Practical bachelor's kitchen on an area of ​​9.3 sq.

A small room requires a thoughtful approach that takes into account many points. That's why renovation of a small kitchen Is a task that is not easy to solve. To increase the free space, every centimeter of the area should be used. You can contact the designers or plan yourself.

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Kitchen with window

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The original version of the room was a minimal set of furniture and equipment for a bachelor. However, as the work progressed, the plan changed, significant adjustments were made to it. The ideal solution for the kitchen space is when it combines what is theoretically impossible to combine: with minimal investment get maximum functionality, and in a small area, place a sufficient area where products will be stored, a comfortable place for cooking and food intake.

Kitchen plan


It is worth thinking about where the furniture will be purchased in advance and choosing a reliable, time-tested manufacturer.

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Kitchen countertop

Kitchen furniture is made in white and unusual style. They managed to combine modern mechanisms and classical forms in it. The main idea of ​​the installed headset is a comfortable and spacious area for cooking, a minimum amount of open space combined with a storage system.

Kitchen furniture

The choice has been made. The designer suggested the correct arrangement so that the kitchen was closer to the masculine theme. The gas meter was originally planned to be moved under the sink. The headset contains: drawers, a grid for drying dishes, compartments for spices, compartments for household chemicals, roll-out shelves-baskets. All retractable, opening mechanisms are equipped with door closers.

White kitchen

It should be noted right away that the design of the room was thought out competently, with the allocation of space for the cat. His bowls and drinkers are housed in a corner that has been specially designated for this. Here they do not interfere with the passage and movement in the kitchen. In an open niche, a basket was placed where bread is stored.

Color selection

Tile, wallpaper and floor were matched to the white set. As a result, the main tone was chosen to be warm to make the room look soft and cozy. Since the kitchen had a balcony, a combination of white and beige was chosen.

Pull-out wardrobe


Natural ash parquet was chosen for the floor to match the solid wood furniture. The material is not glossy, it is made with a three-layer impregnation. It does not scratch, looks natural and is pleasant to the touch when walking barefoot.

Pull-out shelf

Initially, the renovation in the kitchen was planned in an economical mode. Therefore, wall decoration is inexpensive, made from wallpaper purchased in Ukraine. The walls are decorated in neutral beige tones. The cost of three rolls of wallpaper was $ 30.


Laying tiles was carried out in three stages with a frequency of a day. To create a working wall or apron, not standard tiles were used, but floor tiles, which successfully combined the desired size and affordable price. A similar idea was proposed in the tile salon, and it was implemented in this kitchen.

Kitchen apron
Pull-out shelves


For the ceiling, only white paint was needed. The perimeter of the ceiling is not decorated with baguettes, since the design of the apartment as a whole does not imply the presence of a ceiling edging of such a plan. The indoor light was purchased at a sale. Therefore, the chandelier does not match the overall style a little, but the light characteristics are excellent. The cost of purchasing these items and finishing materials is minimal.

Comfortable men's white kitchen on an area of ​​9.3 m < sup> 2 </sup>

During the finishing work in the kitchen, household appliances were purchased. In this case, the "family salon" helped with the selection of equipment. As a result, an oven in the color of the headset was installed in the kitchen, as well as a stainless steel metal panel.



The sink for the kitchen was chosen taking into account practicality, because the shade distinguishes it from the general interior. The color scheme for the kitchen sink turned out to match the countertop. The texture of the sink makes it easy to care for the product.



A cooker hood is also part of the kitchen furniture, so you do not need to purchase it additionally. The device has been slightly upgraded. LED lights were installed inside the hood to illuminate the surface where food is prepared. The only thing that has not been changed is the refrigerator. This model is of high quality, durable.



The cooking and storage area is ready. It remains to transform the area where food will be taken, i.e. table. It was decided not to change the chairs. It was assumed that not only dinners would be held at the table, but also work at the laptop. For these purposes, a large "self-saw" table was purchased in the store. At this stage, there will be just such a model in the kitchen, later it is planned to purchase a dining group to match the headset and to the general style of the room.

Kitchen table

A bracket was fixed in the wall above the dining table, on which the TV was placed.

During repairs, do not forget about the power supply of electrical appliances. The sockets are located on the apron. In the future, it is planned to highlight the working area and the base with tuning in the form led backlight. At this stage, the kitchen is well lit, for the light of the combination of white and beige tones, the room is bright and cozy. It is pleasant to cook here, eat and invite friends.

Kitchen cabinets
Pull-out shelves
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