Air Ionizer - description of the harm and benefit, the ionization process

What is an ionizer, and what is it for?

Air ionizerIn the urban environment, where it is constantly required activity, high efficiency and health, to compensate for a lack of healthy air helps a curious invention - air ionizer. Fumes, continuous efforts household and industrial appliances significantly reduce the amount of useful negatively charged oxygen ions.

In order to replenish their numbers were artificially ionization. Private homes and apartments, hospitals, organizations, own car and even a refrigerator - that range of locations where air is required enrichment.

To this procedure may be necessary? First of all, the elderly, children and all those who have weakened because of any chronic disease. It recommended it and during epidemics, such as influenza and SARS. In addition, if you are on throughout the day forced to remain in a closed unventilated room, then use the ionizer becomes imperative.

Important! According to studies, the number of negatively charged particles indoors about 10-15 times smaller than the required indices. The term is "ion starvation" can lead to decreased immunity, fatigue and loss of efficiency.

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Device for the forced ionization work gives the desired effect, eliminating the source of possible allergic reactions, improving the immune system by facilitating respiration.

Bipolar air ionizerThe discharge power outputted from the device varies, which allows to use an ionizer for therapeutic purposes and as prophylactic measures. Domestic models create a favorable atmosphere inside the premises, the so-called chandelier Chizhevskogo used in hospitals. Her power is far superior analogs for private homes and apartments. For drivers whose work involves constant presence behind the wheel of the car, produced a special device, operating from the cigarette lighter.

Without ionization can not do, otherwise there is a risk reduction of concentration and fatigue inside the machine. Finally, every woman dreams about long-term storage of products while maintaining their beneficial properties. Specifically for this purpose are manufactured devices that are installed in the refrigerator. Result - eliminating malodor prevention of mold and mildew.


Classification of devices can be carried out for the following reasons: the presence of the filter element, function, location and method of ionization. Most of the models are equipped with a filter. It can be water, carbon, catalyst, etc.

air ionizers

As the functionality, some models are equipped with an additional humidifier. Thanks to him, the humidity in the room can be maintained at an appropriate level, which is especially important during the cold season, when the heaters are working.

A separate item worth way in which ionizers enrich air. Varieties of devices are as follows:

  • crown;
  • radioactive;
  • radioisotope;
  • thermionic;
  • photovoltaics;
  • hydrodynamics;
  • UV.

Other variations are possible. But it is worth noting that in the areas where it is assumed the presence of people, should only be used crown type ionizers. Bulky isotopic devices will only reduce the useful living area, and UV model does prove harmful because of its harmful effects on the body. Compact and eco-friendly ionizers - that's the best choice. But on this below.

The principle of operation, characteristics and features of use

The principle of operation of the ionizerThe principle of operation resembles the action Chizhevskogo chandeliers. Inside the device are arranged positive and negative electrodes with sharp tips. On them is energized, which causes a corona discharge. As a result, the air, a large amount of charged particles that are mixed with oxygen molecules. Thus particles with a negative charge is saturated with air in the room. And the effect of the particles spread in a radius of about 2-3 meters.

Design features ionizers allow them to distinguish two types: unipolar - models that only produce negative ions, and bipolar producing as positively charged particles. Bipolar models are proven in residential buildings, unipolar installed in the office premises.

Determining a specification generated by the ionizer is the number of ions them. In terms of electricity consumption model are economical, since the average is about 10 watts per hour.

Reference! When you first turn on the device in the form of side effect can occur dizziness and fatigue. This phenomenon is quite normal, over time the body gets used and is no longer so hard to respond to the operation of the ionizer.

However, if the state of health will continue to deteriorate, the use of the device should stop and consult a doctor. In general, it is desirable to ensure that no people in the room during operation.

Advantages and disadvantages

Positive aspects of the ionizers of the following:

  • they help eliminate pathogens viruses and allergens;
  • their use serves as the prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • contribute to the overall immunity of the organism;
  • reduce fatigue;
  • able to create a comfortable environment in the room;
  • eliminate the disadvantage of negative oxygen enriched particles;
  • reduce the harmful effects of toxins entering the air from the plastic things, linoleum, etc .;
  • they are harmless to computers, microwave ovens and other household appliances;
  • neutralize excessive amounts of positively charged particles accumulating in the room due to the action of electrical engineering;
  • economical and simple in terms of operation.
Air ionizer

Negative aspects are:

  • during intensive use of the device and the moisture level reduced air electrification occurs, it increases the likelihood of static discharge;
  • with poor room ventilation air coming glut of ions that can cause respiratory illness;
  • if not installed and there is a risk to the health of people in the room;
  • operation of the device leads to the accumulation of dust, which entails the need for regular wet cleaning;
  • possible exceeding ozone content in the air, which can lead to poisoning;
  • Some models have a high cost.

It becomes clear that almost all of the negative aspects associated with non-compliance with the rules of installation and operation of the ionizer.

Recommendations for choosing a

Air ionizerCustomers who already have experience in the use of devices for air ionization are advised to carefully consider the characteristics of different models before you make the right choice. The study reviews on their respective websites have handy. General recommendations calls attention to a number of significant factors.

The most important selection criterion is the index of the concentration of negative ions, which is created by the device. The range of optimal values ​​is big enough - from 400 to 50,000 units / cm3. It is important to take into account the room space and to know that the maximum allowable concentration is 0.03 mg / m3.

The instructions to the device usually indicates a perfect time of the instrument in a room with a particular area. You also need to have a clear idea of ​​where to place the ionizer. This is extremely important because finding a person near the operating device is fraught with negative consequences for their health.

If the room is not thought through the installation of additional equipment for air humidification, it makes sense to pay attention to models with a built-in humidifier. Modern ionizers are equipped with special sensors and indicators, control panel, which undoubtedly facilitates operation of the device, but has no effect on its functional side. Give preference to the most recent technical innovations or not, the buyer decides for himself.

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