Kitchen sink: selection rules, types of materials, installation

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For a good housewife, one of the most important parts in the house is the kitchen sink. It is not only about practical calculation and comfort, but also about aesthetic views. But how to choose a sink for the kitchen so that it fits perfectly in all respects? We will tell you about what kitchen sinks are, and making the final choice is up to you.

Kitchen sink

How to choose a kitchen sink?

Choosing a sink is a difficult and responsible decision that everyone needs to make at least once in their life. There are several criteria by which they are divided, hence the various types of kitchen sinks appear. In order to make the right decision, it is important to pay attention to your needs. Look at your family's eating habits, cleaning, cooking, and so on. Everything that revolves around the kitchen sink in everyday life is important to notice and draw conclusions.


Obviously, dropping all your individual requirements, we will still get about the same result for every housewife. The sink for the kitchen should be spacious and roomy, so that there is enough space not only for cups and plates, but also for large kitchen utensils: pots, pans, baking sheets. The material for the manufacture of a sink must be durable, resistant to temperature extremes and aggressive effects of household chemicals. In addition to all of the above, the sink should be easy to handle, stylish, fit with the interior, and the price should not bite too hard.

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If we take a closer look at the functionality, we will see that there are sinks with a different number of bowls. The one-bowl sink seems to be the most familiar. But with a large family, or if you just cook a lot and often, then the most optional solution would be a sink with two bowls. It is convenient to wash dishes with it at the same time, and in another bowl, for example, to defrost vegetables, berries or fish. There are also options with three bowls, but they are quite difficult to install, and for them you need to buy a retractable faucet.

Size and capacity

There are both familiar shapes and sizes, as well as completely bizarre options that are the embodiment of the most insane design ideas. Classic types of sinks for the kitchen:

  1. Square. Convenient and spacious for any dishes. This option is the most familiar of all, but at the same time, the design is also the most diverse. The differences are manifested in design, size, functionality.
  2. Rectangular. They are also comfortable and roomy. Suitable for narrow countertops, this is a timeless classic and the right solution.
  3. Round or oval. Usually they are 45-50 centimeters in diameter. This option is much easier to clean due to the lack of corners and seams. It is also much more spacious than rectangular and square options, but the possibility of adding additional sections is excluded here.
  4. Triangular (angular). Not the most common option, but the most suitable for a small kitchen, where there is a task to save work space. There can be one bowl, or two can be used, which will be located at an angle.
  5. Pentagonal and hexagonal. The shape is unusual, it looks modern, it looks like this due to the wings on the sides. The wings increase the working area, are used as a chopping house, and can also accommodate washed small kitchen utensils. This option is convenient and very spacious, suitable for large kitchens.

Important to remember:

  • The optimal bowl depth is 15–20 centimeters. A sink that is not deep enough will spray water, and to wash something too deep, you have to bend over.
  • From the wall, as well as from the edge of the cabinet to the sides of the bowl, the distance should be at least 5 centimeters.
  • The size of the sink must always be related to the size of not only the countertop, but the room as a whole. For a large kitchen, a large, complex-shaped sink with wings is suitable, and for a small kitchen, a compact but roomy corner or round model will be the best option.


When choosing a sink, it is necessary to take into account the overall design of the kitchen. That is why you should first arrange the room, and only then choose a suitable sink. A sink that complements the kitchen looks beneficial. For decoration in the style of the classics, timeless ceramic models or fashionable ones made of artificial stone are suitable. Stainless steel should be present in a modern style or an unusual solution like composite stone. For a retro or country style kitchen, a bronze or brass sink is the perfect solution.

There are also many accessories for kitchen sinks. This can be a chopper for products that have fallen into the drain, an additional tap with plain water or drinking water. (a special filter is installed for cleaning), a colander for the second bowl, a cutting board, a dryer and much other.

Types of materials

Kitchen sinks have different characteristics, they are divided according to production materials. Basic types:

Stainless steel

Approximate price: from 800 rubles, the more decent options are in the range of 2-5 thousand rubles. Nickel and chromium are added to high-quality alloys, this protects the material from rust. Such sinks are considered the best-selling, perfectly fit almost any interior, are inexpensive, and are resistant to damage. They do, however, have a reputation for being the loudest. To avoid this, you can install a special interlayer with a noise absorption effect. They are available with a matte, glossy or slightly rough surface. On the latter, scratches are not so noticeable, but it will hit the pocket harder.

Stainless steel sink

A natural stone

Approximate price: 15-50 thousand rubles. They are made from natural materials: marble and granite. The design is always unique, hence the high price. The sink requires special care, but with proper use will last a long time. It is shockproof, absorbs the sound of pouring water, and is resistant to mechanical stress.

Natural stone sink


Approximate price: from 7.5 thousand rubles, the main models are sold for 10-35 thousand rubles. Looks very stylish, fits into various interiors. Such sinks are resistant to surface damage, are not afraid of aggressive detergents, temperature extremes, and scratches. They are also easy to look after. However, although they are heavy, rather fragile, they are not impact-resistant; you can easily chip off the enamel by dropping a frying pan into the sink.

Ceramic sink

Composite material

Approximate price: from 7 thousand rubles, most models cost 9-30 thousand rubles. This option consists of fine stone chips and a polymer that binds the components together. These sinks perfectly absorb sound, do not deteriorate from exposure to temperatures, last a long time, and require minimal maintenance. Unfortunately, they are heavy and expensive.

Composite sink

Types of kitchen sink installation

Models are also classified according to the method of installation:

Cut-in type

Most popular option among buyers. Slots are made in the countertop, where the sink is inserted, everything is sealed and reliable. It is convenient to use, because it is possible to choose a tabletop from any material, to make a cutout of any shape in it.

Overhead type

Easy to install by hand, without the help of specialists. In order to place the sink in the kitchen, a special cabinet is bought, usually slightly less in height than the countertop. A convenient option if separate pieces of furniture are used to decorate the kitchen. Among the disadvantages: water can seep between the cabinet and the tabletop, since the tightness of this type leaves much to be desired.

Integrated type

The rarest type sinks due to the complexity of installation and the high cost of the process. For mounting, special fasteners above the surface or additional cabinets are not used, and the sink simply cuts into the material, forming a single whole with the countertop. Such a model looks advantageous when combined with a plastic countertop or made of natural and artificial stone, but does not suit wooden options.

Under-table type

This model is easy to use, makes the tabletop stand out, emphasizes its uniqueness. For the manufacture, they take the same materials as for the integrated type sink. Such a sink is installed below the level of the countertop, hence the name of the type.

Popular manufacturers

It is quite difficult to buy a kitchen sink when it comes to a painful choice among different models, shapes, sizes, types of material and installation. And there was a solution to this problem. Before going to a major plumbing store, check all the available options on the sites. The catalogs contain photos and detailed descriptions of models, their advantages and disadvantages.

In Moscow, there is a huge number of plumbing stores, where products from manufacturers from all over the world are presented. It is better to choose a large company, so it will turn out to be of high quality and not too expensive. There are Japanese-made sinks: cheap, but not of a different quality, these will not last long.

In Moscow plumbing stores, European brands, well-known for their high quality, are most often found. Among the producers are Italy, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. The following brands are popular on the market: Blanco, Smeg, Alveus, Villeroy & Boch, Franke, TEKA, Ukinox, Foster, Polygran, Longran. These brands have been tested by time and experience of buyers around the world.

Before buying a kitchen sink, carefully consider all the features, make a plan, take into account personal wishes and requests. Happy acquisition!

Photo: options for kitchen sinks 

Kitchen sinks
Kitchen sinks
Kitchen sinks
Kitchen sinks
Kitchen sinks
Kitchen sinks
Kitchen sinks
Kitchen sinks
Kitchen sinks
Kitchen sinks
Kitchen sinks
Kitchen sinks



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