Round sliding table in the kitchen: overview, pros and cons

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When planning the interior of the kitchen, special attention is paid to the dining table - the central place in the room. They come in shape: round, rectangular, square, oval. And also sliding, folding, on one leg or more, transformers.

Round table for kitchen sliding

Kitchen tables must meet the following parameters:

  1. Different sizes for kitchen areas.
  2. Any configurations: oval, round, rectangular.
  3. Aesthetics, the ability to fit into any environment.
  4. Increased performance properties.

Advantages and disadvantages, choice of form

Oval and round kitchen models are better than sharp corners. They are safer, have more seating, but require more space. Square and rectangular - save space, as well as semicircular with one straight side.

Oval table in a small kitchen

Sliding - practical in terms of transformation. They easily transform from an assembled table into a large reception table.

Sliding oval kitchen table

Rectangular - the classic version. There are types: sliding, folding, on wheels and transforming tables.

Rectangular table in a small kitchen

Square models with a side size of 90 cm are convenient for a family of parents and two children.

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Round without sharp corners are safe for small children. But you can't push them up to a straight wall. Oval ones are also safe and practical for a large family and a spacious kitchen.

Table sizes

The table should be functional and roomy for the whole family. The dimensions are related to its shape. According to the calculations of specialists, an area of ​​60x40 cm is enough for one person.

Small kitchen table with serving

Width - 85 cm - this is the minimum, the length depends on the composition of the family and the number of guests, space, and also how often feasts are held. Rectangular model: the most convenient is 150x90 cm for a traditional family, and for 8 people, respectively, the size is 200x110 cm.

Distance between the table to furniture in a small kitchen

A round table for four people is optimal with a diameter of 110 cm, for six - 130 cm. The passage from the table to the furniture must be at least one meter.

Round sliding tables for a small kitchen

Not all models are suitable for a small kitchen. Most often used in the interior are semicircular shapes with a straight side, and a round of small diameter fits perfectly into a small space.

Semicircular sliding table in a small kitchen

Another option is folding models or countertops, which are attached with one side to the wall, window sill and are folded. If necessary, they unfold with a support leg or stand.

Convertible tables with different types of sliding mechanisms are a good idea for small kitchen spaces. This option is more expensive than others. It allows you to turn a neat side table or small table into a solid large table for a celebration with a large number of guests in a matter of minutes.

Convertible table in the kitchen

A bar counter is used, which plays the role of a dining surface in a studio apartment, where the kitchen and the room are combined. There are roll-out tabletops - this is the surface of a folding table that is pulled out of the cabinet. This option is made to order and reduces the internal dimensions of the cabinet, in which the tabletop is hidden when assembled.

Roll-out table in the kitchen

Suitable for kitchen countertops in the form of a shelf. The disadvantage is that large plates cannot be placed. A drawer is when the table surface is located instead of the headset drawer. It slides out and out easily. The disadvantage is the lack of mobility, it cannot be rearranged.

Sill table in the kitchen

And also the space of the window sill is equipped.

Choice of material and legs

The material is taken as follows:

  1. Wood. Solid and durable material. The pattern and texture depend on the wood species.
  2. Rattan is the dried stems of colamus or rattan. Lightweight and durable material.
  3. Glass. They use hardened triplex, which is particularly durable.
  4. Laminated chipboard is a short-lived and cheap material.
  5. Veneered MDF is one of the most durable materials.
  6. Stone. Products made of stone are durable, with a long service life, resistant to mechanical shock and moisture.
Round table and chairs in a small kitchen

The colors of the tables may vary depending on the interior. To create a cozy and inviting environment, light warm colors are preferable. The color can be combined with the color of furniture and interior, or be a bright accent with the same decor details, creating a composition. Chairs in this case are chosen a little lighter or darker than the table top.

Small table in a white kitchen

For a white kitchen, if you want to keep the freshness and purity of color, it is appropriate to choose models of cream, milk or cream color. To prevent the interior from becoming sterile, you can add bright accessories. The color opposite to the interior will emphasize the extravagance.

For example, choose a black stone or glass table for a white kitchen. Or a dark headset will suit a white one. Decor can be tied to the color: curtains, lamps, chandeliers, chairs, artificial or natural flowers, vases, figurines.

Black table in white kitchen

If you can't find the model you need in color, then a wide selection of tablecloths will save the day. It is important to create a mood and a cozy atmosphere. Table legs are chosen as an addition to a beautiful and stylish interior.

Round table on one leg in the kitchen

Wooden legs are called traditional: carved, single, in the form of a paw and a central support. The legs are made of aluminum, steel, chrome-plated. With the help of the legs, you can turn an ordinary table into an exquisite decorative element, an antique or an exclusive.

Round table in the kitchen

Types of mechanisms of folding models

Glass transformers have a sliding mechanism, in which the table top is lifted with the help of the legs and the side sections are extended. Height is adjustable.

Folding round tables mechanisms

The book model is a bedside table, the sides of which rise, and the legs in the form of spacers extend. The assembled sliding table consists of two halves, which diverge to the sides at the right time, and the central part is inserted into the middle, which is located in a niche under the lid.

Folding round tables mechanisms

There are also models with a swivel mechanism. To open them, you must first turn the tabletop, and then open it like a book.

Folding round tables mechanisms


From the variety of tables for kitchens, you can always choose a model that is suitable in size, color and shape, which will be combined with the overall interior design. For small rooms, this is also not difficult.

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