Scandinavian-style table: writing, dining, coffee, etc.

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Scandinavian style does not focus on the table. This furniture serves only as a functional addition to the northern interior. It should be practical, reliable and discreet so as not to attract undue attention to itself. But this does not mean at all that such furniture cannot be beautiful and original.


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  • Scandinavian style writing desk
  • Computer desk
  • Folding table
  • Scandinavian style dining table
  • Dressing table
  • Coffee table

Character traits

Of the important features of Scandinavian-style tables, one can single out:

  • natural materials - mainly wood, which can be supplemented with metal or stone;
  • restraint bordering on brutality, manifested in natural outlines and the absence of pretentious decorations;
  • functionality and practicality.

Such a table can be painted in the same colors that prevail in the interior. But the most attractive models usually delight the eye with their whiteness or the natural charm of the texture of light woods. Another sign of Scandinavian design is slight negligence. Artificial aging or angularity of forms can hint at it. The table may look like it has been whipped up or made from scrap materials. But even in this case, the furniture will attract attention with its convenience and reliability.

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Scandinavian style writing desk

This item will perfectly fit into the study - open, laconic and functional.


Thin metal or wooden legs can be vertical or angled.


And drawers, if any, are usually located under a lacquered or light-colored countertop.


Computer desk

The dimensions of this furniture directly depend on which storage systems the owner prefers. If floor-standing, then an elegant table can be combined with a massive cabinet.


Well, if wall-mounted, then the design of the furniture will be as simple as possible. Thin legs do not impede light and air circulation. True, they also do not hide the system unit.


Folding table

A real salvation for small apartments. Acquaintance with all the variants of this furniture deserves a separate article, so for now we will focus on only three of the most popular solutions. The first is a “book” that is well known to many residents of the CIS and does not need an additional description.


The second option is a transformer with a folding tabletop. When folded, it fits very harmoniously into any free corner.


Well, the third solution that attracts attention with its originality. The countertop can be disguised as a wall cabinet door, which, in turn, does an excellent job of storing small items.


Scandinavian style dining table

Round or square, this piece of furniture also stands out for its simplicity.


The kitchen table usually attracts attention with a slight brutality, manifested in the minimum processing of wood and straight lines.


But this does not mean at all that it cannot be given grace. The most effective way is to choose a model with a smooth curvature of the legs.


Dressing table

A not too large mirror of a simple shape does not abhor the Scandinavian style, so it is rarely hidden under a lid.


The table itself is always devoid of pretentiousness. Its design features straight lines and a minimum of drawers.


If a lady needs more space for storing beauty products, you should pay attention to larger furniture. The structure placed along the wall will still look almost weightless.


Coffee table

Another embodiment of functionality.


The classic simplicity of forms is perfectly combined with practicality. Located in the living room, this table does an excellent job of storing magazines, remotes and other gizmos, without which a pleasant leisure time is unthinkable.


The same furniture can become a worthy decoration of the room.


However, it should be remembered that the contours of the countertop should be as simple as possible. The rule should not be broken, even if the design is dictated by nature itself.

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