Photo of funny furniture: how much will such furniture cost

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Many apartments and houses today are furnished with ordinary furniture that fits perfectly into the interior of the room. Moreover, original furniture is a rather rare phenomenon, although it adds uniqueness and variety to boring and similar interiors. In the review, we propose to consider the most original and funniest furniture.

Photo of funny furniture

Who creates funny furniture

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Looking at various furniture sets from Canadian designer Judson Beaumont, you start to think that this is happening in the looking glass. Among the masterpieces of this Canadian: a wardrobe that is about to break in half, and a wardrobe with springs, a bed that looks like a can of sprat, and many more original things.

“My basic rule: if the customer can draw his original idea, then I can bring it to life. to life, ”says the designer of original furniture on the official website of his firm, Straight Line Designs.

The author does not hide that the main source of fantasy for him is Disney cartoons.

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Photo of funny furniture

The main quality of this furniture is the presence of "zest", which significantly distinguishes it from other interior items. An unusual approach to creating according to unique projects gives it individuality.

The main features of custom furniture are:

  • the presence of various elements that are not characteristic of stereotyped objects;
  • curved shapes that are combined with strict lines;
  • stylization for figures of people or animals;
  • inserting various elements from a different material;
  • using unusual materials such as cardboard or plastic;
  • a combination of contrasting colors, which, as is commonly believed, do not match.

All these things can be safely included in the category of unusual, since when ordering an individual, the designer additionally relies on his imagination. There are no clear foundations and stereotypes for such furniture, and its unique look is perfectly combined with practicality.

Photo of funny furniture

Among the upholstered furniture, beds, armchairs and sofas upholstered with non-standard materials, for example, bubble upholstery, may differ in their originality. This furniture looks like a huge fluffy cloud.


Unusual furnishings are distinguished not only by non-standard materials, but also by their color.

Original is always bright, because all objects are mainly presented in different colors. As a rule, this is a game of contrast.

Photo of funny furniture

Below are some of the most original pieces by the popular Canadian designer Judson Beaumont.

Original beautiful furniture in the children's room will please any child. Bright colors and practicality are its main advantages.

Photo of funny furniture

Naturally, these cabinets for storing small items are not suitable for every hallway, but they look very attractive.

Photo of funny furniture

The unusual design of various objects sometimes makes you think about where to put them and how to find their use, but these things also have a right to life.

Photo of funny furniture

How much will such furniture cost?

The average cost for one piece of design creation is approximately $ 5,000. “When people see the furniture that I have created for the first time, they laugh at first, and only then realize that these things are practical and comfortable,” says the designer.

But before you buy original chairs, dressers, stools, sofas, think about where they are it is better to establish that the owners feel comfortable, and the guests can appreciate the owner's original approach to the interior.

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