Large corner kitchen made of antique solid wood

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The kitchen design was developed by me personally. This is without false modesty a dream project that has been pondered for several years. Our country house is located in a coniferous forest and this kitchen interior suits the whole environment in the best way. Each new guest has the impression that he is in a fabulous hut. And I, as the inspirer of the idea, are very pleased to hear compliments and enthusiasm.

The kitchen is made in the company:

Semi-antique furniture

G. Moscow

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Antique kitchen

The kitchen is made of solid pine, which is no coincidence. Pine is one of the most environmentally friendly and warm materials. The room turned out to be bright, harmonious and cozy. And pine is also known for the fact that this breed can, so to speak, "breathe". Under the influence of temperature and humidity, the pores of the tree open and the room is filled with aroma. It is not for nothing that pine is called a natural conditioner. And the pine massif will last a very long time, as it is incredibly durable.

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In the interior of the kitchen, wood is present everywhere: on the ceiling, on door facades, in the form of lamps. Naturalness is the main feature of the whole furnishings, and the only decoration of furniture cabinets is brushing, artificial aging of wood with the help of tools.

Wooden facades

Aged wood is one of the most popular destinations today. Surfaces look more noble and attractive by emphasizing the unique patterns in the cut. In the process of brushing, the light soft layer is removed and the coatings become more embossed. Then they are painted on top with paint of natural shades (in my case, light green varnish).

Aged tree

Pine has a distinct texture and layers are visible. Therefore, the doors are embossed and beautiful. And with the help of brushing, you can significantly extend the life of the furniture, and after years it can be restored again.

Corner kitchen

The furniture set is close to a rustic or vintage style, in which natural wood shades are present and there should be no glass, plastic or metal. Of course, without these materials, it was not possible to completely make furniture (the upper cabinets have glass surface, there are household appliances), but their matte texture almost completely merges with the general painting.

Furniture set

All facades are solid, made of solid wood, and such furniture cannot be cheap. My kitchen cost $ 750,000. rubles, since this is not a mass-produced product. The upper and lower cabinets are decorated with pine frames and each facade is unique in its own way.

Solid wood facades

We did not hide the frame of the house, and its protruding parts organically intertwined with the general interior of the room. Separately, we installed a large chest of drawers, which turned out to be not at all superfluous. There is a lot of space in the room and an additional kitchen cabinet filled the resulting space.

Log house

The table top is made of white plastic. It does not attract attention, but on the contrary, emphasizes the texture and color of wooden surfaces. The main bright accent in the kitchen is the Zhostovo painting. She decorates the countertop and apron. Both the countertop and the apron skillfully set off the light green pine facades.

White plastic table top

As it should be in such a house - there is a hearth in the center of the kitchen. The domed cooker hood (with an inconspicuous hob underneath) is located near the window and you can cook food while watching the courtyard. On the floor there are tiles with imitation of a stone surface. She also looks aged, as if she is many years old.


A ceiling in the form of exposed wooden beams is a characteristic feature of the old country house.

Ceiling in the kitchen

On the ceiling there is a stylized wheel chandelier in a rustic style. Two of these lamps are quite enough to illuminate such a large room, and in addition, built-in lamps are installed in the furniture cornices.

Stylized wheel chandelier

There is always a warm, cozy and fabulous atmosphere in my kitchen. It is she who is associated with family traditions. And I hope that they will live and continue for a very, very long time.

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