Black and white glossy kitchen with black bar counter

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Few will dare to embody the dark interior at home. Its creation can only be done by professionals, because with the wrong selection of tones and accents, a dark room will turn out, staying in which will be able to lead to the darkest thoughts.

Made in the company  WeSpec,
G. Khimki

Black and white glossy kitchen

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But not in our case: black and white, together with natural materials, were embodied in a stylish impressive project worth 720 thousand rubles. rubles. There is a lot of gloss in the kitchen, and the shiny black, which creates highlights and reflections, makes it dressy and incredibly chic.

Glossy MDF facades

 First, the kitchen was installed and only then, in the second stage, the measurements, production and installation of the countertop were carried out. The room is square, with an area of ​​9 meters, so all modules had to be placed compactly.

MDF facades with Sayerlack coating

There are additional storage sections under the bar counter, covered with black glass. A backlit wine cabinet is installed under the hob, which fits perfectly into the overall picture of the interior.

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Illuminated wine cabinet

The body is made of laminated chipboard Egger, alpine white and black colors, with PVC edges 1 mm thick to match the body. The interior space of the cabinets in the color of the facades looks very interesting, especially in the unusual black.

Chipboard body Egger white alpine and black

Facades of MDF 16mm thick from Egger with Sayerlack painting. The surfaces are finished in high-gloss polished lacquer, over matt enamel RAL 9003 and RAL 9004.

Black and white contrast kitchen

The surface of the refrigerator completely matched the furniture surfaces in color and style.

Black refrigerator with glossy interior

Light table top - artificial stone Ligron, 38mm thick. Decor - Marble shine. Marble streaks against a glossy black background create a striking contrast. A cast sink made of the same material is integrated into the white worktop.

Ligron worktop Marble glow

The dark top is made of artificial stone 100 mm thick. Decor - Typhoon Marble. The bar counter looks powerful and makes no less impression than the kitchen itself.

Artificial stone countertop Marble Typhoon

A tall cabinet with an extractor hood and a hob is shifted to the right because of the bar. Her chairs should not interfere with the passage and work with equipment.

Pencil case for household appliances

The accessories are represented by the brands Hettich and Blum. The main range of wall cabinets comes with Aventos HF lifts, with a smooth opening of the fronts. Drawers from Hettich. The lifting mechanisms in the doors above the refrigerator (as the heaviest ones) are from BLUM. Black ARCADA handles from Boyard with a chrome strip in the center perfectly matched the glass surfaces of the household appliances.

Hettich and Blum fittings

The upper part is completely without handles, they are not needed on minimalistic facades. Moreover, the uppermost row is used less often.

Upper fronts without handles

Thanks to the gloss, the room has received additional depth and volume. The interior looks monumental and impressive.

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