Glossy modern kitchen with gas pipe niche

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To increase the size of our small kitchen, the designers proposed to use a combination of noble tones - crystal white and the color of coffee with milk. Dazzling white in the interior is always a winning move. It is attractive for its lightness and impeccable purity. The reflective glossy coffee gamut optically enlarges the kitchen area and adds coziness to the room. The elite and solid color of coffee with milk not only helps to distract from the daily hustle and bustle, but also motivates for creative feats in cooking.

The kitchen is made in the company:

Living feelings "STEAM"

G. Saint Petersburg

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Modern kitchen in the color of coffee with milk

The facades are made of MDF and covered with acrylic plastic. Material thickness - 19 mm. High quality acrylic panels are the ideal material for creating flawlessly smooth and sparkling glossy facades. The unique gloss level accentuates the depth and richness of browns. Acrylic MDF panels are durable, environmentally friendly, safe product. Such plates are 100% waterproof, which is very important for the durability of kitchen furniture. Cold steel cabinet handles lend restraint and conciseness to the headset.

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MDF facades with glossy plastic

The table top is made of moisture-resistant plastic 38mm thick. The advantageous difference between plastic and other materials for work surfaces is its reasonable democratic price. Plastic countertops are not afraid of moisture or temperature changes. Plates with a thickness of 38 mm are less susceptible to mechanical damage and will last quite a long time. One edge of the table top is radius. Such a move, combined with a round-shaped sink, filled the room with a feeling of home comfort and is more convenient in the passage.

Modern kitchen in the color of coffee with milk

A box made of white facade material (MDF with acrylic coating) was used to cover the outer pipes that supply gas to the stove. This element securely concealed the unattractive gas equipment.

Box. hiding gas pipes

The length of the headset along the wall with the slab is 1800 mm, along the other wall - 1600 mm. The geometric design of the work apron in the form of a hog tile also helped to visually enlarge the kitchen area. A functional steel-colored electric oven fits perfectly into the kitchen set.

Glossy tile " hog"

What does it mean to arrange furniture according to feng shui?

The stove (the main element of the kitchen) should not be in the corner


Refusal from mirrors and height differences


Harmony of balance, soothing shades, purity


Put the refrigerator next to the TV)))


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