Budget black and white kitchen with high gloss Albico panels

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A budget kitchen with plastic fronts can also be attractive. In our case, for 105 thousand. rubles we got a rather unusual interior. The main element of the decor is a floral apron with an image of orchids, a plinth with a Greek ornament and a contrasting strip (top and bottom). The whole interior can be called calm, and these elements are the most striking and eye-catching.

The kitchen is made in the company IP Korotkov,
G. Nizhny Novgorod

Black and white kitchen with Albico panels

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The strip visually transformed the interior - the longitudinal stripes slightly enlarged the room. The upper and lower fronts are clearly separated, and contrasting blotches have become a decoration of the cabinets.

Metal railing

The furniture body is made of laminated chipboard, the facades and the working wall are from the Albico company. These are high gloss MDF sandwich panels with some 3D effect, resistant to scratches, abrasion, high temperatures, sunlight and chemicals. The thickness of the panels in the cabinet is 16 mm, the apron is 6 mm. The orchids are digitally printed and covered with acrylic lacquer for a glass effect.

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Light tabletop from the Skif company

The edge of the facade is beveled. Below is a cabinet at an angle, on top is an open shelf. Thus, the furniture does not interfere with the passage to the kitchen. In the corner, from the wall to the burner, we have a metal rail. With its help, the small kitchen space (10.5 sq m) has become much more functional.

Metal railing

Light plastic tabletop of the Skif company. It is based on chipboard of increased moisture resistance with postforming. The material is resistant to all types of thermal and chemical influences.

Light tabletop from the Skif company
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