How to remove scratches from furniture: 9 effective ways

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How to remove scratches from furnitureOver time, any, even the highest quality furniture loses its original appearance. Abrasions, scratches and chips appear on it. However, this is not at all a reason for updating the interior.

It is possible to eliminate such defects and return the furniture to its original beauty by means of simple improvised means.

All variants of "resuscitation" are conventionally divided into two groups.

  • With the use of special factory products.
  • Using scrap materials.

Let's consider all these options for eliminating external damage to furniture surfaces in more detail.

Special means

The content of the article

  • Special means
    • Pencil marker
    • Furniture touch
    • Wax rods
    • Stain
  • Folk remedies
    • Walnut
    • Mayonnaise
    • Tea brew and iodine solution
    • Sunflower oil with vinegar
    • Homemade mastic

In recent years, stores have appeared means specifically designed to mask scratches, chips and other minor mechanical damage.

These include various marker pencils and strokes, wax compositions and stainsand. They are produced in a large assortment of colors, so choosing the right option will not be difficult.

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Pencil marker

Furniture pencil is perhaps the easiest and fastest way to eliminatepencil shallow scratches. It is made from a wax rod, tinted in various colors, and has a number of advantages.

  • Wide range of colors allows you to accurately match the tone of the marker.
  • Ease of use. You just need to run a pencil over the scratch to paint over it.

but This method of restoring the appearance of the surface has a number of disadvantages..

IMPORTANT! The marker is not strong enough. Therefore, after each wet cleaning with the use of detergents, the entire painting procedure will have to be repeated.

He also not good enough for deep chips. By painting over a pothole, the pencil will not be able to level the surface. It will remain rough to the touch.

Furniture touch

Furniture stroke in its consistency and method of application is in many respects similar to the familiar clerical stroke. He is a thick liquid, for the application of which a special brush is used.


But, unlike the clerical touch, furniture available in several colors: oak, walnut, alder, etc.

IMPORTANT! Unlike a pencil, a stroke is able not only to paint over, but also to fill in deep scratches, leveling damaged surfaces.

In terms of stamina, he also far superior to the marker and is able to withstand repeated wet cleaning. After the composition applied to the scratch dries slightly, it should be lightly sanded with a napkin to give it perfect evenness.

When using a stroke on varnished surfaces after application and drying, the restored area must be covered with a colorless varnish to make it shine. You can even use nail polish for these purposes.

Wax rods

For repairing scratches and restoring abrasions on furniture surfaces, you can also use waxwax rods. They are of 2 types: hard and soft, differing in their purpose.

For shallow damage the soft wax is applied by simply rubbing it into the scratch. Deeper defects are repaired with a soft rubber or plastic trowel so as not to damage the surrounding surface. After hardening, after 15-20 minutes, the surface must be polished with a soft cloth.

Hard wax is more resistant to external influences and lasts much longer. It is intended for sealing deep chips and scratches that a soft wax rod cannot effectively deal with.

Before application, the hard wax is melted, after which the pothole is poured with it. After it hardens, the bulges and nodules are carefully cut off with a sharp clerical knife, and the surface is ground and polished.


Stain is a coloring agent designed to give wood staina certain color and highlighting its texture.

When restoring old furniture, it is used to remove abrasions and mask minor scratches. It should be applied over the entire surface of the furniture. Because use in one place will immediately catch the eye.

Before application, lacquered furniture should be sanded with coarse sandpaper. or with a grinder.

IMPORTANT! If you do not thoroughly clean it of old varnish, the stain will not be able to evenly saturate the wood.

After cleaning, all dust is removed with a damp cloth, and only then you can start painting. It is necessary to apply the stain in an even layer so that there are no differences in color shades. After it dries, we treat the painted surface with wood varnish to give it its original gloss.

Folk remedies

Even in the recent past, during the period of global shortages, the funds listed above were not as widely available as they are today. That's why by trial and error, a number of ways have been found to restore furniture damaged during operation. For similar folk remedies using ingredients that are available in any home or those that can be easily purchased at the nearest store.


Suitable for small scratches on light-colored furniture similar in color to a walnut kernel.


It should just rub the damaged area with a nut kernelso that small particles of it fill the scratch.


Small cracks are also repaired with plain mayonnaise. It is suitable for unpolished wood. When exposed to fats and proteins contained in this sauce, it swells and fills small lesions.


IMPORTANT! After the mayonnaise has dried, this place must be sanded with a napkin or soft rag.

Tea brew and iodine solution

A tea bag is brewed in a small amount of boiling water (about ¼ glass). A piece of cotton wool, wrapped around a match, or a cosmetic cotton swab is dipped into the resulting thick broth.

tea and iodine

Then a scratch is carefully painted over with this piece of cotton wool.

ADVICE! Instead of brewing, a solution of medical iodine is used with the same success. Both options are suitable for dark colored woods.

Sunflower oil with vinegar

For removing minor cosmetic imperfections on light-colored polished oil with vinegara mixture of vegetable oil and table vinegar is suitable for furniture.

To do this, mix a teaspoon of vinegar essence with 50 g of any vegetable oil. With the resulting mixture, paint over the problem area of ​​the polished surface.

After a day, the treated area is polished with a soft napkin.

Homemade mastic

For cosmetic repairs of polished furniture, mastic may also be suitable, masticcooked at home.

To do this, you need the following ingredients: wax, alcohol and turpentine. The mastic is made as follows. About 50 g of wax is melted in a metal bowl. After that, 40 g of liquid turpentine is poured into it. The mixture is thoroughly mixed until a homogeneous consistency is obtained. Then a spoonful of undiluted alcohol is poured into it and also mixed well.

IMPORTANT! The prepared composition is applied warm to the scratched polished surface.

The mastic is spread over the damaged area in a thin layer. After that it is sanded with a textile napkin until the surface acquires a glossy shine.

With the help of the above simple methods, anyone can return their damaged furniture to its original appearance. The main thing in this business is to choose the right color scheme so that the repaired places do not stand out against the general background.

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