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How to decorate your favorite kitchen on the eve of New Year and Christmas holidays? Today we are making a Christmas wreath. How beautiful they are! Our ancestors began to make them several hundred years ago, bringing this wonderful day closer. Of course, today you can buy such a wreath in any store, but how nice it is to make it yourself. Christmas wreath

We need:

  • Cardboard;
  • Christmas tinsel;
  • Scissors;
  • Decor elements;
  • Glue gun;
  • The tape is thin.
  1. First, let's decide on the size of the wreath. It shouldn't take up the entire width of the door or be huge. For the base, we need thick cardboard. Cut out a circle of the required size. Cutting a circle out of cardboard
  2. You can use a large plate, dish or saucepan lid as a template. Then draw a circle with a smaller diameter. We make the second circle, smaller
  3. Cut out the circle with scissors and the middle with a knife. Our wreath base is ready. Wreath base
  4. We decide on the material. The resulting base can be wrapped with threads or ribbons. But since we are making a New Year's wreath, I will use Christmas tree tinsel. It imitates a snow-covered spruce very well.We use Christmas tree tinsel
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  6. Using hot glue, we attach the tip and begin to carefully and tightly wind the tinsel onto our circle. We wind tinsel on a circle
  7. I left a little space to attach a thin tape from which I will make a loop. Thus, our wreath can be hung on the wall. Thin loop tape
  8. We wrap the remaining fragment of our craft in a silvery rain. Wrap the part with a silvery rain I use silver for contrast. According to my idea, at the very top, under the tape, I will have a plaster composition. You can attach anything you want here: any New Year's toy or a lump. Also for decoration I use bells, viburnum twigs and a Christmas tree decoration - an apricot. Decor elements
  9. Using hot glue, we first attach the plaster composition,We glue the plaster composition and then the rest of the elements. I am doing the main load on the right side. I also add small New Year's gifts. They will look very bright and even playful. Decor - on one side
  10. On the left side, I glue the viburnum berries. You can use rowan. Dried berries will also look original. But I have artificial berries. The bright red color stands out very nicely against the green background. Christmas wreath
  11. Add dried orange slices. The kitchen immediately smelled like New Year. I wanted to have a cup of hot tea and admire the winter landscape through the window. Happy New Year everyone!

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