You will laugh, what is the name of the dust brush: the correct name

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For several years in a row in everyday life, an assistant has been fighting for the cleanliness of the house - a bright, fleecy vertical brush. Everyone knows that such a rainbow fluffy object can easily cope with dust particles, but no one thought about its name. How it is correctly called and what other common names are given to it, we will consider in this article.

Dust brush

What is the correct name of the dust brush

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  • What is the correct name of the dust brush
  • What is also called a dust brush

The brush was invented by Chinese manufacturers, but the name "grew" from the Americans. The fact is that a thing for cleaning with its long pile and multi-color is similar to American pom-poms (pom-pom or PP) who used the girls of the sporting event cheerleading group in their "one-minute" performances. However, this similarity is only in appearance, and the functionality of the brush is akin to a duster. Thus, the innovation was nicknamed Ppduster.

It entered the Russian market without translation and transformation of the name -

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pipidastre. There is a version that the abbreviated PP is translated as polypropylene (polypropylene). However, the brush is not always made from this material. Therefore, it would be more correct to adhere to the first version.

Dust brush

What is also called a dust brush

However, such a ridiculous and incomprehensible name of household equipment makes many neat people into a stupor. But traders of small household goods and the owners of this thing themselves use more acceptable names:

  • dust broom. A common name that defines the purpose of a thing. Understandable to everyone, especially the older generation;
  • brush-dust collector. The name comes from the resemblance to a brush on a long handle for cleaning plumbing from dirt and bacteria (toilet brush);
  • staticdaster. Perhaps the most logical name for a household item. The fact is that when the brush is rubbed over the surface, a static attraction arises between the artificial fleece and the dirt. Dust particles are attracted to the pile, and a cleaning effect is created.
Dust brush

Important! The dust is not brushed off the furniture, but it sits on the broom, which must be rinsed and dried after cleaning. The technology is very comfortable in places inaccessible to a hand with a rag and does not leave streaks on glossy surfaces. However, it will not cope with multilayer and dense dust formation.

Of course, it is most correct to call things "by their proper names." But borrowed names do not always take root in everyday life. It is most correct to indicate the current name of the object and the decryption. For example: “Pipidastr. Dust broom ”.

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