How to choose a compact and functional electric meat grinder

How to choose a compact and functional electric meat grinder

. If the Cooking Muse is a frequent guest in your kitchen, if you adore creating culinary masterpieces, you must have thought about how to choose electric grinder, so that it works flawlessly and correctly, served for a long time without frequent repairs and expensive troublesome service. Only independently preparing the forcemeat, you can be assured of the absence of unwanted components, the quality of raw materials and the finished product.

In addition, you can prepare and other dishes that require grinding of the original products. Hand-held devices for grinding meat have long and irrevocably sunk into oblivion, giving way to electric descendants, working much more efficiently and quickly.


  • 1What to choose: a separate meat grinder or a whole food processor?
  • 2Parameters and properties that are important when selecting
    • 2.1Power
    • 2.2Materials of working parts and housing
    • 2.3Knives
    • 2.4Grids
    • 2.5Reverse function
    • 2.6Motor protection against overheating
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  • 3Additional attachments and functions
  • 4Other features of electric meat grinder
  • 5Which model to choose, imported or domestic?

What to choose: a separate meat grinder or a whole food processor?

If you do not cook dishes from crushed foods too often, do not use meats with lots of veins to make minced meat, then you better choose a good food processor. A separate electric meat grinder has more power and performance, as a rule.

In addition, good instruments are equipped with so many additional functions and attachments that are quite capable of competing with harvesters in functionality and versatility. The cost of a separately purchased device is much lower than that of a combine harvester, and the dimensions are much more compact.

If you have a small kitchen and there is not enough storage space for various devices, it will be more correct Choose and buy a compact meat grinder, which is much more convenient to store in a limited space.


Parameters and properties that are important when selecting


From this indicator depends on what the raw material can handle the device, as well as its performance. Productivity determines the amount of meat that can be turned into minced meat per minute. Of course, the index, kg of minced meat / minute, looks solid and impressive, but does it have such a great value in practice?

Is it so important that one minute, and not two or three, leave for the preparation of minced meat? The greater the power and performance of the device you decide to buy, the more power it will consume. But with a few minutes of work is not too much. So is it worth pursuing the most powerful devices with maximum performance, if 1000-1500 watts is enough?

For the consumer wishing to choose high-quality equipment, it would be correct to pay attention to the nominal power, whereas in the passport the maximum is indicated first.


Power at maximum is used only when grinding the hardest and most viscous fragments, and in this mode your kitchen assistant will be able to work no more than a minute. Nominal power gives an idea of ​​how much effort the device will grind raw materials. A sufficient indicator is from 350 W, as practice shows.

Materials of working parts and housing

Metal is preferable, but most often for the production of the case, food grade marks of plastic are used that have the necessary strength and durability. Screw, grilles, knives should be steel.


It is best to choose a model equipped with self-sharpening knives. Otherwise, you have to go to the service center once or twice a year to sharpen them. Independently to do this is quite problematic. Special steel grades are used for making knives. When deciding which model to choose, pay attention to the quality and properties of the knives.


A set of quality mincers should include at least two grids. On the basis of which mesh you decide to buy, the consistency of the minced meat depends.

Reverse function

With the use of wiry pieces of meat, fragments of connective tissue can be wound onto the screw, which can make it difficult or even stop the device. To cope with this problem, on many models there is a special button, which includes the reverse movement of the auger. It is recommended to choose models equipped with this function.

Motor protection against overheating

Even in normal mode, without significant overloads and soft raw materials, the mincer can work no more than 10-12 minutes. Before continuing to work, the device needs to be given time to allow the engine to cool. In the design of high-quality devices, the motor protection against overload is provided, which automatically disconnects it when necessary. There are models that give a signal when the device is ready to work again.

Additional attachments and functions


A good meat grinder can compete in functionality with a combine. A few extra attachments make it possible to automate as many kitchen cases as possible.

For example, there are nozzles for cooking macaroni and noodles. There are attachments that turn your grinder into a grater or shredder. Very convenient nozzles that allow you to get juices from fresh fruits of gardening and any vegetables, including tomatoes, apples, cabbage.

Using a nozzle for making home-made sausages will allow you to treat your relatives with delicious works of culinary art prepared from first-class raw materials.

Another interesting nozzle is called "kebbe" - it produces minced meat in the form of hollow tubes. With its help, you can properly make stuffed sausages and other delicacies. How to use it, is described in the attached book of recipes.

Other features of electric meat grinder

It is important that the device remains stable and stationary during operation. This is achieved by using special rubber feet, with which the technique is fixed on the working surface. Ideally, the legs should be adjusted in height.

It should be remembered that a noiseless electric meat grinder is an extremely rare phenomenon.

All of them at work publish a rather intense noise, and do not need to be frightened. However, there is a direct relationship between the level of noise emitted and the quality of the meat grinder assembly. When you are confronted with the problem, which model to choose, give preference to the one that, at a higher rated power, makes less noise.

Dimensions affect, mainly, the convenience of storing the device. It is unlikely that you will constantly keep it on the table. Practical models are compactly packed, all additional attachments are also conveniently folded into a box or mounted on the body.



Which model to choose, imported or domestic?

Russian factories produce, as you know, several models of household and professional electrical devices for turning meat into minced meat. However, indisputable leaders, according to many housewives, you can safely consider the model of the company BOSCH. They feature functionality, thoughtful design, high power and performance, and durability. An important network of service centers is also important.

In second place - electric mincers firm Braun. They are followed by Kebwood, you can choose Panasonic models.

From domestic it is not recommended to purchase devices for grinding meat of the brand "Fairy". About the devices under the Gamma brand, the reviews are slightly better, but still quite contradictory.

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