How to build a refrigerator into a kitchen set: installation requirements, installation procedure, how to build a regular refrigerator.

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built-in refrigerator.It often happens that the living space is small and does not allow placing all things, furniture and appliances. Therefore, you have to go to the tricks and equip everything very compactly. Large refrigerators are a common problem in the kitchen. How to make sure that even the largest refrigerator fits harmoniously into the interior of the kitchen and does not cause inconvenience with its size? In this article, we will consider the installation issue, suggest the best solution and share our experience.

How to build a refrigerator into a kitchen set

The content of the article

  • How to build a refrigerator into a kitchen set
    • Installation Requirements
    • Electrical connection
    • Installation procedure
  • Is it possible to build in an ordinary refrigerator
  • How to build a regular refrigerator into a kitchen set

In general, special companies are engaged in the integration of this kind of technology. But most often it costs the owners unreasonably expensive. This is why people have come up with their own ways of installing and creatively designing the arrangement of appliances in their kitchens.

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There are several ways to embed. The principle of such work is the disguise of the refrigerator under the elements of the environment.

How to build a refrigerator into a kitchen set.

IMPORTANT! The correct placement will help you save space in the kitchen and money in the family budget. But if you decide to do this, then you need to approach everything very responsibly. Homemade designs are easy to make, but you still need to be very careful in taking measurements and fixing parts. Only a well-made headset will serve you for a long time and will neatly hide all the equipment in itself.

To do this, you need to decide on the place where the structure will be installed, choose the material and method that will be used for embedding.

Installation Requirements

To make everything look nice and neat, you need to think over some organizational points in planning the installation of the refrigerator in advance. Among the important points that you should definitely pay attention to are the following:

  1. The dimensions of the dimensions of the equipment must correspond to those in the headset in order to avoid mismatch and structural disruption. All details should be clearly matched with no “reserve” of extra space. The optimal clearance between the refrigerator and cabinet doors is 2 cm. This also applies to the side walls.
  2. Make sure that access to the power grid is as convenient as possible and is located near the installation site, otherwise you will have to pull wires across the room.
  3. For proper operation, any electrical appliance needs access to an air flow to prevent overheating. For this purpose, holes are provided in the structure. If there are none, then make them or get rid of the back wall altogether.

ATTENTION! These conditions are mandatory, only with such an arrangement, the equipment will work as expected, and this will extend its service life.

Electrical connection

Before you start mounting, you need to think over a way of free access to the power point of the device. To do this, it is necessary to take into account two important factors:

  1. The socket must be built in so that it does not take up unnecessary space in the free areas of the wall.
  2. The outlet must be easily accessible. This is necessary for comfortable switching on and off the devices from the network.
Connecting the built-in refrigerator to the network.

There are several ways to solve this problem. The first involves adjusting the design to a ready-made outlet. This is the simplest method and does not require any additional work from an electrician. The second method is used if it is difficult to change the configuration of furniture and it is impossible to create conditions for free access to the power point. In this case, you will have to carry out the wiring taking into account the load that will be given to the power grid.

Installation procedure

For correct installation, all actions should be performed strictly in order, observing all the necessary requirements:

  1. Remove the device from the packaging by carefully removing it from the fixing devices.
  2. First, before starting the installation, check the serviceability of all systems.
  3. If it is necessary to change the position of the hinges, dismantle and rebuild the structure to the desired side.
  4. Install in the cabinet, checking the stability with a level and adjusting the vertical line with the special screws at the bottom of the pallet. If they are not available, foam inserts of the required thickness can be used. Also make sure that the panels have openings for proper ventilation.
  5. Finally, fix the front panel and connect the unit to the mains.
The order of installation of the built-in refrigerator.

Is it possible to build in an ordinary refrigerator

The method described above is suitable for classic built-in techniques. But it costs a lot of money and it is not always possible to afford it. In this case, if you have a desire to harmoniously fit an ordinary refrigerator into the interior, you can do it yourself. But to save space, this option is definitely not suitable, since additional space will be required on the frame. Therefore, such a structure is made mainly for the purpose of decorating and creating a design image. In general, it is unsafe to install non-intended equipment in a cabinet. We will show you some safe ways to do this.

Built-in conventional refrigerator.

How to build a regular refrigerator into a kitchen set

In order to make a headset with your own hands, you will need materials and tools:

  • Wooden boards and beams.
  • Hammer, saw, nails.
  • Measuring instruments and level.
  • Decorative elements and paint that will "age" the technique.

The best way, which will not take much time, effort and money, is artificial embedding or disguise as a headset. This will help save material and keep your kitchen safe.


  1. Be sure to disconnect the device from the mains during operation.
  2. Use paint to match the color of your kitchen furniture.
  3. Apply the paint in an even layer, having previously treated the surface with an impregnation.
  4. When painting, you can use cotton pads or poke balls to visualize the old wall.
  5. Make wood inserts and curly decorative crafts if desired.
Refrigerator covered with foil.

Another simplest way is to cover the door with a film that is specially matched to the color and hides the refrigerator. Thanks to the decoration, you can achieve the desired result, while not violating the safety rules! All basic rules for ventilation, access to the electrical network must be observed in a homemade system.

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