Mica microwave

Why interfere with microwave networks Wi-Fi, cellular phones, computers. Some of the devices belonging to these families are working on the same frequency of 2.4 GHz. Ordinary water absorbed, mica (specific tissue-insulator) microwave range is conversely window. Therefore, materials based on natural crystal intended to serve as working compartment isolated from the waveguide magnetron antenna.

frequency bands

Speech on the frequency bands naturally raises the question, why it is impossible to construct the microwave, do not interfere with your home network. There are concepts of "cold war", "national security". Under the guise of two terms, the government picks up the best. Mica, magnetrons, frequency.

Mica for microwave

The assertion may seem absurd. At the Department of Communications Private enterprise is aware: work is permitted at certain frequencies, for some you have to pay to the state, the transmitter power does not exceed the values.

Satellite broadcasting is at a frequency that is transparent atmosphere, such a little bit. Similarly, the military take areas in which better link passes through rain, fog and clouds. A number of specific factors influence. Hams allocated three narrow RF broadcast interval.

An appliance, including microwave, permitted uses frequency 2.4 GHz portion where operate in parallel:

  • bluetooth;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • mobile phones.

The range got a buyer reward: not suitable to the needs of war, other important purposes. 2.4 GHz signal frequency shock is absorbed by the water, but in the case of consumer microwave ovens only wins, what will not say owners of mobile phones.

More water absorption, quickly warmed up microwave meals, made up of water by 50 percent or more. To break through the wall of rain, have to pay higher power transmitters.

In addition to the excitement with the energy savings comes up health factor. If microwave oven capable of roast chicken 2.4GHz what to expect from the transmitter permanently placed in the proximity to the ear. Right! Therefore, the power of mobile devices is limited, it is impossible to increase indefinitely. Going rain relationship deteriorates, there is no way to fix the situation.

Mom's buying a baby monitor, know that the minimum distance from the child's limited to one meter. It made for the relative safety of the baby from the effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Mica in the microwave

We know what mica microwave.

why mica

Mica - dielectric material through which radio waves pass easily. Natural mineral species are as follows:

  • sheet;
  • powder;
  • intumescent.

At least that is classified mica Wikipedia. The ideal variant insulation microwave. Natural mica varieties easily crumble. Compensating for the obvious fact, a mineral deposited on a flexible basis. Obtained substance resembling geotextiles, more thin (0.4 - 0.5 mm). Mica microwave. Sometimes gray, white, indeterminate color.

The conversation frequency ranges affected purpose. Casual mentioned above: mica transmits radiation of frequency 2.4 GHz, because the microwave is applied.

Why mica, which is

Every owner of a microwave oven knows inside installed a magnetron. Generator microwave oscillation used by terrestrial military radars. However, other ranges - absorbs moisture to a lesser extent.

The magnetron is connected to the chamber via a waveguide, the output of which covers mica microwave ovens. Detail is as dense tissue, blotter. Was chosen the right wall: the center or bottom. your finger presses the surface - hiding hole of a rectangular waveguide. Color mica microwave solid, the surface is clean.


Why isolate the waveguide from the microwave workspace. Inside the device high voltage (2 kV, so it is dangerous to make full disassembly). waveguide walls are maintained perfectly clean, otherwise will decrease efficiency, begin turbulent oxidation processes. In common parlance it is called the effect of fire, good microwave promises. Appointment mica microwave - to protect the waveguide from contamination.

Plastic lid to cover the dish. Avoid constantly leave aside from the heating of food. Contact fat mica causes electrical breakdown due to violation of the electric current propagation conditions. Tissue occurs burnout, are replacing the damaged piece.

Simultaneously with the mica plate burn cap magnetron. You grope finger, next to discover the source of electromagnetic waves that heat the food. Prior to the experiments the microwave, you must first turn off. You can find: a plate burned paint. They argue in this regard that neither paint nor burnt cap adequate operation of the device does not interfere. Not yet burned down the magnetron antenna.

Time to replace mica

The first sign of breakage occurred - a terrible crash at startup. Inside the microwave light show begins. Visible electrical arc in the vicinity of the mica plates. Visually, when the power is off there is a slight brown spots. Oval with a side of 6 mm will cause misbehavior microwave.

The reason is due to contamination of surface phenomena mica pads fat. THE HEATING pairs food brings aromatic molecules, gradually infiltrating the tissue. Over time, the breakdown occurs, visually looking real lightning inside a microwave parallel cracking unit.

It is enough to replace the item. Gameday ask the question - what to replace. We offer to put the problem from a different angle - why invent, if you can buy a microwave for mica.

Gooders offering cut replacement mica strip of CD box, the transparent part. Should work for a long time. Why is the method worthless. Body Rospotrebnadzor. Established to monitor the quality of finished products in circulation in the territory of the Russian Federation. Products that come in contact with a person, and therefore mica pad, fall under the jurisdiction.

The power of the microwave products do not have to get phenol, formaldehyde, and other harmful substances. Detail, magnetron or mica plate, are made so as not to harm health. And it is at elevated temperatures. A bank for the discs. It is made according to other standards, the heating does not provide. What happens when you heat. Most likely - no good for health (thermal depolymerization of the base). Therefore, a selection of mica for the microwave oven to produce at the store.

Fit mica under the required size

What mica choose

Miserly in this case throws good money after bad, it goes after their own health. Mica for microwave should have the necessary certificates, beware of taking the goods of an unknown manufacturer. And at the time in the repair does not hurt to ask, they are going to set the microwave. Otherwise, health problems will not keep you waiting. Asthma, dizziness, rarely seizures. Symptoms resemble an overdose of nicotine. Some substances derived body with great difficulty.

The second factor - permeability. Mica plate passes pairs. The slurry passes both inside the waveguide, and so forth. Mica gasket is endowed with the property of the similar reasons as the walls of a frame house - so that was not going to condensation. Penetrated into the cooking period, the moisture will be released until the microwave oven is cool. Why not make a sealed septum. Moisture gets inside in violation of the seam, do not come back, it will reduce the performance of the waveguide, magnetron, destroying corrosion alloys.

What mica suitable for microwave ovens. Branded with the certificates. Sheet 300x300 mm quarter worth thousands. Enough for 4 times. Throw off families, each shall take the segment itself proportional drafts.

Installing mica

mica sheets for microwave different thicknesses. Installation will not cause much trouble. Mica is installed in a special pocket:

  1. One side is fastened with a screw.
  2. Overlay tabs holding the metal casing.

In the latter case it is necessary to bend the mica pad, setting the partition in place. Standard sheets much more pocket-sized. Mica trimmed to size with tailoring scissors.

The process of installing the power of the average person. For the installation of enough knife, screwdriver. Work with clean hands, having finished the dismantling, clean off existing on the surface of fat droplets. Protect against excesses in the further use of the product.

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