Corner in the kitchen: selection rules, photos, designer tips

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Being the place in the house where the whole family gathers most often, the kitchen should have a full-fledged place to relax. When creating it, the best option would be to purchase a cozy and comfortable furniture. The kitchen corner is an excellent solution for both spacious rooms and those with limited space. After all, such furniture is placed in the corner of the room, significantly saving square meters.

Kitchen Area

What you need to know when buying a kitchenette

To choose the right kitchen furniture, first of all, you need to focus on the existing squaring and be sure to calculate: the best seat length, the sides of the corner, the required height furnishings. Knowing all the necessary parameters, it will be much easier to choose a headset.

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You also need to pay attention to:

  1. Upholstery. Most often, the manufacturer uses a synthetic substitute or thick fabric to create kitchen corners.
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  3. Quality factor. In order to choose the right quality headset that will serve the owners faithfully for a long time, before When purchasing, you should pay close attention to the trim and fastening, as well as the execution of the furniture base.
  4. Comfort. When choosing furniture, it is advisable to sit a little on its seats, checking the convenience. Pay attention to the location of the elbows and the ergonomics of the back.
  5. Design. When choosing furniture, you need to build on your own preferences, not forgetting about a harmonious combination with the existing kitchen design.
  6. Additional functionality. If desired, you can purchase a corner equipped with small integrated cupboards and pull-out containers. All kinds of household items can be stored here.

What is included in the kitchen set

Depending on the design, the kitchen set can be:

  • Stationary model.

This type of construction has a table, one or more benches.

  • Folding model.

This design consists of a table, a soft folding sofa or miniature couches with comfortable elbows.

  • Convertible corner.

Such a design of the furniture allows you to change the interior of the room: by attaching or rearranging individual elements of the headset to another place. Consists of a table, a spreading sofa, banquettes, couches and ottomans.


The sofas in the modern corner set have various designs and can be in the form:

  • Benches without armrests;
  • L-shaped configuration;
  • Monolithic three-section design with folding seats;
  • Constructions from autonomous 3 compartments;
  • With bay window ledge;
  • Semicircular configuration.

Kitchen sofa

Stools and chairs

The secondary elements in the kitchenette are highchairs with backs, stools and ottomans. They provide the required level of comfort and have soft and comfortable seating. For their manufacture, bulk foam rubber or gas-filled polyurethane foam is used. Recently, soft spring chairs have been very popular with consumers.

Such ottomans and chairs can be attached to the base and continue it harmoniously. The configuration of chairs for a headset can be of the form:

  • Circle;
  • Oval;
  • Rectangle;
  • Square;
  • Hexagon.

The most important rule for the selection of headset ottomans is their compliance with the style and materials of the coverings of the key corner seats.

Stools in the kitchen set


Depending on the style of the headset and the personal preferences of the owners, the configuration of the table can be completely varied: from rectangular to abstract shape. But the dimensional parameters are selected in accordance with the length of the main furniture and the future arrangement of the number of people at the table. If it is necessary to seat a lot of people, it should be large.

Tables with transformation are very popular. Taking up very little space in the kitchen, such a transformer, if necessary, can accommodate up to 15 people. When choosing a set, it must be borne in mind that the table must also harmoniously fit into the overall design of the kitchen.

Fillers and upholstery

When creating corners in furniture production, foam rubber and gas-filled polyurethane foam are used as packing. These materials are environmentally friendly and durable. When choosing a headset, you need to pay attention to the density of the filled component. After all, the higher it is, the longer the filler will not deform.

When choosing upholstery, first of all, you need to think about its practicality, because kitchen furniture will have to be cleaned quite often. The upholstery for the headset should, like the filling, have reliability and durability. Characteristics of some of the upholstery fabrics most commonly used by furniture manufacturers:

  1. Teflon. Abrasion and stain resistant material. Has a high cost.
  2. Microfiber. This material is easy to clean and wash. Does not fade for a long time, keeping the color saturation.
  3. Tapestry. Luxurious material with a high cost. Not a very practical fabric, as it has the ability to deeply absorb grease and dust.
  4. Flock. A practical fabric that retains the richness and brightness of colors for a long time. Perfectly cleaned and washed.
  5. Chenille. Dense and durable fabric that repels dust and grease.
  6. Matting. Dense and high-quality material with a budgetary cost. Possesses moisture-repellent qualities, does not attract fat.
  7. Synthetic leather. Resistant to fading and fading, the material is durable and easy to clean.
  8. Upholstery leather. A beautiful and practical material characterized by a long service life, strength and a very high cost.

Configuration views

Distinguished by design features, kitchen corners can be presented to the consumer in the form of:

  • Convertible headset with integrated sleeping berth;
  • Standard model with corner sofa;
  • Constructions with built-in drawers and niches;
  • Models with built-in shelves;
  • Miniature linear headset with a sliding table;
  • Bay window non-standard model;
  • A design with an attachment in the form of a bar counter.

Corner models

L-shaped set kitchen designs allow you to neatly place the dining area in one of the corners, saving square meters. They have a deep and soft fit, which makes it possible to sit on them during a meal with sufficient comfort. Modern examples of corner models have integrated additional elements in the form of: cabinets, shelves and a berth. The materials for the manufacture of such furniture are: fiberboard, chipboard, DVV and solid wood.

Corner corner

Linear sofas

For kitchens with a small space, it would be ideal to equip it with a headset with a linear sofa model. Also, such a design will perfectly fit into any interior, and rearranging such a sofa to another place to change the environment will not be difficult. Most of the linear models have voluminous niches, additional built-in or integrated shelves and a sleeping compartment.

Linear sofa

How to choose the right one

When choosing a specific model, it is necessary to focus on the number of people in the family, the features of the layout and interior decoration of the premises. You can find out how much a couch costs on the pages of online furniture stores in Moscow. After looking at various photos, having studied the characteristics and prices of the product you like, you can safely order the product. And you can buy furniture inexpensively without even leaving your home.

When buying, you should take into account the quality of the main material and the upholstery of the corner. It is important that the upholstery fabric is well-cleaned and durable. After all, it will be a big grief if, some time after the purchase of a furniture set, it will have to be pulled over again.

Photo: kitchen corners in the interior 

Kitchen corner
Kitchen corner
Kitchen corner
Kitchen corner
Kitchen corner
Kitchen corner
Kitchen corner
Kitchen corner
Kitchen corner
Kitchen corner
Kitchen corner
Kitchen corner



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