What is a handheld washing machine

Modern technology is increasingly being automated to make it easier for housewives to do their daily work. At the same time, manufacturers pay special attention to energy and water saving. One option was a manual washing machine. What is it - a return to the past or an ecological future?

Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of machines for manual control.

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  • 1What it is
  • 2Advantages and disadvantages
  • 3Types and models of manual machines
    • 3.1Wonderwash
    • 3.2Drumi
    • 3.3Scrubba
    • 3.4Shaking Washer
  • 4How to convert a washing machine into a manual

What it is

Many users believe that a hand-held machine is a semi-automatic washing machine. In fact, these are nonautomatic machines that operate without electricity. Mechanically, the blades are started and laundry is carried out.

Such machines are easy and unpretentious. To start them, you do not need electricity or connection to communications. Hand-operated stilalki operate on this principle, as shown in the picture below:

The device spends a little water, only 3-5 liters per cycle. Depending on the model, the machines can wring out the laundry.

Advantages and disadvantages

Let's start with the advantages of hand machines:

  • Compact size and autonomy. Since the stilalki are small, light and do not require connection, they can be used by tourists in the field.
  • Washing is carried out faster, the time for heating the water is not expended, since it enters the tank already hot.
  • The principle of work involves saving resources.
  • The quality of washing. A hand-held machine treats things with care, because it does not accelerate to a large number of revolutions. Washing is much faster than in automatic washing.
  • The cost. Manual devices are several times cheaper than modern automatic machines.


  • The most important disadvantages are the time and effort. The washing machine was automated in order to make it easier for people to wash, save their time. Here you will apply your own efforts to get results.
  • A hand-held machine will help to refresh clothes, but it can not cope with serious pollution.

Handheld stylalki can be found in stores. Of course, these will be more modern models that most users are familiar with.

Types and models of manual machines

Consider the most popular models of hand-held washing machines.


Mini washing machine loading, kg. A fully portable model does not require any connection, but if necessary, you can connect it to the water supply. The lifetime of the manual machine is higher than that of the automatic ones, due to the simplicity of the design and the absence of an engine.

Hand washing is perfect for giving, camping, houses on wheels, or simply lonely people.


Pedal machine from a Canadian company. The baby works completely autonomously, without connection to water and electricity. The plastic lid is opened, in the tank is loaded, kg of laundry, after which 5 l of water and detergent is poured. By pressing the pedal the user activates the mechanism.

If in other models washing is carried out without squeezing, then Drumi will help you squeeze the laundry.


This "washing machine" is not similar to what you saw before. The perfect hiking option. Instead of the usual tank - a bag-bag.

The creation belongs to Australian scientists. All you need to do is load dirty things into a bag, pour water and add detergent. Then close and actively massage the bag. Thanks to bubbles on the lining, fouling is effectively removed.

It remains to hang things and drain the water. The price is quite affordable - about 2000 rubles.

Shaking Washer

A small styaralka is a portable gadget. You did not misunderstand, this machine quickly laundered underwear, socks, small things.

Stiralka is capable of removing even complex spots. Simply load the laundry, fill the water with a detergent and shake the gadget. In it, you can completely dry clothes - to do this, plug the gadget into an outlet; The end of the drying will be signaled by a sound signal.

How to convert a washing machine into a manual

The semi-automatic washing machine can be changed to manual control. To do this, it is sufficient to include in the mechanism a pedal or a handle for control. One such development was created in Peru.

Students from Los Angeles had to create a commercial product for the poor. After following the lives of locals in Peru, they came to the conclusion that women spend about 6 hours a day on washing. Deciding to develop a machine for washing, students created a washing machine with a pedal drive. Development costs $ 40, so even those who earn 4-10 dollars a day can afford such a car.

The machine works simply: the laundry is loaded into the tank, water is poured. The top-cap is closed on top. The woman sits on the lid and presses on the pedal.

All ingenious is simple. If you need a simple stiralka for giving, you can make it according to the example of college students or remake a broken washing machine into a working machine.

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