Apartment interior: kitchen-living room in high-tech style. Photo

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With gas, electricity, the kitchen became cleaner, the need for a barrier between the dining room disappeared, the pier was cut, turning it into an arch, or throwing it away altogether. Those who have taken refuge in attics or penthouses have created their own style - a loft with ingenious methods. The Orient Express was set up according to minimalist principles, where the handles are submerged, the beds are lowered, the doors move - just like the Tokyo people. The birth of a kitchen-living room in hi-tech style was predetermined by the passage of time. Scientists picked up, drawing the interiors of the future for spacecraft with rivets, displays, inconceivable spherical windows. A century has passed, aluminum, stainless steel, glass rushed into apartments, displacing from there the tier of baseboards, Victorian-style columns with their statues, carved frames, crystal. In this article, we will consider a high-tech kitchen-living room in an ordinary apartment (photo at the end of the article).

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High-tech kitchen-living room

Designers recommendations

  1. Do not get carried away only with polished surfaces.
  2. To add a touch of adjacent styles (art-house, underground, Japanese minimalism, pop-art elements, postmodern motives).
  3. To comprehend the "space" of hi-tech style with something from the nostalgia of astronauts who took with them reminders of home: a living corner, a rarity from a flea market, a cut of wood instead of a table top, a grandfather clock without ringing and etc.
High-tech kitchen-living room interior

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The art of harmony 


The shine of metal emphasizes (softens at the same time) the presence of deep blue to blackness, frank scarlet, velvety white, luminous yellow - as on the "windows" of the artist Mondrian. The division of sections can be arbitrary, as on the classics of a playground or as on a Renaissance stained glass window. Aluminum and stainless steel play the role of framing. Copper, burgundy is suitable for golden. Awkward blotches that are acceptable in a loft style can be fancy shapes, flashy in color. Example: brightly colored "freak" crockery among the monotonous silver of the kitchen.

The "break" of the arch to the kitchen looks more spectacular from the living room if the kitchen is the same in the color of the walls and the headset. The expressiveness of the outlines of the breach, contrasting with the color and furnishings of the living room, creates the illusion of a passage under a rock to a landscape with a different climate.

High-tech - kitchen-living room style

Material textures

First of all, the texture of the walls is decided. The fundamental factor is creating a background for everything else.

A good trick - walls covered with decorative plaster "like concrete". A metaphor for a starship to land in the middle of the terrain after some kind of cataclysm. On such a light background, the setting should be darker. The furniture is extremely light. In this way, the expressiveness of the silhouettes of the furniture is achieved, which is very positive for the vision and the feeling of comfort.

Visible signs of destruction are obligatory here: melted steel, unpolished welds, beaten out plaster to a living stone (it is usually applied on top). But a little, a little. Filling - shine, gloss, rhythmic corrugation.

High-tech kitchen wall texture


Whatever the area, you want to increase it. At least visually. Curves on the ceiling can create cosmic infinity. A slightly pushed back hatch slab (plasterboard construction), a multi-tiered window with a starry sky (point or contour LEDs), a rocky structure with stalactites are imitated. It becomes unclear where is the top, where is the bottom, there is a feeling of weightlessness.

On the floor, a combination of glass is permissible (for example, on the step of the kitchen podium), linoleum, laminate, parquet boards with a wide pattern of spherical, concentric formations. The floor is expressive in bulk liquid plastic. If in a rich way, then a silver-plated board will do. But if “... the spacecraft has landed in a forgotten place” - they lay a laminate with the texture of rough wood.

The feeling of unsteadiness of attraction will arise from the "creeping" of the floor covering on the walls, sliding down the walls. For example, when the rack flows into the podium under the TV.

Kitchen space with a high-tech living room

Ergonomics Above All

Borrowing design from all sorts of styles did not turn hi-tech into pompous design. High-tech furniture - be it chairs, ottomans, sofas and tables - everything is, without exception, extremely comfortable.

The designs of furniture units are extremely simple, laconic, and therefore light, with graceful curved shapes. It's not just about hinges, rollers, stretching cables and aluminum zero gravity. Ergonomists take into account the convenience factor as much as possible, discarding all decorative excesses. That is why rough textures are desirable in a high-tech interior filled with graphic lines of furnishings. For balance.

Wardrobes - those have turned into retractable walls (sliding wardrobes). The surfaces of the built-in cabinets are mirrored, sandblasted, decorated with rattan, they become pseudo-windows with landscapes, they form applications from colored acrylic.

Ergonomics of the kitchen-living room. high tech


You cannot direct open light onto many shiny surfaces. Glare is avoided by the low power of light sources and rational distribution. The theater chandelier does not dazzle, because it hangs high. Light in high-tech is calculated prudently, but not stingily. We are talking about spectacular backlights at night. The white light of energy-saving lamps and ribbon chains of luminous elements is soft. However, it is customary to hide such light sources behind the protrusions of ceilings, walls, and sometimes among the grooves of furniture.

The easiest way is to turn it into a luminaire in a plasterboard decorative beam or overhanging slab by mounting a group of lamps on it. It is more difficult to take into account the wiring before the installation of the wardrobe and the delivery of the furniture set. In this case, hi-tech demonstrates its capriciousness: it is necessary to take into account in advance where the dining room will be table, its size, how the hostess will work in the kitchen, where to sit for reading, where the plants will be delivered.

Excess light is removed easily: with rheostat controls. The deficiency is made up with floor lamps. The art of calculating thin directed rays is entrusted to designers with their 3D programs, while electricians often insure themselves with an extensive network of wiring under overhead walls.

High-tech kitchen-living room lighting

Windows, pseudo-windows

A good reception when a print with the motif of a night city, rocky mountains, streets or the sea coast is glued between the ledges of the walls. The light is mounted on the slopes of the window. It flows through the frequent folds of a light organza, or, conversely, shines through the rough weave of a baggy curtain. For light effects, high-tech interior draperies are preferable to monochromatic, but with an expressive texture. The upholstery of sofas should also not be patterned, but resemble something: stone, steel, the skin of an unseen creature.

High-tech style kitchen-living room windows


Like all living things, the described style absorbs the actual. The facing tiles now have factory graffiti and reminder inscriptions on perfectly painted walls. Ancient mysterious runes are matted on the glass of sliding wardrobes, stretch ceilings turn into a parade of planets. The main thing is not to overdo it with all this.

High-tech cacti for kitchen

Video: apartment design - high-tech kitchen-living room

Photo: high-tech interior of the kitchen combined with the living room

High-tech style kitchen-living room windows

High-tech style kitchen-living room windows

High-tech style kitchen-living room windows

High-tech style kitchen-living room windows

High-tech style kitchen-living room windows

High-tech style kitchen-living room windows

High-tech style kitchen-living room windows

High-tech style kitchen-living room windows

High-tech style kitchen-living room windows

High-tech style kitchen-living room windows

High-tech style kitchen-living room windows

High-tech style kitchen-living room windows

High-tech style kitchen-living room windows

High-tech style kitchen-living room windows

High-tech style kitchen-living room windows

High-tech style kitchen-living room windows

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