Minimalistic white and wood kitchen with wood center

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Modern kitchens are certainly inferior to the classics in some ways. They do not have such a wealth of decorative elements, pompous portals, columns and hoods. Someone may and would like to purchase representative and pompous furniture, but does not have a sufficient number of square meters.

Made in the company  Kashira Yard,
G. Podolsk

Modern white and wood kitchen with wood center

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Fortunately, minimalism can also be interesting, but in its own way - a combination of textures and materials, multi-level facades. We got just such a set: two types of wood (light and dark, glossy and matte, with and without a visible pattern of the breed) and facades of different depths with mezzanines protruding forward. All this attracts attention and causes the most pleasant emotions.

Our corner furniture has a clear focus. These are white fronts at the top and bottom of the headset. They are framed by a dark brown pencil case for household appliances and a built-in refrigerator on one side and the same side panel on the opposite.

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Worktop and wall panel Bunratty Oak

The bar counter acts as the third side of the overall structure, serves as a dining table and separates the kitchen space from the living area. A small bottle-holder was made under the bar. It is inconvenient to use a locker in this place, but an open shelf fits here much more.

The kitchen was bought with a discount and cost us 218,409 rubles. Its dimensions are 240 * 240 cm, plus a bar counter is 180 cm. Facades are made of MDF, plastic on top (Arpa collection). The set is two-tone - white gloss and dark wood with clear light veins.

Modern white and wood kitchen with wood center

There is also one shelf with black glass on the side. It harmonizes well with the black glass of the oven and hood. Table top and wall panel made of MDF, plastic top, color Bunratti Oak. The warm yellow color of real oak with small dark cracks and knots sets off well the white plastic facades. The distance between the bar counter and the rest of the furniture was chosen very well - it is convenient to move around, but at the same time everything is at hand.

Worktop and wall panel Bunratty Oak

Our kitchen turned out to be light (despite some of the dark facades) and very cozy.

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