Kitchen tables and chairs for a small kitchen: selection rules

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At first glance, a small kitchen seems inconvenient - the usual furniture and set will not fit here. But with the right approach, even in a tiny kitchenette, you can create a comfortable eating area and leave enough space for free movement. The range of furniture models is noticeably narrowing with a small area, but still there is a choice. Designers offer kitchen tables and chairs for a small kitchen in a large assortment.

An ordinary rectangular dining table for a small area will not work, you need to look for a compact but roomy option. A convenient and cheap option would be a round tabletop, but there are more interesting solutions.

Interior of small kitchens

Transforming tables

A transforming table is the most convenient solution for a small kitchen. When assembled, the tabletop takes up very little space, and if necessary, it can be expanded in a couple of minutes. Such designs can grow up to two and a half times. They come in round, oval, rectangular, and square shapes. It can move apart to the sides, increasing the width, or additional shelves can be pulled out. This model looks like a kitchen table, a sideboard for a small kitchen, and then turns into a large dining table. There are also models in which you can change the height. The disadvantages of such a countertop include its price, it is much higher than for conventional models.

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In Moscow, you can easily buy a transforming table in a furniture store, but do not look for cheap models, they may use unreliable mechanisms.

Folding tables for the kitchen are the best solution for a small area. In addition, there are models with folding chairs included, which saves even more space.

Folding table

A folding kitchen table for a small kitchen will save space and not sacrifice comfort while eating. It is installed against the wall: the tabletop is fixed to the wall with clamps. As a result, it can be folded when space is needed and unfolded for lunch. A folding kitchen table for a small kitchen will perfectly fit into any design. The fold-down tabletop is sized to accommodate a maximum of 7 people and is inexpensive.

Folding table

Extendable tables for a small kitchen

A pull-out table is a great solution for a small kitchen and a family of two. The tabletop in this case slides out of the kitchen drawer, so its dimensions are small - only two people can fit. The advantage of such a model is that it absolutely does not take up space, and the extension of the table takes a couple of seconds. The disadvantages include small capacity and the inability to move it to another place.

Bar counter

The bar counter will not only save space, but also become a stylish decor element. The bar counter can be with built-in drawers in which you can store kitchen utensils. Or there are models without drawers, in which case chairs can be placed under the surface of the counter, which will also save space. In studio apartments, the rack can serve as a separator between the kitchen and living room areas.

Window sill table

The windowsill in the kitchen is usually not used in any way, only pots of flowers can stand on it. But the designers offer an original solution - to use the window sill as a table top. By expanding the window sill, you can get a dining tabletop that is illuminated by natural light and allows you to watch the events on the street. This option is quite convenient and inexpensive.

How to choose and what to look for

Small kitchen tables for a small kitchen are presented in a large assortment. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs. Corner and round kitchen tables for a small kitchen are considered the best options. To visually expand the space, it is worth choosing glass models. Furniture in light shades is also suitable: white, beige, gray, milk.

When choosing a size, it is worth considering the number of family members. For two people, the best option would be a corner model, which takes up very little space. If the family is large or there are often guests, then it is better to give preference to a transforming tabletop.

The choice of chairs also needs to be approached responsibly, because some models can take up a lot of space. Among the compact options, stools take pride of place. Today, stools not only take up little space, but can also be of an original and comfortable design. You can purchase models with a soft seat, the main thing is that the upholstery is of high quality and can be cleaned. One of the main advantages of stools is the price, which allows you to often replace this piece of furniture at will. The small size allows you to put the stools under the table, which is very convenient.

Video: the best interiors of small kitchens with suitable furniture to save space

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