Gray loft-style kitchen with a brick wall in the apron area

We are a young couple who recently moved to a new building. I wanted to find such a solution in the loft style to get a modern and stylish kitchen, but not for all the money in the world (i.e. because the budget is limited).

The kitchen is made in the company:

Art Furniture

G. Novosibirsk

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Gray loft-style kitchen

The headset cost $ 115,000. rubles (with delivery and installation). Our kitchen is a trendy, minimalistic option that emphasizes the individual style of the owners. Several original ideas are embodied in the interior, which arouse the constant admiration of the guests.

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One of the hallmarks of the loft style is the brick wall. But in our case, the brick surface was placed in the apron area. And simple matte facades immediately acquired a special expressiveness. The rough contrasting finish is the perfect backdrop for the interesting textured texture of the furniture sections.

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Hob at the entrance

Gray is another feature of the industrial direction. The light gray shade of concrete with a textured surface is much better than the gloss we are used to. Light and dark tones together with multilevel upper facades - all this creates a non-trivial setting.

MDF facades covered with PVC film Areal

The dark fridge made of gray matte plastic is in harmony with the dark fronts and sink. The hob is on the side (at the entrance), and not in the center of the headset, as everyone is used to. We will soon be installing an elegant recirculation hood above it. And in the upper row of cabinets there is now much more space, without thick duct boxes.

Hob at the entrance

The furniture body is made of laminated chipboard, produced by Tomlesdrev. MDF facades covered with Areal PVC film. Their peculiarity lies in the upper layer of Soft-touch, which is pleasant and velvety to the touch. Surfaces are super matte, do not scratch or fade in the sun. The textured surface is a popular and trendy novelty that can transform any interior into a special and elegant one. Profile handles look great in a laconic loft kitchen.

body made of laminated chipboard, manufactured by Tomlesdrev

The upper fronts are lowered by 10 mm for ease of opening, and push to open mechanisms are installed in the upper mezzanines. In the middle row - Boyard gas lifts. Each drawer is equipped with a round silicone plug that prevents it from popping when closed. All door hinges with soft close. The dish drainer and the bottle holder in the lower tier are also from Boyard, as are the guides for concealed drawers with door closers.

MDF facades covered with PVC film Areal

We have lighting under the lower edge of the upper facades. Above is a series of metal lamps that can vary their direction, changing accent areas. Artificial lighting is important for a loft. The rough finish of the wall only reveals itself from the play of shadow and light. Diverse and multi-level light creates interesting locations, especially in the evening. And thanks to them, the headset looks very cool in the evening.

Ceiling lighting

Parts of the Skif plastic tabletop have a connecting strip at the joints. Albico stone sink with strict straight lines. It is darker than the countertop, closer in color to dark facades.

Laconic elegance, not overloaded with details - exactly what we needed!

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