White straight classic kitchen with black countertop and apron

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White and black kitchen is a contrasting and stylish option at the same time. No wonder everyone loves this combination of colors. The design easily allows you to fit into the interior such common black glass surfaces as the hob, oven and microwave.

The kitchen is made in the company:

Dynasty Kitchen Factory

G. Tyumen

More about the company

The style of our kitchen, worth $ 217,000 rubles can be called a modern classic - milling on white MDF facades covered with paint; minimum decor; symmetrical arrangement; luxurious chandelier on the ceiling and patterned glass doors. White and black colors are saturated on their own and an overabundance of details will only ruin everything. The light palette predominates, so the setting looks clear and harmonious.

White MDF kitchen with black aprons

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An interesting solution is the narrow cabinets under the hob. It is, as it were, a stylized hearth - the center of the entire composition of the classical style. Narrow shelves replaced the columns, the cabinet above the hood - the fireplace.

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Separately, in a small niche, we placed all the appliances - built-in refrigerator, oven and microwave. It turned out to be a large two-section cabinet, in which there is also room for dishes.

White wardrobe with built-in appliances

The white facades were diluted with a black stone countertop and a dark brown tiled apron. They are a kind of border between the cabinets, and also clearly outline the work area. It is also an incredibly practical option - the most easily soiled and stained dark places. A black horizontal stripe on a white background visually lengthened the room and it began to appear a little wider. The white floor and ceiling have added height.

White MDF kitchen with black aprons

Near the other wall is a cupboard with frosted glass doors. It is an unfading classic - carved curved legs, columns on the sides, floral ornament on the glass. An air conditioner fits into the remaining space above the sideboard and it does not seem like a foreign body at all.

Tall sideboard with frosted glass

All the fittings inside the cabinets are from the Austrian company Blum, the handles on the facades are Italian.

What does it mean to arrange furniture according to Feng Shui?

The stove (the main element of the kitchen) should not be in the corner


Refusal from mirrors and height differences


Harmony of balance, soothing shades, purity


Put the refrigerator next to the TV)))


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