Luxurious high azure kitchen-living room

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Mebel Sphere company presents neoclassical kitchen up to the ceiling.

The kitchen is made in the company:

Furniture Sphere

G. Moscow

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Table in the kitchen

The peculiarity of this kitchen is that it uses 4 colors (whereas usually only 3). But this did not make the kitchen lurid or tasteless. On the contrary, it turned out to be bright, unusual and cheerful.

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Dinner Zone

This is a kitchen-living room. White and blue (Prussian blue) are the two dominant shades in the kitchen. The walls in the recreation area and the headsets are made in these colors.

Living room

Two complementary colors are dusty rose (apron, chairs) and gold.

White cabinets

In gold, there are handles, a polished stainless steel cut-in sink and the same swivel tap.

Gold sink

The kitchen is made to order from MDF, with a body from Austrian laminated chipboard from Egger. The facades are painted with environmentally friendly matte Renner enamel (Italy), with noble milling. The kitchen set is created on the contrast of colors, with a classic arrangement of accents - a light top and a dark (blue) bottom.

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Dinner Zone

The living room is separated from the kitchen by a blue and white plasterboard wall. The top white two-piece cabinets are framed by the same blue cornice, creating an effect of depth.

White two-piece cabinets

There was a small pantry in the kitchen for inventory and the necessary little things. The designers played up the entrance to it, blocking the opening with an artificial stone countertop and making two doors. The top is the same tile as on the apron. And now this door does not look like a foreign body at all.

White two-piece cabinets

The set is equipped with silent Blum mechanisms (hinges with door closers, full extension systems for drawers). The upper fronts are double, large and heavy, so reliable fixtures were required to work flawlessly.

Golden pens

Gold handles on the fronts are made in two versions - brackets (on the lower fronts) and buttons on the upper ones. The characteristic pattern on the latter resembles a flower from afar.

Golden pens

The dusty rose tiled apron favorably sets off the matte facades and the white South Korean countertop made of artificial stone with a marbled pattern.


Multilevel single lamps were installed directly above the dining table. It is they who create a warm and cozy atmosphere in the kitchen in the evenings.

Light fixtures

The kitchen set reaches almost to the ceiling itself (dimensions 3410 mm * 2740 mm). But at the same time, the colors are chosen so well that it does not seem cumbersome, but creates the impression of a summer garden.

Dinner Zone
Dinner Zone

The article presents kitchen "Gloria".

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