Green kitchen in the interior: photos, design tips

Green is rightfully considered the color of life and nature: it surrounds us, blooms and breathes everywhere. All of its shades improve mood, calm and bring peace, give lightness and vigor.
green set for the kitchen
Design solutions in green tones for interiors of all premises are very beneficial. The interior of the kitchen is no exception (they talked about how to choose here). Green kitchen design is becoming very popular now. More and more consumers are turning to green, olive, light green or pistachio cuisine. A wide variety of shades of green - from vibrant to pastel - and a multitude of contemporary design styles cannot leave indifferent even the very big aesthetic gourmets. After all, it is the design of a green kitchen that has a number of features and advantages.

green set for the kitchen1

First of all, many people identify the concept of "green kitchen" with a green kitchen set. Furniture is the most important element of any design. Currently, you can buy a kitchen set of any style - from modern Art Nouveau to traditional constructivism.

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modern green kitchen
When choosing a shade, you should pay special attention to the size of the room itself. A dark, saturated color scheme will be very gloomy in a dimly lit small kitchenette. The best option would be kitchen furniture in light, bright or soft shades of green. Whereas a large, spacious kitchen disposes to any experiments with shades of dark, rich, emerald colors.

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A creative approach is also required for accessories. Bronze and gilded intricate carved handles of rounded shapes are more suitable for headsets of warm colors, while silver and metal straight fittings are ideal for cold ones.
green kitchen with metal fittings
An apron can be an important element that adds charm and emphasizes individuality (more about glass and from a tile with a photo) and countertop. They should be combined with each other and with the facades, but also stand out in contrast. A light green kitchen will look great with cream, orange, brown, gray countertops and aprons.

Walls can also be combined with the main gamut of a green kitchen or contrast sharply (choose a color). Which wallpaper should you choose (mentioned previously)? The winning option would be light beige, golden brown, yellow or milky wallpaper. Various textures of the wallpaper will be a great addition to the overall design. The white ceiling of various shades will always help to defuse the atmosphere of the room. But it should be remembered that there is never too much green and, if you really want to, you can make the whole kitchen in various shades and tones of green.

wallpaper for green kitchen

A light green kitchen is becoming a new fashionable trend in design. To many, this shade reminds of spring, freshness, the awakening of nature. The light green kitchen room gives positive, cheerfulness and energy to its owners. Very often people of creative professions, bold and outstanding personalities stop at the choice of such a color scheme.

This color automatically makes any room extraordinary, unique and unforgettable. According to psychologists, it is the best solution for a person suffering from frequent mood swings and depression. And this is not surprising - this is the color of nature, which calms the nervous system and brings to the human body a feeling of purity, freshness and good mood.

An even better solution would be bright green. The juicy light green color in the interior will not be imperceptible and gloomy, it will bring brightness and add positiveness to everyday life. By making a choice towards a light green shade, you instantly create a wonderful sense of harmony and home life.
light green kitchen
But precisely because of the dominance of light green over the rest, in the interior you need to be very careful about its dosage. If you choose a furniture set of such a bright juicy color, then the walls should be made calm and discreet, and the ceiling is white to avoid color oversaturation, otherwise the room will be annoying owners. The brighter the color of the furniture, the calmer and softer the background should be.

A light green kitchen room will look the most harmonious in any modern style. interior, which is characterized by minimalism without pretentiousness and intricacy, as well as laconicism geometric shapes.

green kitchen in modern style
Combining light green with shades of natural colors, black and white, are used in the so-called eco-friendly style, where the basis is a combination of light green color with natural wood (also read Wood grain kitchens) of both light and dark rocks. This style is chosen by romantics and lovers of harmony.
green kitchen in ecological style
More delicate translucent muted mint shades are also used. Furniture sets with facades of contrasting dark saturated tones are ideal for walls of such tones.

The newest color scheme is pistachio cuisine. Pistachio is a nut with a light beige shell and a delicate light green nut. It is this combination that dominates the interiors. Pistachio is the most versatile shade of the entire palette of greens, it can be easily combined with many other tones, and can be used in any style and direction. It can rightfully be called the favorite shade of many modern designers because of its natural beauty and versatility.

Pistachio is an excellent solution for a low-light kitchen, because it is bright enough, therefore, with artificial electric lighting, a pistachio kitchen will be an ideal solution.

kitchen in pistachio color
To choose a color scheme for your future kitchen, you must first decide on the style in which it will be performed. After all, every little thing matters. Style implies the use of materials of certain textures, the choice of shapes and materials of furniture, the presence of various accessories.
selection of green cuisine
Designers currently have over 100 shades of green. Such a variety allows you to choose a shade that you like, successfully combine it with other combined or contrasting colors, and create coziness in your kitchen. After all, it has been proven that a person spends a quarter of his time in the kitchen.

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