Do-it-yourself kitchen made of wood: assembly instructions, photo

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Currently, the stores have a huge selection of various furniture for every taste. However, one can do do-it-yourself kitchen from wood furniture panels. This option will help save money, and you can take into account all the dimensions of your premises when assembling it yourself.

kitchen from furniture boards

Assembly furniture from shields for the kitchen with your own hands (drawing, photo)

The main thing is to decide what your kitchenette will look like. After all, this is the place in the house where the family gathers most often. As for the housewife, she spends most of her time here. You can find a photo kitchen design, furniture and its items in magazines or the global network. And already on their basis to create mine own style.

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The main condition for comfort in the kitchen is furniture. To assemble interior items yourself, you need to make an accurate drawing, pick up mine design, purchase quality material and be patient.

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kitchen furniture drawing

Most often as a case furniture use furniture boards. First, they are thoroughly dried, and then processed and adjusted to the desired size. The most suitable option is to purchase them at a hardware store.

The frames of objects are assembled from a bar, and all the main parts must be done using a milling machine. In the event that all connections are made with precision, you can be sure of the strength and rigidity of the structure.

kitchen furniture frame

Furniture It is considered more professionally made if no metal parts have been used. You don't even need to use glue, but, according to experienced craftsmen, it is still necessary. The most affordable option is PVA. Nowadays, few people use wood glue; to prepare it, you need to have special knowledge.

Next, you need to sheathe the frame with shields, the optimal thickness of which should be about 25 mm. This size gives you more styling options. furniture under the classic samples. This structure gives it roundness and massiveness. Parts must be glued using pre-selected (selected) grooves and quarters.

sheathing of the frame with panels

The back is best made of solid material 10 or 15 mm thick. It can be found in almost any hardware store. Experts recommend using products with a thickness of 20 mm for the facade. To be closer to the classic technology, you can use thicker material. Countertops and shelves, as a rule, are also made from durable wood.

Facade finishing process (shelves)

As you know, wood has a huge number of decorative properties, so do not try to mask it with opaque finishing agents. It is very important, before the assembly process, to make sure that the boards are made of high quality wood, and to check that they have a beautiful texture.

Products from such trees as oak and ash are widely used. Sometimes manufacturers use more colorful wood: pear, walnut, etc. But the most profitable option is pine, because it has many options for textures.

There are many ways in which you can emphasize the main features of wood. However, the easiest and most common is to apply varnish to the entire surface of the product.

Manufacturing furniture from shields is hard work. Therefore, you should be patient and gradually gain the necessary experience.

How to make a pine furniture table

It is common knowledge that the most important item in the kitchen is the table, because people eat several times a day. In addition, while sitting at it, you can read books, etc.

To assemble, you need to prepare the following materials:

  • pine furniture board 18x600x2000 mm;
  • timber 40x40 mm;
  • table legs, screw nuts or lambs with a diameter of 12 mm for their fastening;
  • hacksaw for woodworking, saw;
  • electric drill with a set of drills;
  • wrenches for nuts.
DIY kitchen table

You should start making a table for kitchen cabinetry with cutting out the worktop blank. Make it the general parameters - 600x1600 mm. Then follow the directions:

  1. To give the product rigidity, you need to strengthen the table. To do this, you need to screw a beam or board along the entire lower part (perimeter) of your countertop. If you ignore this point, then the main item of the kitchen can bend over time.
  2. The ends of the timber should be cut at a 45 ° angle. To obtain a reliable connection, you need to hold them together well. This can be done with glue or metal corners and screws.

Such a bar is a cover for the place where you will fix the legs. Usually they are placed in the corners if the table is square or rectangular.

  1. Next, drill or select holes for the legs (depending on the design) and attach them to the base. Many screw them to a reinforcing beam (board) so as not to drill the countertop.
  2. To give kitchen table shine, you need to use sandpaper. Sand it first with a coarser sandpaper, and then with a finishing one.
  3. To make the product look richer, cover it with 2 layers of varnish. After 1 coat, it is recommended to sand the surface again and only then apply the 2nd coat.

Your kitchen the table is ready! Wait for the varnish to dry. And start while away family evenings, sitting at such a wonderful product.

do-it-yourself kitchen set from furniture boards

In this way, you can do the rest of the things in your home. For example, you can do interior in blackwith whitefurniture (read also Kitchen decoration is simple and tasteful). If you cannot cope on your own, order it to be made by a master.

How to assemble a kitchen from wood (video)

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