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Save the summer produce will help canning. Press for squeezing juice is needed to collect the most valuable of the fruits and create a supply of vitamins for the winter. Juicers are less productive. Long contact with air and metal parts of tools oxidizes the useful components of juice. A variety of models for spinning can be bought, often the device is made independently.

Varieties of presses, their difference

Common to all presses for squeezing juice is a perforated basket, into which the crushed fruits are placed, the mass is called pulp. The juice flowing out during spinning should fall into the accumulator - the pallet. The parts that come into contact with the juice are made of hardwood, special plastic or stainless steel. Aluminum under the action of fruit juices loses a protective film of oxides, dissolves.

The constructions differ in the way of energy transfer:

  • mechanical;
  • pneumatic;
  • hydraulic.

According to the used source of energy - manual and electrical. To prepare the material for pressing, shredders are used, which can be a separate device or integrated into a press unit. The capacity of the basket determines the amount of juice produced at a time. Home hand presses for squeezing juice work cyclically. The process continues from loading to cleaning the dry residue.

The filtering part consists of sacking, perforated pancakes, wooden gratings. For each type of fruit, a different effort is required. The citrus fruits and grass are the hardest to press.

The screw press pushes the pulp and fruit juice through a cylindrical sieve. The tapering cone makes it possible to conduct a high-quality spin, beating seeds and peel. Screw press, lowering and lifting the crush, a simple and convenient model with a small performance. Most often, screw presses for squeezing juice are made at home.

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This principle is the basis for apparatus for extracting juice from grapes, apples and pears press this device. Depending on the needs, the stability of the frame, the basket capacity and the force are changed.

If the screw piston is replaced by an elastic membrane, compressed air can be used for pressing, the apparatus is called a pneumatic press.

To create pressure, a car jack can be used for 2 or 3 tons. It is installed on top or bottom, depending on the design of the device. But more interesting for the hostess will seem a hydropress to squeeze out the juice of Grifo. The appliance is connected to the tap water.

It also has a membrane, but it expands inside the perforated cylinder, squeezing out the intercellular juice from the pulp. Condition - the pressure in the water pipe should be - 2 atm, but this is the usual standard for power supply networks.

If it is required to process large volumes, equipment on electric traction will be indispensable. The screw mechanism can then work as a meat grinder or press down from above, rotating the screw.

When working on the press, pressure should be increased gradually, taking a break. In this case, the cell capillaries are better opened, the selection of the deep layers carries the most useful components.

A ruler of prices for manual presses for squeezing juice from 10 thousand. The cost depends on the material, type and performance of the device. The cheapest are screw presses. The use of hydraulic drive will raise the price to 19 thousand rubles. For a hydraulic press with a membrane unit will need to pay about 100 thousand rubles.


Options for self-made presses

The easiest way is to make a screw press. The gradual increase in pressure by the head on the pulp ensures optimal effect on the cells, destroying them as the fluid is withdrawn. The device can be made of wood or metal. On the base of the frame, place a basket with a tray for the selection of juice in a container. The entire interior of the basket is closed with filtering material. Folds are laid, covered with the remains of tissue. On the surface, a circle falls on which the press is pressed by the movement of the rod. Make a press for juice with your own hands, as in the picture, the drawing will help:

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1 - clamps; 2, 3 - a frame with a crossbeam; 4, 5 - screw pair with a fixed circle.

To collect the juice is used an enamel saucepan with a soldered hole for tapping the juice. Inside it is necessary to install a basket with perforation, the tank from the washing machine will approach. It is necessary to arrange external stiffeners to set the basket in the center. When laying the pulp, gaskets are used to create uniform pressure on small portions of pulp. You can fill the cavity with filter envelopes laid flat. Under the metal basket from below, you need to install a wooden circle so that the pressure does not destroy the outer pan. For one cycle, within 5 minutes, the screw press will squeeze to, l juice.

A material capable of withstanding a high load during pressing can become a sack of sugar. You can use kapron lavsan stockings, polyester or a new cotton, linen fabric.

If there is no possibility to carve a screw pair, you can use a jack, which is in every household.

In a wooden structure between wooden frames stack bags of filter material. The mash is placed between the drainage frames, the juice flows into the pallet. It is clear that the textile is chosen strong to withstand the pressure of the press. In this apparatus there are no metal parts, the juice comes into contact only with wood. Therefore, you can not take resinous rocks, so as not to "flavor" the product. You need oak or beech bars. Planks for frames must withstand pressure, be thicker than 20 mm. The juice in this press is 70%.

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The structure of the press for squeezing juice, made by hand from a jack with a lower fixation is more complicated.

The screw part is needed from above only to fix the cover. The mobile support platform raises the tank on the sled upward. There is no limit to the fiction of the masters.

The wedge press is used for pressing the juice. The simplest device works on the principle of squeezing a bag with a mash, placed in a cone of boards. When the angle is narrowed, due to the sliding wedges, the plane of the boards tend to join, the bag is compressed, the juice flows down into the substituted vessel. At other times, goats are used for the preparation of firewood.

Principles of choosing a press for obtaining a portion of freshly squeezed juice

At home, for the production of a fresh product, the use of a press saves a lot of time, compared to a juicer. A simple device is easy to wash, it does not take a lot of storage space. On the basis of pressing, Maskot juicers of Turkish production work. The fruit is cut in half, loaded into the bowl and the output is clarified juice of pomegranate, orange or grapefruit. The frame of the press is cast-iron, coated with silver. Drums with a lever mechanism are used.

Pressing allows you to select all useful cellular substances, the juicer leaves half of it in the waste. The work of the press is always noiseless, in contrast to the annoying buzz of a juicer. The morning portion of freshly squeezed juice is obtained by the pressing method conveniently. Therefore, compact installations become kitchen appliances for everyday use.

Press for juice with your own hands - video

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