Direct kitchen in a modern style with facades under the ceiling

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Matte modern kitchens are very popular today. They look incredibly elegant, muted tones emphasize a calm and solemn atmosphere, adding coziness, warmth and tranquility to the interior.

Made in the company  Cosiness academy,
G. Kemerovo

Gray-pink kitchen

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The cost of the kitchen with installation was 385 thousand. rubles (3 years warranty). Noble gray has successfully complemented and emphasized the tenderness of pink. And pink, in turn, diluted some gloom of gray, softening it, creating a unique and harmonious color.

Gray-pink modern facades

Gray-pink facades up to the ceiling visually extended the space both in width and height. The shades are non-staining and there is no need to worry about frequent cleaning. The white-pink center surrounded by gray looks both elegant and strict.

White artificial stone countertop and apron

The facades are made of MDF coated with soft touch (a type of plastic with a matte and velvety surface). This special tactile varnish creates a deep and noble sheen, very intense. The shade does not wear out or fade over time, and does not leave fingerprints on it. On such a surface, there are no glare, so tiring of the eyes.

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Gray-pink modern facades

The facades stretch all the way to the ceiling, the upper mezzanine row is made flush with the table top. This is a very practical option, because we have a lot of storage space, and, on the contrary, there are fewer areas for dust accumulation. The furniture seems to be built into the wall, merging into a single whole, only the working area stands out. This headset looks stylish and unusual.

Gray-pink kitchen

The table top is made of artificial stone with an integrated metal sink.

Metal sink

The light work surface lends air to the interior, making it easier to perceive. The apron matches the countertop, also made of artificial stone, as well as the edge between them.

Artificial stone countertop and apron

The whiteness of the apron and the countertop became the background that emphasized and revealed the pink color. The working surface of the countertop is not very large, but it was possible to place a two-burner stove on it, a sink, and there was still free space for work.

Two-burner stove

Fittings (hinges and guides with door closers) are distinguished by well-thought-out functionality and ease of use. The facades are opened by pressing, there are also overhead handles on the ends of the facades.

White faux stone countertop

A pacifying atmosphere and good mood always reign in our kitchen.

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