How to wash white Converse sneakers - 5 recipes and 5 rules


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  • 2 Washing white Сonverse: 10 important nuances
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Like any other bright shoes, Converse sneakers are very demanding to care. I know how to erase white conversions, and I will share this knowledge with you today.

For cleaning white Сonverse it is not necessary to use expensive household chemicals, you can do with ordinary improvised meansFor cleaning white Сonverse it is not necessary to use expensive household chemicals, you can do with ordinary improvised means

Care: 4 rules

Before telling you how to wash white conversions, I would like to explain how to care for such products. Simple rules will help to keep a neat look of shoes for a long time:

A photo Description
table_pic_att15087735801 Rule 1

After the walk, always wash the sole of the shoe.

table_pic_att15087735822 Rule 2

Try to remove stains immediately after they appear. So they do not have time to penetrate deeper into the material and easier to withdraw.

table_pic_att15087735833 Rule 3

Do not forget to periodically wash the laces under running water. Gray laces on the background of white shoes look very sloppy.

table_pic_att15087735844 Rule 4

Wash the white conversions before off-season storage. Otherwise, during the "rest" they will lose their appearance.

And so that the shoes do not lose their shape, push inside paper towels.

Regular maintenance of shoes will extend its life.Regular maintenance of shoes will extend its life.

Washing white Сonverse: 10 important nuances

It is possible to erase conversions both manually and in a washing machine. These processes need to be approached individually.

Hand wash: 5 recipes

Personally, I prefer to wash Converse sneakers by hand. So it is better to remove dirt and do not stretch the shoes At the same time I use not expensive cleaning compositions, but habitual improvised means.

Before washing with your own hands, be sure to remove the laces from the shoes and clean them separately:

A photo Instruction
table_pic_att15087735886 Method 1. Soda and Vinegar
  • In a clean container, mix in a tablespoon of soda and vinegar. Stir the ingredients thoroughly until a paste is obtained.
  • Lay on the floor of the newspaper, so as not to smear it.
  • Wet sneakers in cool water.
  • Apply the mixture on an old toothbrush, and treat it to the surface of the shoe.
  • Thoroughly rub sneakers and sole.
  • Wait a few minutes and then rinse the shoes under running water.
  • Squeeze the shoes a little and let them dry in a well-ventilated area.
table_pic_att15087735897 Method 2 Toothpaste

Another way to clean white conversions is to use toothpaste:

  • Apply the paste to the foam sponge.
  • Treat the surface of the shoe evenly, do not forget about the inside. You can also use a toothbrush.
  • Wait 30 minutes.
  • Carefully remove any excess paste with a foam sponge.

    It is very important that the toothpaste is free from color blotches, otherwise it may stain the fabric.

width = "440" Method 3. Liquid detergent

This is probably the easiest way to wash white conversions:

  • Pour water into the basin at room temperature.
  • Pour a spoonful of liquid detergent or laundry detergent into it.
  • Immerse the sneakers in the solution for 40–60 minutes.
  • If you notice in the soaking process that the water becomes too dirty, replace it.
  • After the specified time, simply rinse Converse in clean water.
table_pic_att15087735918 Method 4. Soap
  • Prepare a strong soap solution and whisk it into foam.
  • Dampen a soft clothes brush or foam sponge with liquid.
  • Walk through it in particularly polluted areas.
  • Wash shoes with plenty of warm water.
table_pic_att15087735929 Method 5. Hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice and vinegar

If all the previous methods turned out to be ineffective, and you are still looking for a way to wash off white converse sneakers, use this recipe:

  • In ceramic dishes (this is a mandatory item) mix all the ingredients in equal proportions.
  • Add a spoon of laundry detergent to the mixture. Stir the ingredients thoroughly until a creamy consistency appears.
  • Sponge or a toothbrush, apply the mixture on stains and areas that need to be whitened.
  • Wait 5–6 minutes, but no more, and remove any residual cleaning agent with a paper towel.
  • Rinse your shoes under running water and dry.

Washing in the washing machine

If you decide to wash the conversions in a washing machine, follow these rules:

Picture Instruction
table_pic_att150877359310 Step 1. Preparation of sports shoes
Before sending the sneakers to the washer, you need to prepare them:
  • Check the shoe for loose parts that may clog the drum.
  • Manually remove coarse dirt or pebbles from the sole from the shoe.
  • If the fabric formed difficult to remove dirt, treat them with a stain remover.
  • Take out the laces and insoles - they are washed separately.
table_pic_att150877359511 Step 2. Washing

To wash the sneakers, put them in a special bag for washing as in the photo. It will soften the beat of a shoe on a drum machine.

If you do not have a special bag, replace it with a plain old pillowcase.

table_pic_att150877359712 Step 3. Temperature and mode

Wash shoes on a delicate mode at a water temperature of not more than 30-40 degrees.

table_pic_att150877359813 Step 4. Detergent

Instead of powder, it is better to use liquid gel for washing white items. The price is higher, but it is better washed out of the material.

table_pic_att150877359914 Step 5. Spinning

It is best to erase conversions without spinning. If you still can’t do without it, select spin at low revs (no more than 500).


You have learned how to wash white conversions without expensive chemistry. Be sure to share your washing experience in the comments, you can ask clarifying questions there. And finally, I recommend to watch the video in this article, where there is a visual instruction for the care of white sneakers.

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