Classic brown baroque kitchen

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I like the elegant baroque style very much. Kitchens look solemn, luxurious and expensive. And if we can afford it, then why not create such beauty at home? Such an interior presupposes expensive materials: facades, countertops, flooring. And all this is fully realized in the majestic design of our interior.

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G. Moscow

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Brown and gold kitchen

The combination of gold on a dark background is the most advantageous. The gilded decor in the form of openwork patterns and curls contrasts against the solid wood background and immediately attracts attention. Gold stucco molding is a visiting card of the style, very smooth, without sharp corners. All decorative details are worked out to the smallest detail.

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Classic portal

The set is angular, there is a built-in refrigerator in a high case. It merged as much as possible with the general atmosphere of the room. An apron made of small bricks adequately complemented the overall picture, setting off the luxurious wooden surfaces with its whiteness.

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Blum fittings

All kitchen utensils are stowed away. Outside - only exquisite decor. For this, Blum multifunctional sliding drawers and fittings with modern movement systems were used. Therefore, all our wardrobes are practical and beautiful at the same time. The oven and hob are framed by the bottle holders.

Chipboard body Russian laminate. Domestic products are in no way inferior to their foreign counterparts, and the color of the case is almost completely consistent with the solid wood. Baroque assumes only exclusive materials, therefore our facades are made of solid, deep shade of brown wood. Solid wood with golden elements looks as elegant as possible.

Baroque kitchen

The table top is made of plastic. Imitation of natural stone turned out to be very appropriate in an expensive classic interior. The table top is not installed at a right angle, but with a bevel, so that there is more free space for the integrated sink.

Brown and gold kitchen

The portal, decorated with stucco moldings with a pattern, turned out to be very expressive. It makes the whole interior even more solemn, at the same time being a place for a hood and another storage system.

Classic portal

Next to the portal there are showcases with translucent doors and an openwork pattern. Ornamental ceramic tiles are used as flooring. It imitates natural stone and the entire furniture set looks especially good against its glossy background.

Baroque kitchen

Our interior is bright and elegant and makes an incredible impression on everyone.

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