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Yuri Makarov

The project manager, publisher and founder, author of articles and research papers, expert in "Notes Electrics".

Higher education - technical. He graduated from National Technical University in 2009.

Occupation: Electrical Engineer, Engineer of automation of technological processes and production.

Member of specialized conferences and forums.

Dmitry Makarov

Author of articles, expert in - Notes Electrical -

Higher education and technical. MGUP graduated in 2002. Occupation: Engineer on automation.

Work experience in various enterprises for over 17 years. 4 I have a group of electrical admittance. Author of scientific publications. Member of international thematic conferences.

Victor Korotun

Author of articles, expert -Zametki Elektrika-

Higher technical education, graduated in 2008 Dnepropetrovsk National University w / d transportation to them. ak. Lazaryan (former DTIS), specializing in electrification and power supply of railways with qualified electrical engineer.

Since 2008, I am working in the specialty in Krasnoarmeyskaya power distance. During the period of employment, he held various positions of electrician contact network to the engineer.

Physical concepts and devicesMiscellaneous

The fundamental provision describing the dependence of current, resistance, and voltage on each other is Ohm's law for an alternating current circuit. Its main difference from the same position fo...

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All of the food processor. How to use, which is better and so on.

All of the food processor. How to use, which is better and so on.Miscellaneous

The first kitchen machines appeared at the beginning of the XIX century, and after a half-century have been actively to appear in domestic and commercial kitchens. This device is a large-sized mac...

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Best mini ovens: rating of models with description and characteristics

Best mini ovens: rating of models with description and characteristicsMiscellaneous

The rating contains the best mini ovens - compact and versatile appliances that can act as a worthy alternative to their larger counterparts. The presented models have the functions of a toaster, ...

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