Beautiful neoclassical kitchen with backlight

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A linear kitchen is installed in the guest house. Its length is 2800 mm, excluding the refrigerator, but it has everything you need. The set turned out to be warm, beautiful and cozy, and it owes all this to the wooden surfaces that have retained their natural texture.

The kitchen is made in the company:

Furniture made of wood "MebelProve"

G. Kirov

More about the company
Kitchen view

At a cost of the kitchen came out at 184 thousand. turnkey rubles with installation. The headset is located directly under the large window. Therefore, working on the worktop is a pleasure - both washing dishes and cooking.

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The furniture case is made of plywood, 15 mm thick, in the color of the facades. The facades themselves with a small frame made of solid pine with aging, under the ash. Opened only with varnish, they are beautiful in their natural beauty and other complex decor is not needed here.

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Kitchen facades

The highlight of the kitchen, the main accent, is the tall glass sideboard. This is the most functional part of the interior, where a large number of kitchen utensils can be placed, from dishes to pots.

Glass cabinet

Its design is traditional, with one open shelf. The designer glass is decorated with wooden strips with a rosette dividing it into sections.

Glass cabinet
Glass cabinet

Shelves in the sideboard with lighting in the upper tier.

Backlit shelves

Moisture-resistant chipboard worktop, so-called. postforming 38mm thick, made in Italy, from the Alphalux company. Plastic cladding makes the tabletop extremely durable and moisture resistant. It is slightly lighter than the facades, beige, but fully corresponds to the harmonious picture of the entire interior.

Table top

Granfest gray square sink made of artificial stone, slightly different in color from the countertop. The large chrome-plated swivel faucet is very comfortable.


At the other end of the worktop is a two-burner glass hob.

3 built-in sockets were placed in the tabletop. The swivel unit folds into the table, making the small tabletop larger and more functional. And no extension cords needed.


Italian dryer (Vibo) built into the top base. It is completed with a metal pallet with anti-corrosion coating. Hinges with door closers, drawers on concealed rails, with full extension and 3D adjustment from Firmax. This is a Russian company, for all the accessories of which there are certificates and a 5-year warranty.


The kitchen is warm and cozy, with light energy. Looking at her, the feeling does not leave, there will always be a scent of fresh wood. And it is a pleasure to be, and even more so to cook on it.

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