Industrial stations GRINLOS Prom for cottage settlements: biological treatment, septic tanks, safe equipment

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When organizing engineering communications far from civilization, individual cleaning stations are increasingly used today. If this is a country cottage, the basic model is quite enough. And if this is a small production, a hotel, a laboratory, a country restaurant with up to 200 seats, you need a high-quality industrial septic tank.

A wide range of such treatment facilities is offered by the GRINLOS company. Its line of PROM models meets the standards and requirements for servicing large facilities with a processing volume of 6-100 m3 / day.

Equipment specifics

Industrial stations GRINLOS Prom are modular aeration plants with gravity or forced water separation. They are designed to create a common sewer group of residential cottages, commercial or industrial enterprises. They are installed where it is not possible to connect to a centralized system, where a multi-stage technology with a full cycle of mechanical and biological treatment is required.

Industrial stations GRINLOS Prom

The manufacturer, evaluating the productivity of his installations, indicates 99% of their efficiency. GRINLOS is a recognized expert in the design and manufacture of wastewater treatment plants. For the past fifteen years, the company has been improving technology. Engineers are constantly looking for new solutions that can meet the demand of a potential customer.

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For the manufacture of the case, thick sheets of polypropylene are used, resistant to chemical and mechanical damage. Additional resistance to compression is provided by the cylindrical shape of the products. Therefore, they have a warranty period of more than 50 years. Each septic tank model has its own ISO 9001 certificate, which indicates their high quality.

Equipment specifics

The material's own formula provides a number of additional benefits:

  • industrial stations GRINLOS Prom with large sizes weigh a little, which greatly simplifies the transportation of products;
  • carefully thought-out design facilitates the installation of septic tanks and their maintenance, and, therefore, reduces the cost of technical operation of the stations.

The use of traditional containers as septic tanks, from which it is necessary to constantly pump out water and take it out with the help of cars, is unprofitable: they quickly fill up.

Natural filtration with wastewater treatment fields for commercial and industrial sewerage is also not up to the task. Under its arrangement, it is necessary to allocate large areas, which then, during operation, emit gases with an unpleasant odor. If it is a hotel or restaurant, the business will scare away potential customers.

The only solution in this situation is deep cleaning systems, such as industrial stations GRINLOS Prom. A wide range of applications is their main advantage. There are a small number of companies that produce such stations. GRINLOS is the largest and most reliable domestic manufacturer.

Equipment specifics

How do such treatment facilities work?

industrial stations – a compact biological plant that processes substances entering the purification tank along with sewage in 24/7 mode. Anaerobic bacteria eat contaminated items. In the course of their life, they emit gas. It, in turn, with the help of a complex ventilation system is evenly distributed in the atmosphere, without forming an unpleasant odor.

Inside everyone septic tank there are several compartments for filtering debris of different calibers - this helps to sift wastewater and collect waste in one place. The combination of mechanical, biological and anaerobic treatment helps to achieve 99% plant efficiency.

The best integrated DHW solution for an industrial facility: video.

With so many positive qualities, some of the disadvantages of the described installations become invisible. Therefore, it is worth more carefully studying the range and technical characteristics of GRINLOS Prom industrial stations for cottage settlements, restaurants, hotels and other large facilities.

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