Classic white kitchen in Khrushchev with a bar

We have a small apartment - the so-called Khrushchevka, with a kitchen of only 7 m2. We are middle-aged people and, starting the renovation, we wanted to make it capital, chic and not to redo it for a long time. All this turned out to be fully realized. Thanks to high-quality fittings, the kitchen came out noiseless, and many items were placed inside the headset (including a washing machine and a microwave).

The kitchen is made in the company:

Alpha Kitchens

G. Krasnodar

More about the company
White kitchen

The manufacturing company guaranteed that, with careful use, the service life would be at least 25 years. We made the kitchen 40 working days (including the installation of a stone countertop). You always have to wait longer for a new artificial stone countertop. first, a template is created for the installed kitchen and then the countertop is made up to 16 working days. We chose the color of the stone in advance (when buying a kitchen), because its delivery also takes time. We ordered the set in the Krasnodar salon "Kitchen Alpha" and are very pleased with the result. The whole kitchen cost us 313 thousand. rubles.

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They approached the repair thoroughly: they replaced all the old tiles, electrical wiring and the window block. It was necessary to change the window in order to align the height of the new countertop to the level of the kitchen. But we got an original window sill, a mini-bar counter (behind which one person is quite comfortable) and another, much needed section of the working area.


The tabletop-sill goes around the refrigerator, which stands with its back to the window.

Table top-window sill

This additional work surface converts into a small table, if necessary. Due to the lack of space at the bottom, two drawers were made for storage, instead of a retaining leg.

Table top-window sill

The headset is only 2 meters wide. But due to the additional pedestal-island, the number of cabinets and the work surface increased. Therefore, this kitchen is much more functional than the previous one.

All cabinet parts are made of laminated chipboard of the German company Kronospan with E1 emission class, which is recognized as the best furniture for home use. Chipboard has no unpleasant odor and is durable. Therefore, our kitchen, besides being beautiful, is also environmentally friendly.


The kitchen is made of solid beech wood painted according to the RENNER palette with a silver patina. These are classic framed fronts, on which curly handles with SVAROWSKI crystals are a bright accent. There are two types of them: buttons and staples.

White facades

White silver works well with white and gray mosaic tiles on the walls and light wood floor. The lower facades are blank; the upper ones are blind, mesh and one glass showcase.

Upper facades

The upper facades are multi-level, which is done for the maximum comfort of the hostess. At the same time, the functionality of each cabinet is taken into account - a microwave oven, for example, is really very convenient to use at such a height.

Upper facades

The decoration used the technique of decorating the open parts of the headset in the form of painting the visible side walls in the color of the facades, which increases the service life of the planes in contact with the steam from the cooking surface. But this finish is more expensive.

Upper facades

Decorative elements in the form of a cornice, wall cupboard skirts and lattices are also made of solid beech. The cornice prevents dust from accumulating on top of the cabinets, and aesthetically, such a set is much more beautiful.

Decorative elements

The niche for the microwave oven is made in the form of an open part of a wall cabinet, with an additional bottom and a rounded radius of 5 cm. The color of the microwave, as well as the refrigerator, fits very well into the overall range of the kitchen. And they do not seem like a foreign body.

Microwave niche

All sliding mechanisms of the German company Hettich (INNOTECH modification) with a load capacity of 30 kg and a smooth running closer. The boxes, regardless of the load, go silently without crunching, do not get stuck, smoothly damping when closing. There can be no involuntary discoveries.

Hinges also from Hettich (SENSYS modification) with built-in closing damper (i.e. n. closer). These hinges have won worldwide recognition for design and quality. They are quiet, quick to install, and guarantee an excellent connection between the door surface and the body.

Cabinet hinges

In the lower tier (next to the oven) there is a cargo (net for storing bottles) from the Italian brand INOXA with German Silent System Quadro rails.

Lower tier

We installed a Korean Tristone countertop made of crystal white artificial stone (A 104). It is perfectly smooth and without any pores. For the countertop we bought an under-table kitchen sink and a mixer from the Japanese brand Omoikiri.

Table top

Next to the sink, under the countertop, there is a standard washer (45 cm deep). With other parameters, it would not have been possible to cover the machine.


Above the hob, in the cupboard, we have an extractor hood. Above the dome device, another small shelf was made in the closet.


I always wanted a place in the kitchen to store beautiful dishes, so they came up with a small glass sideboard 146 cm high.

Glass sideboard

It starts from the countertop and continues all the way to the ceiling, creating the edge of the headset. In it I put "ceremonial" dishes, which, in the light of a fluorescent lamp inside the cabinet, play with all their faces.

Glass sideboard

And next to it, behind the doors, there is a dryer with a stainless steel tray. It is not far from the sink.

Dryer with tray

The kitchen turned out to be completely the same as I wanted, all requests were realized without loss in design and comfort. And if you look from the point of view of functionality, then it also has no equal.

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