Classic solid wood kitchen with island in a country house

We are all accustomed to a certain standard of kitchens - upper and lower sections, and between them a countertop that acts as a work surface. But there are other, special headsets - a solid column case, which is a beautiful glass sideboard and an island in the middle that serves as a dining table. Such furniture can decorate any, even a small room (from 15 sq. m).

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Classic Italian solid wood cuisine

This is exactly how our kitchen with an island turned out, installed in a country house in the Leningrad region. She instantly attracts attention, primarily with her unusual design. The set, made of natural solid wood, turned out to be very beautiful and solemn.

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Classic solid wood headset

All furniture is located almost near one wall and thus a lot of free space was saved in the room. The best decorative elements of the classic interior - a carved cornice and pediment, side pilasters with rosettes and a lower plinth - are installed on the Italian carved frame facades made of solid wood.

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Classic Italian solid wood cuisine

At the same time, pilasters are also multifunctional - pull-out columns, connected to each other, hide 6-level cargo shelves. They are fitted with full extension runners with door closers, all from Blum.

Pilasters with pull-out cargo shelves

Surprisingly, a large pencil case consists of only 5 column sections, but it contains almost everything: built-in refrigerator, oven and microwave, three-door glass sideboard and many more spacious cabinets. This design greatly facilitates the task of storing items, bringing a peculiar flavor to the interior.

Classic pencil case on the whole wall

And a gold brass sink with the same figured tap and a hob are located on a spacious island. Additionally, it can act as a dining table. For this, there is a small recess for chairs on the opposite side of the island.

Brass sink and faucet

The island's countertop is made of quartz agglomerate. Its glossy black surface is in harmony with built-in appliances and tiled squares on the floor. The combination of black, gold and brown emphasizes a sense of well-being, reliability and stability in the interior.

Black Quartz Agglomerate Countertop

All fittings are made by Blum from Austria. These mechanisms made the furniture sections comfortable, beautiful and reliable. It is not without reason that the guarantee for all products is up to 25 years.

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