand up to two hundred kilogram weight.
  • Partitions. These items will not be allowed to deflate the mattress quickly even if your product has a puncture.

How to deflate the air mattress

Often there is a problem to the owner deflating mattress. How to do it faster?

For most models, simply open the valve and the air will be released. If this does not happen, you need to open an additional valve, pushing with your fingers or a match.

In some cases it is necessary to unscrew the valve fully. There are models with automatic blow-off system. It can be built (just activate the "blowing") and separate pumps for blowing.

How to seal the inflatable mattress

To seal an inflatable mattressIf the mattress is punctured, and it does not want to give in repair, paying a hefty sum. Worth reading the following article, which tells in detail about all stages of the repair of the product by hand.

  • We are looking for a puncture on top of him impose patch. Take the adhesive patch, scissors (stationery knife), and the solvent sandpaper.
  • We clean and degreased puncture site.
  • Cut a patch of the desired shape. Leaving allowance of 30 mm on each side.
  • If the side is smooth, it can be used as a patch smooth film of vinyl.
  • You may not use superglue. He simply corrode mattress. Recommended adhesives brand Intex, adhesives for rubber boats.
  • After sealing the mattress can not be used even for 1-2 days. It is necessary to wait until the joint becomes stable.
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